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PS4: Rathuum (18.13) [+Hotfixes]

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On 24/06/2016 at 9:58 PM, (PS4)Phoenix32778 said:

Well What I know the reason excalibur prime is not offered to ps4 players but one would think with that in mind that PS4 would get some things first to balance things out such as maybe Excalibur Umbra which has been confirmed by DE staff many times that we will be getting. I think Consoles should get it a month ahead of PC it seems like it would only be fair. After all many of us feel like we are always last and pc gets promo codes for free stuff including plat etc. We get none of these things and it feels like maybe we should feel the love a little. Otherwise why does DE even both with consoles considering its the attitude that PC is always going to be ahead of us and have better things than us.

They wont give us umbra first, think about how long it would take to iron out those bugs

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Every Time DE make ....... with a Date, it comes a weekend, with 50%.

we wont the Mag Prime in the shop, you Tell us a Date that not have the new Mag Prime.

i have a good Informationen for you, write the news when the is in playstore!!!!!!

And nobody is sick on you!

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In germany wie wait for the last 3 days, Herr is nothing.

look what the Date is:

PlayStation 4 regional dates:
- North America - June 28 to July 26
- Europe and Asia - June 29 to July 27
- Japan - June 30 to July 28

you can read, in store June 29 for Europe.

who is it?

make no Release date.

in Game i von to the console i look for the Mag Prime And klick on the link, it open a site, 404 

good job.........

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I saw the Lunaro PC build notes from Megan earlier..

  • Fixed incorrect Prime item drop values in T4 Mobile Defense and Survival. The return of Mag Prime, Dakra Prime, and Boar Prime skewed the drop tables accidentally, and for that we apologize. (One job, Sheldon) Please note that consoles will receive this fix in a near Hotfix.

So because of this, will the end date for the unvaulting be any different? if not, how bad is the current drop values for the mentioned missions?

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i liked trin the way she was before the nerf not shes like oberon but with 2 differences oberon goes accross map (not 100% sure on that) and oberons uses energy over time trin doesnt also almost forgot about dmg res from trin 2 so thats 3 things {Didnt know where to put this under warframe or this update not so srry de if this is in the wrong place}

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