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  1. Rank up would not be enough I'm afraid. There should be more reliable way to get it from drops or elsewhere. I have a lot of it mostly cause when Nightwave was introduced, I played long enough to not need it in large quantities AND having 2 daily alerts for nitain every day. THese days I don't have much to spend nightwave cred either but on potatoes and nitain. So as usual stuff benefitting new players most is a nightmare to obtain for them. I dunno, put it in railjack or something, reward it from syndicate missions or rep shop, add to login reward pool, return nitain alerts for void's sake.
  2. The dream is still alive.
  3. Just imagine queue times for public games. Warframe Update 31: World of Inaros
  4. @MqToasty @(PSN)Claudija Ok, let me elaborate then. I understand that me discouraging people from doing solo clan this early may seem to you as something wrong given that both of you successfully walked this path. When you don't know anything, when you don't have resources and have no idea where to farm those, while you have no weapons and yet need those little resources you have to craft other stuff... I hold an opinion that a new player should spend whatever resources available on crafting gear available at marketplace. It is possible to do otherwise, yes, I have 2 accounts and did build a dojo by myself on my second one, including the god forsaken process of researching Hema. It is easier now, than back in the dark ages of oldschool warframe, that's true. Is it enjoyable for a newbie? Depends on a person. Apparently you have a certain mindset and are willing to spend some time on doing research and doing some work to achieve something. Warframe is confusing to a new player and tend to explain nothing, unfortunately people don't like to ask for help - this is internet after all, trolls are everywhere including region/q&a chats. I've seen a number people starting their own clans, being always starved on resources and plainly leaving the game cause of inability to keep up with the grind. I've seen people immediately building barracks and upping theirs clan up to Storm tier and painfully building a dojo with that multiplier by themselves cause no one wanted to join rank 0 clan. I've seen people ranting about needing too much forma to build stuff and being forced to buy those with plat. I believe you too can remember seeing something alike. That's the other reason I firmly believe a person need to at least get some understanding of the game and how to get resources needed before starting a clan. Or this should be done together with friends. Especially considering that clan research blueprints are not that mandatory, having volt/banshee/wukong/zephyr is nice, having archwing launcher is more than nice, but that can be worked around by joining some other clan. It seemed to me that OP will need some time to get familiar with the game. Looks like they are just overwhelmed a bit with information and lack of directions provided. Thus I think it is for the better to make a stockpile of resources and at least get the idea of what they actually want in the game, make some priorities, maybe find some people to build clan together. You are still free to disagree though.
  5. Unfortunately, making your own clan is the thing no new player should attempt to do single handedly. That will require A LOT of resources you better spend elsewhere. I assume what happened was that you built not the laboratory itself but the oracle which allows you to build labs. Also you should keep in mind that a plan of sorts is needed. Dojo has energy system: rooms take energy, reactors give it. So you should balance what you build in what order. Also you not just create blueprints, you research stuff first (requires some resources), then when research is complete you can replicate a blueprint for credits. Yet again I'd like to stress out that as a new player you really shouldn't be concerned with clan tech, you have a lot of weapon/frames to get from market and bosses around the system. If you still want those clan BPs, then you can try to hang around in recruitment chat in game. There are always people advertising their clans and looking for recruits.
  6. Having practically 0 enemies around with damage so low, my roomba hits harder? 2013 called. It wants it's mechanics back. Also I don't know if you ever been to ESO, but try doing that with a caster frame relying on anything but 1st ability to be casted a couple of times in a row. Then we run into a problem of unpopular missions. Good luck finding a full squad for those, not to mention complete them as a new player. And don't forget about solo players who can't do multiplayer runs due to a number or reasons starting with poor connection and ending with the ability to pause if something comes up outside of the game. Not to mention that abilities are not be all end all of nuking the hell out of the mission. Lets put cooldowns on weapons as well! One can't fire Brama more than once every 3 minutes!
  7. Can't forbid you doing that, having a lot of flying enemies around is fun after all. But still True Punishment, Melee Prowess and Lasting Sting are not giving you much if anything at all. Reflex Coil will allow to not loose all counter on the slam, yet it depends on how often you do this attack if this mod will give you any benefit.
  8. Sorry if my answer sounds weird. Google translate can be a pain. Nachdem Sie die gesamte Karte abgeschlossen haben, erhalten Sie Zugang zu Schlichtungsverfahren und endlosen Missionen mit einem Bonus auf einen zufälligen Warframe und eine Waffe. Sie können diese auch nicht verwenden. Dies gibt Ihnen Endo und einige Mods. Außerdem erhalten Sie die Möglichkeit, Steel Path zu betreten. Sie müssen die gesamte Karte mit Feinden mit +100 Levels und Tonnen von Rüstung, HP und Schilden neu erstellen. Grundsätzlich New Game+ mit einer neuen Ressource, die für neue Kosmetik, Umbra-Forma und andere Dinge ausgegeben werden kann. Auch Railjack hat seine eigene Karte und Progression. Alles in allem kann man Warframe nicht wirklich "vervollständigen". Es ist immer endloses Mahlen für Sachen.
