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  1. Is this laying down a better road for drops in the twitch category based on previous complaints from the old partner program? I feel like a drop or two would go a long way to building back up the category on twitch.
  2. Trying to keep this as constructive feedback, but the reason I dislike Eidolons is because it takes the freedom to do something on my schedule and time, and removes that. This is basically that but even worse. You have 3 tiers, why do you need to make farming the arch weapons this tedious and drawn out, I already had a hard time wanting to do it, and now the loot tables make it even more complicated with no reason to do so.
  3. I feel personally attacked by this patch note.
  4. taking a few days to actually play with this I have a few thoughts on the changes. The new system overall is a win. It's bad design to have valuable resources locked behind a wall of content people don't want to do be it a player created mentality or otherwise. (glaring at eidolon's while I type this) This new system applies a guaranteed method of farm that is easy to jump into with friends, solo, or for public formed groups. This is a positive change, and I hope the mentality behind this is applied to both past and future content added to warframe. The ability to do a farm for
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