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  1. Adding my name as another with a full time job who was planning to finish off the intermission before 11:59pm EST, only to hear of it gone 4 hours early. I'm not sure how to really put this without sounding overly irate, but I don't really have any incentive to spend money on the game if this is the sort of thing I can expect from its developers.
  2. A shortened version of my feedback in other places, plus a little extra: Slot 3 Ayatans in a week instead of 5, or make it an Elite Act. Reduce Survival time requirement from 60 minutes to 40 minutes. That's still double the length most people normally stay. Allow groups formed from clan alliances and possibly general recruiting to count in addition to friends and clanmates. (Play with allies instead of play with friends) Consider allowing alerts to return in a modified form. (See spoiler for details about what I think would work and why)
  3. No more Pay to Sleep.. so does this mean in the future I won't have to drop everything or miss out when a good alert pops? Related, but in a different system.. could day/night cycles be looked into? I've tended to get soft-locked on some objectives for weeks to months because when I have time to play, the things I'd like to do are locked behind the in-game day/night cycle on Earth and don't become available again until after I have to stop playing.
  4. I agree. It seems like an unnecessary waste of a query and a conditional statement to MR-lock a UI button. What harm would it do to let everyone use the button; they still gotta have the stars to do it right? Wait.. does it automatically install the stars with no additional prompts? Because if you were a newbie who had few stars and didn't know how many would be consumed for a given statue, that could result in a bit of inconvenience. A better overall solution would be a confirmation prompt after clicking the button that would tell you how many of each star the sculpture would take, and let you confirm yes or no. It's still fewer clicks than filling a pineapple manually, but it's safe for even low MR players to use.
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