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Corpus Gas City Tile Set In Combination With Archwing

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The Corpus Gas City tile set, was my favorite one and still is. As many of you probably know, the tile set is both a indoor and outdoor map. And expanding this into the Archwing category will definetly add some refreshment to this huge sized map from late 2013. Furthermore it should work just like the same way as the Uranus tile set, by swapping between "normal mode" and Archwing mode when underwater, but in this case, the water is replaced with the outdoor surroundings of the gas city. What do you think of the idea?



(NB: I don't take any credits for this GIF)

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I had this idea in my mind for a while too, though when I heard there were AW/normal gameplay mission coming soon, I thought something like this would be added....but it didn't >.> 

I really want something like this to happen 

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The archwing weapons are too heavy for atmospheric combat.  The water helps diffuse the weight when submerged, and null gravity is null gravity, so no surprise there.


Replace Gas City with a space tileset, and I'd be hind you.  A wrecked ship is being salvaged by FactionX, and there is too much traffic bussimg around for Ordis to make the insertion, so you'll have to Archwing in, complete the mission, and fly out for extraction.

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​Try the lore.  Gravity and weight are officially the reason you can't use Archwing weapons outside of Archwing content.

Game play > lore.  Also, need an in game source.


Our Warframes punch bare fisted like wet noodles, but can run a sword through heavy armor, as opposed to say, realistically reshaping or shattering that sword against said heavy armor.  The amount of strength required to run a sword edge through the heavy armor something 7-9 feet tall could bear is immense, inhuman even.  It ain't even about the durability of the sword or the sharpness, but the actual strength of arm to cut through it all, and Grineer plating doesn't look medieval era thin either.


On that note:  Grineer armor should be heavy as ****.  So these guys should be gun-butting us across rooms when they connect.


Void powers.


60 bullets fits into a tiny metal ball on the Grakata.


There's... breathable atmosphere on Jupiter.


Atmosphere on Ceres.


Atmosphere on Phobos.


Cutting off life support drains all oxygen apparently instantaneously...


...and our Warframes aphyxiate in 2 minutes thirty seconds without oxygen despite ALL the advanced on board tech (and void magic.)


We're allowed to wave off the recovery team and continue to defend a cryo pod for however long we please and get paid for it.


Bows and throwing knives have more force behind them than guns.


Opticor.  'Nuff said.




"Realism."  The game follows the rule of cool first, which is why most guns look the way they do (and shouldn't operate because of it.)  If Archwing were to follow strictly space or underwater combat because of weight issues, we can nix the whole mode now and just say "fudge it" to having any interesting locales in Archwing.


Of course, in the many threads asking for more planetside Archwing missions, this is the first to suggest "lore breaking."  Good to know no one really cares.

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Welp, our warframes should have super strength... There was a game I was playing long before warframe that came to mind with your post...cryogenic stasis...crysis(?). this game (crysis 3 is the only one I played, and I think that's what it's called, never played dark sector) is what came to mind when I first got into warframe...game>lore ruined this vision. Less realism is fun I guess, there's already a lot of flaws. If warframe were more realistic, it'd be like crysis, but it's not, so why not just let us have archwings on Jupiter? With your gun becoming affixed to your wings and no melee allowed to account for weight and such realistic nonsense.

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This needs to happen.

I think it should basically work opposite to Uranus sharkwing levels. In those levels, it's basically an on-foot level with a few, very limited archwing sections. Gas city levels should be free roam archwing levels with a few, limited on-foot sections.

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