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Hitsu San's Workshop - Octavia Youkai is finally here!

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Lol if only i knew that before wasting the last 4 years practicing like crazy every day AKKILLA... XD 


I'm joking :) Tnx for appreciating, everyone!




Oh btw, in the end i've chosen to do a syandana this week cause i already needed something similar for practicing a programming thing so that's what you can expect to see pop up next week :) (Hopefully TM)

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I'm working on a syandana right now, it's probably going to be ready by tomorrow (Hopefully TM).


I'd definitely like to keep working on more skins though, it all depends if my designs are going to get picked by DE and if they do it will depend if the earnings are good. As much as i enjoy (a lot) doing designs for Warframe my free time is going to end in March and i'll have to keep picking freelance jobs here and there.


If it's all good and i can afford to keep going most likely Nova is going to be next in line ;)   

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Yes, The wait is difficult for me too.

I feel you lol.


I swear to god though, if we get another goddamn Excalibur skin over another Warframe we don't have a TennoGen skin yet for, oh boy .___.


Not to say I dislike the Excalibur ones, there are some really great ones. But if none vote for the Nekros', Chroma's or anything else related skins this time around, at least consider to give some love to our little birb<3

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Those are leaps & bounds better than what we have been offered so far. Just wow......


I truly hope they get picked up so that I can grab em all like a craze maniac!


my CC is locked & loaded.


/cheers man. 

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