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  1. I really want these ember changes to be good - but I gotta say this is all highlighting a major problem. The goal of removing gameplay methods of "press 4 and afk" is a good one, don't get me wrong but when you replace it with "now you play the UI, not the game" methods it makes me annoyed, perhaps more so than having an option to just idle the game. I do not want to have to balance actually playing and enjoying the game with pressing buttons because a meter filled or a cooldown wore off. and even if I did the UI is small, in the bottom side of the screen and super inconvenient to look at. I have some suggestions. Firstly for ember: Get rid of this "lol you messed up there goes your energy" play style. in terms of risk/reward if you can't apply that with level and enemy design you've missed the mark entirely. It doesn't sound fun, it doesn't feel good, just put a pin in that risk/reward gameplay idea until it's had time to be properly assessed game wide. this is not the way. - Yes she needs a defensive ability (I think all war frames do, and many need work) But ignoring the fact that many are going to build a squishy frame like ember with quick thinking to offset how easy it is to die while playing them putting a borderline required mechanic that means if I don't play in the least fun way possible - then lose my energy for not keeping my eyes locked on the UI at all times I die, I get annoyed, and the warframe sits back on the shelf of "Well this isn't fun to play warframes I have just because of my need to collect them" - Yes passive damage scaling is fun HOWEVER... you need to make the build up actually enjoyable and give us something interesting gameplay wise for it's falloff. enemies on fire in whatever range giving a power buff isn't going to result in fun gameplay. Time to kill in Warframe is REAL SHORT, the whole idea of a heat meter would be better applied to this than a broken defensive abilities I'm reluctant to use I feel like something of a 10-50% scaling damage meter would be amazing that went up as we used abilities making us explode with fire every so often without a massive penalty would be much more enjoyable. Make it feel arcady where I'm trying to keep up high heat combos to stay in the red zone for as long as possible dealing as much damage as possible before exploding for a grand finish only to build it up again, and again, and again. Secondly for UI. Make it modular, resizable, and let us players choose where it goes. Personally I'd want to put my HP closer to the center of my screen, a little closer to the bottom. currently it's so far out of the way if I choose to look at it in combat I'll die if im not playing a war frame with high defensive abilities. I would also move my abilities closer to the center (Again not at the bottom of my screen) because again it's way off to the side and I can't enjoy my gameplay while im glancing down at the bottom right of my screen tracking cool-downs, percentages and the like. -Give me options I want to be able to chose what ui is important to me most and move to places I can actually see during gameplay - Give me Control I want to be able to resize my UI selections individually, this would be an amazing accessibility change that would work well with ui movement. - Give us UI skins You already have skins for some of the UI in game that players can chose to buy. if I had control over things like my HP bar, I'd be willing to drop plat on making it look cooler too. Lastly for Vauban. many of the changes look fun, but more fun than actually useful. I feel like anyone complaining about mobility was more arguing that larger warframes seem slower. we don't need more abilities that are mainly used to do capture missions faster. this is just part of one of the things I've been finding more irritating as warframe goes. I realize the reason some abilities are a press and hold to switch function to increase the overall use of said ability making a more flushed out toolkit. but in many cases it just makes the warframe less fun to play because I need to sort through options I'd prefer to not, or in some cases never use. I've been noticing it often with wisp when I play her, I don't enjoy running into an area, pressing 1, holding 1, pressing 1, holding 1, pressing 1, holding 1. in cases like Ivara you're generally in a situation that lends well to holding down a button to switch abilities linked to your 1, however it leaves me wondering why I need to sort through it so primitively when you already have things like the gear wheel in the game (please just please make it a gear wheel for Ivara) In cases like wisp I'd sooner just hold 1 to drop all 3 buffs. However with Vauban as stands he only has one ability on his mine layer tree I'd want to use (we're running into the issue of two CC abilities with one having little to no worth on one warframe again) For Mine layer - these are gadgets - not mines, maybe we could re name this? also with the upcoming changes to fire damage if we're going to have nail grenade do less significant damage why not throw out a small device that could lock down a door with fire procs - this would give the frame an additional ability to strip armor (provided other changes announced stick) that doesn't require a large energy cost or re positioning of enemies. In terms of other abilities linked to the same button I get that the damage buff is going to be limited, but it seems like it would be better accompanied by a defensive portion as-well, maybe giving us something akin to Nezha's shield. It would also be cool if this damage boost was more visible on the ground? I know it's a work in progress so there may have been no final animation, but hear me out... I don't want a damage aura, I'd prefer to go pick up the buff like it were one of wisps. This method works, and in my opinion it's better. For Orbital strike - oh boy that time it takes for damage. Looks cool, but if I have a gun that can kill a group of CC'd enemies faster why would I bother to even spend the energy? Unless this skill does something like ignore all enemy defenses so we have a reason to use it on really tanky high priority targets and do things like remove the corrupted heavy gunner with ease I can't see myself pressing this button outside of leveling the warframe and wanting kills with it to boost the speed. Unless natural talent becomes an Exilus mod and the orbital strike time isn't closer to instant ( and maybe wider with range?) it feels like it's more of an ability built for a game that isn't warframe.
  2. I feel like if Augments are going to be addressed as a system they need to be looked at from the ground up rather than just changing how a few act, and buffing some others. Questions that should be asked are : What is the goal of augment mods? What stages in the game are players expected to learn about/start using them? Does someone actually have a valid reason to use this mod in popular modes of content, and if so why? Currently I've been filling my collection of augment mods, most of them getting tossed to the side as "completion" rather than anything I'd really consider using. I know many may have long worded reasons as to why Warframe X, should use Augment Y because Paper math says good numbers. I've got primed mods, mod sets, and arcanes for that. There are some augments I love using ie. Mesa's Waltz ads a good deal of mobility to a frame that tends to get locked into a turret stance. Volt's Capacitance makes him a favorite for me in ESO giving me speed, CC, and support not only for myself, but my squad with big over shield protection. And I'm sure many remember the glory days of using Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm before it's ability to stack with other abilities was removed. As much as I enjoy using these mods, I don't like the system in place that governs them, as when I look at the majority of these mods the intention for "added power, or all new use" is not the intention. When looking at changes to Tidal Impunity my mindset on Augments doesn't change at all. I can't think of a reason why that mod would be used for anything. I'm sure someone can come up with a use case scenario - but many others would just say to use another frame, or better yet a mod that just makes it so you don't need to run into that situation in the same context. If the mod ultimately has no purpose than "to shake things up gameplay wise, be it for better or worse" I can't see reason to put it in the valuable space that is mod slots. If you were to re look at all augments and make them all useful that would be one thing, but I feel like the discussion of a specific mod slot for warframes needs to be brought to the table seriously, otherwise it seems like wasted time on something new players won't understand, and older players won't care about.
  3. I'm still unsure on how I feel about revives in arbitration. It feels like it will add leeching (as I'm starting to see become more prevalent in many more missions though I'm sure someone long ago has gone on a rant about this) I'm looking forward however to testing out these changes, I'd like to see how things go before I judge it 100%
  4. I'd like to see the moa's do a "peepee dance" that triggers while close to an unopened friendship door (the ones that require two people to open in groups)
  5. are there any plans to work on enemy ai, or enemy walk-ways to get them to maybe not get caught on things like walls, and small stones? many areas of the game suffer from this. Also would there by chance be something in the works to make pets a little more tanky? some efforts have been made, but my Kavaat isn't getting any smarter so ends up dead inevitably. Some way to possibly link healing effects to a % would be awesome.
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