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DEVICE Nova [Wip pics]

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Hey, I dropped by to say I loved your Knaita mag skin. I really like how you do your (I'm not a 3D artist so correct me if I'm wrong) normal maps. The lines on the piece really pop out, and I run with it on my Mag. The Nova skin looks utterly gorgeous, and it retains the feel I love so much with the Mag skin.


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Loving the body, kinda meh on the helmet. It feels maybe too mech? If that makes sense? I think what's throwing me off is that, with the body, you can still see some big, smooth surfaces underneath the criss-crossing lines, whereas the helmet's all broken up into smaller surfaces, and the criss-crossing is gone. Guess what I'm saying is, it doesn't feel like it matches up. Maybe that's just me. ^.^' Either way, I'll probably just stick with her standard or Slipstream. Still, if it makes it, I'm getting it. Loved the Knaita Mag skin.

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