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  1. I'm pretty sure nightwave end announcements have been sticky in the past and couldnt get scrolled off the list as that's a pretty dumb thing to let happen. BTW it was not said to me in "this" thread because you are looking at a merged thread. Social media is enough for detailed patchnotes and stuff like that but not for a super casual system as casual players are unlikely to check out social media of a game and dig through it unless they have a specific problem. I am blaming the appropriate party but that's DE in this case.
  2. I know people who have multiple accounts in the same clan and havent been banned, I dont know of a case where it has lead to a ban.
  3. It was not announced ingame until two days before the end. Should you have to follow social media or the dig the forums frequently just to not get screwed out of your credits? I dont think so. Nightwave is designed to be extremely casual friendly so also for people who dont follow all that stuff with the conviction of us forum clowns. DE just straight up forgot to put an announcement ingame.
  4. It was not announced ingame until 2 days before the end. IMO you should not be expected to follow social media or dig through the forums frequently just to not get screwed out of your nightwave creds. There's also no good reason to delete the store instantly when the season ends as the stores are always the same anyway.
  5. Got +200% strength and +75% efficiency on chroma. Number go up.
  6. Breaking news: AoE weapons are good in a horde game! More news at eleven!
  7. They forgot to post it ingame is what i meant, which is in my oppinion the only place that matters in this case, the forums are not valid for this.
  8. They forgot to post about it until two days before end. That was pretty stupid of them, even more stupid than the people who now gloat over that because they think you should be expected to follow every bit of social media around warframe to complete nightwave. You should not be expected to dig through the forum or watch the entirety of tennocon just to know when nightwave ends, the announcement has to be in game and well in advance to it ending. Nightwave is designed as extremely laid back and casual system, the forum is not the correct place to announce it.
  9. Sure, we didnt get xp retroactively but with invigorations there are easy new ways to gain xp. At first I was a bit reserved with invigorations but now I enjoy them quite a bit. Then again the new helminth abilities dont really excite me all that much, so for me personally it didnt feel like I was missing anything.
  10. I did infact finish my nightwave rank 30 last week and spent my credits two days ago but that doesnt stop me from having an opinion about it
  11. Oh it should end but in an orderly fashion and without the recovered acts bug. Keep your scuffed attempts of gatekeeping out of nightwave because that's not what nightwave is supposed to be.
  12. With the almost stealth ending to this season, you should extend the availability to spend the current nightwave credits for things in the store. Players should not be expected to follow social media channels and/or log in every single day just so they dont get #*!%ed out of their nightwave creds.
  13. DE straight up forgot about it and had to be reminded to post it ingame.
  14. For me things like the ambassador really dont respect my time. Low drop chances on 20min+ attempts, meaning the most likely outcome is no progress on my target, just put me off completely.
  15. It is out of date and jank because DE does not care about people like you in the slightest. Edit: this post was in direct response to a thread asking why the trade ban system is so out of date.
  16. Adding the dojo parts to the calculation just like that is very questionable but it definitely is an incentive to get people to pay to skip instead, every wait timer in this game is. This is something free to play games are always plagued by. Monetization in these games are always aimed at making gameplay tedious or annoying in some way. This patch had another one of those: the ambassador.
  17. You might want to give an ingame announcement for the end of the current nightwave.
  18. What stops you from just upgrading your corrupted mods?
  19. That's not entirely true. DE made it so sentients gained resistence to stasis so they would eventually break free. Sentients that entered the bubble were still frozen for a good amount of time, easily enough for any decent player to dispatch them easily. He was nerfed but still essentially trivialized the mission. Then again the mission was basically a mobile defense mission so nothing of value was lost before the limbo nerf.
  20. I can see how you might struggle with that setup. For mesa you're gonna really really want some corrupted mods, your duration and/or efficiency is just super low without them. Pistol amp does basically nothing on her aswell. Mesa is very energy hungry so not having atleast flow is pretty limiting. With that much strength hornet strike starts to not be worth it on regulators and you can already use normal target cracker. Regulators want more fire rate than just lethal torrent. If you have trouble with range why are you not using normal reach? On a pure status weapon you'll want weeping wounds, that mod should be pretty easy to get now with the acolyte mods showing up in deimos bounties. What other frames do you have available?
  21. Disgruntled youtube comments are one of the least reliable sources to ever exist. I get the feeling that you're just not killing enemies fast enough, share the build you are using and perhaps we see some issues there.
  22. I am not aware of any change to the mr 30 test.
  23. Only one way to find out if it worth getting back into for you: try it.
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