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  1. Make the tags from Players helping players universal and add "UI", "missions" and "levels" to it. For example people asking for tips about mastery rank tests should have a correct tag to use. "Railjack" is also a needed tag. "Lore" should be its own tag as it doesnt really serve the same purpose as spoilers. Spoilers can also be new gear. The "art, animation & UI" feedback subforum should get those three things as tags, better yet make them universal aswell. "enemies" is another needed tag as there are quite a number of threads specifically about specific enemies. A 'ba
  2. This is why I dont understand the logic behind what they said in the devstream about not letting people open multiple relics at once, atleast in void storms. It seems like they are going by a relics per mission basis which is just straight up the wrong approach.
  3. Scott's reaction to being asked about opening multiple relics at once was very strange to me last devstream. Surely he can just calculate how many relics per any given timeframe we can already do with normal fissures and adjust void storms from there, right?
  4. unfortunate but the information was available
  5. The selection of available tags is severly lacking. Many feedback and general discussion threads have no relevant tag for them. None of the tags in warframe feedback really apply for example as suggestions and feedback about specific frames are often not tied to a specific platform, are not megathreads, PSAs nor spoilers and are certainly not about conclave. In a similar way general feedback has the available tags "website", "forums" and "nexus app". None of these apply for most of what's in there. @[DE]Drew we either need more available tags or tags being necessary needs to go away. Othe
  6. It depends on your fusion steps I think. To get the most out of your weapons you need to always fuse with the highest % bonus you have. For example: you have a 50% weapon, a 25% weapon and a 30% weapon. If you fuse the 25% and the 30% you get a 33% weapon. Fuse that with the 50% weapon and you get a 55% weapon. If you however fuse your 25% weapon with your 50% weapon you get a 55% weapon but you still have another weapon to fuse, bringing you up to 60%. If you fuse correctly you need atleast one weapon to be over 25%, then you can always reach 60% in ten weapons if you fuse
  7. This is where volt comes in. Mining drill doesnt do any damage but can get damage from volt's passive, with that you can kill enemies.
  8. (Disclaimer: this is purely for the people that enjoy weird convoluted setups and figuring them out for no other benefit that having fun with it.) We all know of ways how to cheese the stealth tests but what if we went the opposite way, what if we took something very convoluted to complete the test with. The rules are: kill all enemies before destroying the orbs, after that complete the test normally. This rule is like that because you cant actually destroy the orbs with some of the setups directly. Setup 1: Volt with a fishing spear. Setup 2: Volt with a mining laser.
  9. We should however try to make those bad abilities good on those frames and the thing nyx needs for her 1 isnt really stat changes but AI behaviour changes imo. I dont think pointing at other frames who need a rework more is very constructive because with a greater need for rework also comes a much larger effort meaning it will take much more time to get them to a good spot. In the meantime we can still push for smaller adjustments to frames that only need small adjustments. IMO they only ever simplify already simplistic missions, it's not them that require change it's survival and defe
  10. The changes I'd like to see for nyx are a bit simple but worth it, not a whole lot about her abilities has to change imo. Most importantly her 1 needs changes, more specifically the enemy AI. You can already get the mind controlled target to decent levels of damage with the right setup and by using her 2. The problem that remains is that there's a lot of time where the mind controlled unit will not properly do damage because of seeking cover, reloading, melee striking with a gun and most annoyingly: being knocked down. IMO mind controlled enemies should no longer have to reload, always us
  11. I've spent some missions being the FA gunner and the word i'd use is "boring" to be honest. I think that should be reason enough to delete the FA spot and add it to the pilot seat, not even talking about how the AI pilot is actively turning away from crewships.
  12. What the ability needs is to not change your FoV.
  13. Missions that by themselves encourage campy playstyles are the problem and they wont be made more interesting by punishing the player for playing how the mission is naturally meant to be played. Take disruption for example, no one would get the idea that you could just camp in one single room forever because that's just not how the mission is designed. Even if you split your party between the two main rooms of the mission it still encourages learning the demo spawn pattern and going out there to hunt them down for quicker rotations. By having more to do than just "kill everything until yo
  14. Hyper focusing on survival is the wrong approach because of how simple the mission really is and with how much it encourages camping. You're really only standing there in one spot and killing fodder enemies forever. There are no mechanics you have to do, no moving around, nothing ever changes. We need more complicated missions and tons of fodder enemies in addition to mechanic based missions and fights will make the whole thing more frantic. This is where the power fantasy aspect should be imo: floods of fodder enemies coming in only to be slaughtered by us while we are also doing someth
  15. As we all know, melee blocking now blocks all incoming attacks if they come from an angle specified by the weapon you are using. What's strange about this however is that things like slash procs go through, despite the attack doing 0 damage. This works against enemies aswell as against us. I've killed many grineer guardsmen through their amphis with slash procs but I've also been on the receiving end when steel path misery shows up and gets an attack out that I blocked but then got deleted by the slash proc. (Just to be clear here, misery killing me like that is still my fault aswell because I
  16. Lorewise there are quite a few horrible ends you could find against some warframes, ignoring the gameplay aspect here for a second. From being slowly turned into sand by inaros, corroding into a pile of goo by saryn but possibly the worst one could be nekros because the fear he instills in his enemies is unnatural and absolute.
  17. Great Idea, I made the mistake of buying oberon deluxe without the weapon skins so that would actually be pretty neat for people like me.
  18. It's always a bit difficult to find out how they got to information. It really could just be them targetting younger people randomly with the data they have and trying to tie it to a random game. These scam call centers rarely target anyone personally (unless they know someone has fallen for scams in the past). Most of the time they call insane amounts of numbers (often time with automated calls) to maybe get one person to fall for it. Generally it's best to not even pick up the phone on these calls because if they know that a number isnt dead, they'll sell information about the phone num
  19. Took me a bit to realize that with one of those threads in the past. It's really unfortunate because that makes the thread a lot less funny.
  20. That would certainly help when you pick different skins for body and helmet. I use frost prime helmet with the frost immortal body and although I'd like a material picker even more, being able to colour them seperately would also be nice.
  21. Every mod from the motus set wants something different. Melee range is a good stat but aerial attacks are already awkward because you cannot use the high multipliers from stances and heavy attacking is possible but only just. Motus setup wants you to be on the ground again and motus signal increases double jump height which to this day i question what that has to do with anything because it makes aerial attacks much more awkward because you're probably just too high up at that point. And added onto that you get knockback immunity mid air which you already get mostly through having your melee w
  22. An earlier unvaulting of loki together with frost and ember was bounties only. Farming void missions for axi also takes a lot of time so I'm not surprised with there being low amounts of loki relics, especially of the systems I think, around.
  23. Loki prime hasnt been unvaulted in a long time and the atleast some of his unvaultings were in bounties so less than usual farmed for the relics. Which was fine with me as I enjoyed doing bounties back then and got a nice income of plat in my early days of warframe.
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