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  1. I don't even need the drops so I don't care, but god damn, 100 plastids? That's like 30 seconds in any Saturn mission 😂
  2. Let us have both, instead. Banshee was brought back to life because she's able to trash liches, let's not bring everyone else down just because a thing got nerfed.
  3. Number 1 rule of game design: Saying "don't play it if you don't like it" is the easiest way to lose players. I'm willing to farm stuff if the requirement is reasonable. At current it is not.
  4. Then I'd rather this part of the game die a miserable death so I can do something actually enjoyable.
  5. Ah yes, I'd rather have to gouge my eyes out having to farm for an unreliable resource that takes literal hours to get with little to no payoff rather than have a "useless resource". (That's the joke part.) (Now for the real part.) I'd rather we got a 100% chance to get 4 holokeys than a 37.5% chance to get 10, and even then it would be grindy. It's about consistency, not a slight bump in the amount you get.
  6. No, not really, since Sevagoth was a one and done deal. Projecting much?
  7. No sugar-coating. That is still horrible. Make it a guaranteed mission drop and then we'll talk...
  8. Still no Holokey changes? Along with the Ambassador, they're the worst thing to farm in the entire game hands down.
  9. It's been said time and time again, but we should get a "seasonal cosmetics" toggle in the options menu. That way, we can have the best of all worlds: 1. People that don't like the seasonal items and believe they break immersion can disable them completely. 2. People that like them but only during their respective seasons can also have an option to do so. 3. People that want them all year round could have the cosmetics without giving anything up and having to refarm / repurchase them.
  10. Can we please get a more reliable way to get Holokeys? Especially one that doesn't involve running void storms? I think everyone who's farmed those can agree about them being awful to grind, especially with the RNG involved. It's absolutely infuriating when you can get 20 runs without a single holokey.
  11. ...Read that again. They nerfed it.
  12. Yeah no, even if you ONLY farm Veil Proxima, it takes waaaaaaay too much time for the amount needed to get the weapons. The Holokeys drop should be 100%, not 37.5% a mission...
  13. Absolutely nonsensical response to valid feedback. Why do you chose to die on such bad hills..? Where's the 'Second Dream' DE that made me fall in love with this game?
  15. So the endless amount of feedback in other (and much more important) areas didn't make it through? This whole post didn't do anything to make me feel any better about many glaring issues that were simply brushed off it seems.
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