  9. Not only abilities. Heat procs on a high status gun do miracles. Now wonder viral+heat is suggested every time. Also slash procs, cause those ignore armor. If you like high status boomstiks ofc. As for abilities. Frost's 4 removes up to 40% armor with 100% strength. Gause's 3 (subsumable btw) does heat in an aoe. Vauban's Bastille does some armor removal as well.
  10. Ok, so first questionable thing I see is Reflex Coil. Unless you constantly dump your combo counter on heavy attacks you don't gain much from this mod. If you are not using heavies at all, then the mod is useless. It just allows you to not loose all the counter on heavy attack. Same goes for True Punishment. If you are not using heavies, hell even if you use those, this mod is a pain in the ass. You have bas combo duration of 5 seconds, -50% of that and your combo basically doesn't exist. Considering you have only cold elemental on the build Lasting Sting can maybe be of use. Longer slow duration. Otherwise it's a questionable mod, most status effects have base duration of 6 seconds, which is in general enough to take advantage of the proc. Same for Melee Prowess, 20% base status on fairly quick sword is ok. Fever Strike is the number one you can replace any of those with. Not only it is damage, but combining it with your Vicious Frost you get Viral damage, procing which increases damage done to affected target. Also try to get heat damage mods: Molten Impact (+90) or Volcanic Edge (+60+status). Heat procs remove some armor, apply dot and also some mild cc. Also you can try to get yourself Reach (you probably have one already) for range and Fury for attack speed
  11. AS people said: at your own risk. Rules are very vague and there is no official statement or clarification for this afaik. I have a support ticket that states it's ok to have your different accounts in the same alliance, for example, but how valid this actually is... Also if you are trying to experience the game from the start isn't it cheating to have access to clan research from the get go? I personally build another dojo from scratch when I was doing a similar thing.
  12. Before even starting to suggest stuff, I'd like to ask for a screenshot of your mod setup. Cause I'd like not to drop meta-uber-steel-path-5-million-credits build on a player who seems to be progressing through Uranus/Neptune judging by the enemy level you mentioned and having Broken War. Honestly I don't think you need one of those yet.
  13. Around 1 fish per 30 seconds. I'd call it good. You can be screwed by spawn also fish sometimes can be under ground, not water. And also if you have access to volt try fishing with him. His passive adds damage to your attacks depending on distance travelled by foot prior. And spear throw is an attack. So with doing a couple seconds wiggling around adds damage. With this additional boost you can use the first fishing spear to fish for every species on PoE thus saving some rep by not buying specialized spears. That will not work on Orb Vallis cause servofish uses different mechanics and Deimos cause fish there doesn't have quirks like "you need to have armor piercing spear to catch this". Btw, you fish just for the relaxation or you try to farm rep this way?
  14. Exactly what one should do :D I know how that feels, I "coached" some people before. That's why I added "if you are willing to". On the other hand learning all the game dumps on you by yourself can be daunting, warframe is infamously not user friendly. So I could suggest taking Zilchy's offer. Large clans and alliances will make it easier to find likeminded group to play with. If clan's people are active, it is some real opportunity. Ironically enough, I think that depends on spawn rate. Which means that you either need to kill faster or have more people around. At least it seems like that, cause I struggle to get keys when I go solo, but drown in those when my buddies come online.
  15. Not really breach. Rad procs and no status spread. As of synergies... Well, you could run Smite Infusion augment to give yourself and allies +rad damage, esp good for eidolon hunts. If you stand in it, you are immune to status. You may be pushed out but no slash/toxin/magnetic/knock downs/etc Considering how old Oberon is, no surprise he is toned down. Also with some stats tinkering you can make it cost virtually nothing to upkeep in a regular mission. I think (I may not remember this correctly, so take this with a pinch of salt) it costs me less than 1 energy/second per target in my build + augment allowing target affected by it not die every 90 seconds. To get armor buff the target affected by renewal needs to stand in your hallowed ground for a bit. When you disable the ability the buff is kept for a duration, if recasted, they need to enter your grass patch once again to stop the timer. Pretty much. To have additional 50% (rank 3 at 100% strength) chance drop the health orb, enemy needs to die from your 4. For armor strip enemy needs to survive your 4 while standing in hallowed ground. Also rad procs and cc included. To answer your questions: 1) Strength all the way. For renewal some duration and efficiency to lower drain. Hallowed ground would also want a bit of range 2) If you want to not pay attention to anything, then I recon only Inaros is good for high level. Really depends on your playstyle. People do SP with unmodded warframes, so you probably should try him out and see for yourself.
  16. Some people go for Hunter Munitions in their build thus giving you Ignis slash damage procs as well to help with heavily armored enemies, you'll probably need to sacrifice some base damage for that though. Don't want to do math while not at home, so can't say if doing that is more benificial comparing to regular builds.
