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  1. Gee thanks. As if they weren't hard enough to find as is. Well, that's going to be another gap in my Codex, because forget looking for that needle in a haystack now. Cool. So when is the sky box / lighting going to be fixed to properly convey the feeling of rainy weather on Cestus? Finally! Thanks! Although honestly it should have been Silent on release. Also...Mankers will be dropping Gyro / Atmo / Repeller Systems...when? Because having them as rewards for Orb Bounty Phases is really not cutting it. In the case of Repeller systems, the extremely low chance of getting them as a reward has, arguably, been a progression stopper for some people.
  2. True - but Spectral Scream still kinda sucks and Effigy is too restricted. Not to say that Chroma Prime isn't classy though 😛
  3. Still no fix for Arch-guns being mediocre in comparison to regular ranged weapons.
  4. So it's a giant pick-pocket? And a bank-robber? Also, wouldn't the inhabitants of Fortuna keep the bulk of their hard cash underground and out of reach of the Nef Anyo's goon squads? Because Fortuna IS mostly underground and they all live underground...so... Think about it. How would it "take profits" exactly? Walk up to a local and say "Gimme your lunch money or else"? The locals are all pretty much sequestered in Fortuna at this point... Here's my take: The Orb's there to guard Nef's more prized facilities and act as part of Nef's "muscle", so Profit-taker is nothing but a name that does not necessarily dictate its function.
  5. That's nice and all...but shouldn't something that big be dropping actual resources on death? Like say Salvage, Fieldron Samples, Alloy Plate, and Circuits for example? You know, materials that went into actually building the Orb to begin with? And why the heck would that thing be carrying Debt-Bonds and Credits? Rebecca, I know you're just the messenger, but this really needs to be said: Some of the design decisions your colleagues make little if any sense.
  6. Still too long, considering how mediocre Arch-guns are in comparison to regular ranged weapons. Seriously, regular modded weapons SHOULD NOT be able to out-damage big guns that are heavy enough to require anti-grav tech to wield on a planet's surface. That's wrong on so many levels.
  7. If DE wants to be taken seriously and seen as being fair and impartial, said badges should be unequivocally yanked. No exceptions.
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