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  1. Maiming Strike Mod has the effect that "+x% Critical Chance for Slide Attack". I think this description should be translated like "+x% スライド攻撃時のクリティカル率". But now this mod describes that "スライド攻撃がクリティカル倍率となる確率 +x%". This sentence is unnatural and verbose because this means "+x% Chance for Slide Attack to be Critical Multiplier". In addition, this description also appears in Riven Mods which has the same effect.
  2. You can use ciphers with hitting X button while hacking (if you have not changed key bindings). By the way, this category is intended for bug reporting. Therefore, please ask for help at "Players helping Players"category next time.
  3. According to the release notes, it is written that the missing icons bug specific to NSW version has been fixed in Update 30.1.0: However, many icons are still missing in reality, as shown below. Inventory: Glyph Selection Screen: Foundry: Railjack Customization Screen at Dry Dock:
  4. ファウンドリの一括受け取りの部分も含め同意します。 MODの全解除操作には確認画面が設けられた状況で、色のランダム化や一括受け取りには設けない理由は無いと思います。
  5. The description of Funnel Clouds Augment says that this augment makes tornadoes won't to pick up enemies. However, this description may be wrong in actual mission. Because if the enemy becomes a ragdoll, tornadoes will pick up the enemy. This should be fixed to state that tornadoes never pick up enemies in any circumstances. I've heard that this bug also occurs on PC client. Screenshots are below: Before enemy (an Arid Heavy Gunner) be ragdolled: After she has been ragdolled (with casting Airburst):
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