  17. With Hieracon you can really speed up the process cause the time to excavate is basically fixed. Unless you loose an excavator every now an then. If latter is the case you can try using some defensive or cc frames like Frost, Nova, Limbo, Vauban. Also considering you are fighting corpus there, you may also try to build your weapons for toxin damage, it bypasses shields and directly damages health. Apollo farming fast requires some gear. I do it with wukong built specifically to eliminate demolishers with melee with formaed cedo + condition overload nikana stick for some bs damage. Also Corpus again, you may try toxin. 1) General answer will be to get some gear. In more specific way, I saw this on reddit the other day, might help as a general pointer I'd suggest building your MR to 8 or 9. You'll get some real strong weapons there. Like Fulmin on mr8 for example. Also you can pay attention to Fortuna, get some rep there and build yourself a powerful kitgun, but considering your MR getting high rep will take a loooooong time. You can start it now and do like a bounty or two in between your other activities a day. All and all I'd say you are doing reasonable job in those missions. 10 mins is not an awful time, don't aim for those 2 min clears as of yet. That all will come with wider arsenal and practice. 2) Depends. Some "lower" MR weapons are fine. Like Atomos, for example. Some higher MR weapons are... lacking. I personally did the whole starchart with just standard Bo from MR4. 3) Forma grind can be started basically any time you feel like it. It will always give you power. So if you think you need it, go grab a couple. Soma Prime you have can use a couple to fit some more mods. Just dont exclusively concentrate on getting only forma from relics. As of what you need, RazerXPrime mentioned corrupted mods and they are great. Apart from that probably Condition Overload for melee in the future, but I'd suggest trying to farm it first untill you'll actually need it right here and now, don't spend your plat on it just yet. As RazerXPrime said, no. You'll probably need to find a group for vault runs though, cause having all 4 on you at the same time will be punishing for you atm. I see you try to solo things and don't know the reason, but still suggest you try to group those. Anyways joining a clan will give you access to a lot of weapons and some warframes. Starting your own clan, if you thought about it, at this point in your progression will be way too expensive in both resources and time. MqToasty's pointers are also a good plan to follow. You can finish the map to get to arbitrations. People's activity there depends on a number of things like current mission, buffed frames, etc. With your stated gear you will have trouble killing stuff, but if you can provide some support (energy regen, cc, buffs etc) and not die, I'd say your teammates will not really pay attention to that. You can even use warframes that don't have a buff provided currently, those are personal anyways. In short: don't be a dead weight and it will be fine. Railjack can be started without having one yourself and as mentioned is whole another progression path that will bring you some endo/credits in the process. You can follow the advice of leaving it to after you are done with open worlds and abrbitrations or you can try it and see if you actually like the thing, it is tough to start from scratch. In addition, you can try to find me in game later tonight ( I should return home and be online in about 4-ish hours ), and I can help you with doing some of the missions mentioned in the thread if you are willing to be boosted a bit. We can run some vaults for corrupted mods or whatever else.
  18. I find "corners" of playable area to be the calmest, usually cause there are no points of interest there so not much reason for AI to wander around. Also the middle of Gara Toht. While that's a good tip, it's bothersome unless you have some hotkeys to spare for constant gear switching. When you have time to deal with Fortuna, grab Oxylus blueprint when you have a chance and some spare resources. This sentinel has a dedicated mod to show you fish hotspots on minimap and also highlight the fish with no dye cost. An ideal helper for when you do dedicated fishing sessions.
  19. Wouldn't aptitude be good on Ignis then, given it's status chance? Or you recon base 29% + 34.8% from 2 dual stats are enough and it's not worth it pushing just over 100% with 3 dual stats and aptitude? Cause I do the latter, seems to be effective. Is my perception wrong?
  20. This argument is laughable at best. How expensive are we talking? Starchart resources are very easy to obtain. Nerfing? Into the ground? The only nerf I see is that by applying your permanent bonuses to a frame with more than one specialist build you basically kill all other builds needing that stat to be as low as possible and have to forge a new warframe for each of those. You are basically suggesting adding another mod slot (not a single on actually) with 0 capacity consumption for a measly cost of some nanospores. If that's not a giant boost of power, then I dunno what is. Very much this, utility mod effect may actually see some use when they are not competing with power mods for slots/capacity. I would kill for an innate Sure Footed (Primed preferably) in my warframes. Yeah, I'm one of those people who hates knockbacks and stunlocks. "Veteran" is a very loose term these days, I would suggest not to use it if it's all possible.
  21. If you really want to do it using just warframe to get another element and not relying on weapons... can I introduce you to Ember for heat damage? She can do 25 needed no sweat, not as effective as mesa/octavia but she gets the job done.
  22. If this ever happens I'll be like... RJ resource popup are the worst. If the filter for mods will ever happen as well, I'll be like the thing under spoiler 2 more times.
  23. Except for a few frames, this will be the only one ever used from your examples. I trust you understand the reason.
  24. I farmed for holokeys on week 1 with my clanmate to get that mentioned Grigori. For us the luck was awful, so we spend 2 sessions (~6-7 hours) of farming to get 40 we needed cause we apparently pissed off RNG with something before the update. As suggestions go, having keys be in bonus pool would help like a lot. Also while farming we discussed this whole drop rate thing. The idea we agreed upon was having keys be a guarantied drop with either dropped amounts being smaller or price per weapon being increased, or just both at the same time. Cause for us having a clear stable progress is more appealing than being frustrated due to no key drops in ~2 hours.
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