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i sailed crhoma bp's, the broken scepter and the broken war, in my inventory, when i stil was a noob and din't know that i could not get it back later in the game, could someone on DE plz send me an answer if they could get it back for me, if you can't, sorry for the time you spent reading this, it's been some time since i sailed so, problably it won't be possible, but plz try 

thank you!

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Ask support, if it was within 30 days (iirc) they can undo it.

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Posts like these are why I feel that we - as a community - need to get DE to integrate a buyback system. Such systems exist in almost (maybe not quite) every MMO or RPG game shopping system where inventory selling is possible.

The only way you can reclaim those items right now are by communicating to Support. If it's been longer than a week or a month then it's more likely that your items have ceased to exist.

Did you max those weapons before selling them? If yes, there's good news regarding Broken War; it drops from Stalker in blueprint form so you can get that, then get parts from Hunhow-Fragments (Sentient Fighters) on Lua, then use those to build War at MR10. If no, then you've lost out on some Mastery XP if they can't retrieve the items.

As for Chroma, the only way to get him back without Support's power is by trading for plat from others then buying him directly from the Market, since, unfortunately, him, Mirage, Inaros and other Questframes' parts and/or blueprint only drop from their respective Quest (or, in Chroma's case, the Junctions).

I do hope DE make it possible to buy Questframe components and blueprints for Questframes that can't be farmed.

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