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Saryn Prime's Boa Is Broken :(

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Her boa is smacked onto the wrong bones and thus are mimicking what her shoulder bone's are set to do. Almost every animation in the game causes them both to converge into her head and clip into it in a nasty way.





When we put normal Saryn into these positions you can see her boa stays beside her head and isn't rooted to the shoulder bones.



Please fix this glaring issue. Saryn Prime deserves better. :(


To fellow Saryn Prime mains, sorry you can't unsee.

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Just like Trinity Prime, it's as if Saryn Prime's clipping was part of her design. /Sarcasm.

I really do hope it gets fixed. Two Primes in a row with glaring clipping issues and still no fix to this day. Graphic quality might have been improved overall with DE, but quality checks still need to be done seriously on "iconic models."

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think some animations were fixed. Like the idle movement in a neutral area with noble animation set equipped. The clipping occurs mainly on animation sets from other frames and on melee weapons (mainly while blocking, which is the same animation that you see in the arsenal and pictures above)

be0B5ce.png (<- this looked much worse before patch, no?)


(^clipping with some weapons just by holding them in hand, and in almost all idle animations)

So yeah, shoulder pads are still attached to wrong body part.

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