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  1. Still too long, considering how mediocre Arch-guns are in comparison to regular ranged weapons. Seriously, regular modded weapons SHOULD NOT be able to out-damage big guns that are heavy enough to require anti-grav tech to wield on a planet's surface. That's wrong on so many levels.
  2. If DE wants to be taken seriously and seen as being fair and impartial, said badges should be unequivocally yanked. No exceptions.
  3. I find your lack of appreciation for critical thinking and proper debating disturbing. No, but I have heard of the expression "Takes one to know one"...a statement that is more often than not completely incorrect because it's little more than a knee-jerk assumption. Fixed that for you
  4. To...get additional mod capacity maybe? Also...
  5. It was a bit weird going through an Exterminate with absolutely no Grineer showing up... The updated sounds are already great - the extra tweaks are still welcome though. MUCH appreciated!
  6. When are certain members of Clan --Q-- NOT trying to be first poster / noticed by DE?
  7. Nice that DE finally fixed whip animations. That said, you'd think that fixing the following would be a much easier task... Yup, once again this issue has gone completely ignored with no acknowledgement that DE is even aware of the matter.
  8. All these tiny little tweaks here and there...and yet this below still continues to be ignored.
  9. Neither do I. If a comparison between between Excal P and Excal U is any indication, Umbra Frames will have stats that are identical to Primed versions. That said, the only significant difference would be the Umbral polarities and the fact you can have your 'Frame cover you when you decide to go Spoiler Mode...which is very handy at times. I'm just saying that some people might see Umbras as having the potential to invalidate / sideline even Primed 'Frames when the New War finally gets to us - and I can kinda see why those people would be concerned.
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