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  1. Why isn't this a thing? I know this is constantly brought up everytime this event starts but come on. Why are we forced to go into a open world to do an event. Imagine if Plague Star or Ghouls were like this, how infuriating would this be?
  2. Hello again! Time to update my previous post. Theorem Infection works very strangely. Whilst stacking Infection, your summoned minions will not take in the buff. The buff only counts when the stack is counting down and you summon new minions. So in practice: Kill enemies with kitgun that has a Residual Arcane > Stack it to 15 > Get off the Residual area (cause the game still thinks you're stacking and therefore your summon minions will not get buffed.) > Summon minions. Your minions will have the buff indefinitely until THEY expire. You can combine two different Residual Arcanes like you would with modding elements, just need to stack each element separately. Example: Kill enemies with Primary Kitgun > stand in Residual area > (whilst buff is counting down) kill enemies with Secondary Kitgun > stand in Residual area (buff will restack with new element, but the elements are actually combined) > get off Residual area > summon minions. now your minions have a combined element. Have fun summoning Y'all.
  3. Both these combos are kind of annoying... Personally I feel that they should've added a Forward Hold-E for current Forward E combo and a Right-Click Forward Hold-E for Saw riding. Nothing in the combo flows together and that's probably my main grip against this thing.
  4. First was Veso's smol pew pew gun, then it was the color of his suit. People asked "Where's his helmet?!" Now his haircut. This man can't catch a break with these roasts.
  5. Potential Nightwave reward... if DE remembers that simulacrum room exist.
  6. Can we run over people with Merulina? Can we crouch on Merulina and not spin into infinite? Speaking of spinning, can we at least have this spinning technique knock down enemies? Can we not rework Aqua Blade and make it work like Helios' Deconstructor? If her stats are the only thing that's worth updating, I think its time to move on.
  7. I got to play with more of my favorite guns, so I'm happy. Melee changes didn't bother me.
  8. At one point I had 20 Mesa Neuroptics and 15 Chassis... this was on her release date. This was a time when you needed to farm keys for warframe parts... RNG laughs at us...
  9. Magus Drive might finally have some use.
  10. Call me a horrible person, but I have an unranked Soul Survivor with negative ability strength (Power Donation aura and Overextended) build and because there isn't any protection when you rez people with SS, they die immediately after getting up. So I can constantly slap them. PUNISH THEM FOR GOING DOWN! Cough cough. But ya OP, would love for any kind of change for Soul Punch.
  11. Or at least set them to the lowest possible priority like Noxs or Bursas. As a Nekros enjoyer, these shadows are the most annoying thing to spawn. You can't shoot through them, they blind you, they bother your teammates. Please for the love of all that is bone daddy, do something about them.
  12. Double Barreled Revolver with 20 shots, shoots 2 bullets simultaneously like the Akjagara. Alt fire will switch it into an full auto.
  13. Before update 30.5, the element Theorem Infection gave to your shadows would stay indefinitely, this was probably a bug cause the power spike in your shadows were very noticeable. Now, once the buff expire, it expires all its stacks and you have to restack. Funny how the Galvanized and gun arcane ticks down per stack but not the Theorem arcanes. If the Theorem arcanes fits in your build, its a cute addon but if you really want to have an offensive shadow build, subsume Grendel's Nourish and/or Oberon's Smite. Nourish will gives your shadows Toxin element and surprisingly will make short work of SP corpus. Smite Infusion makes a great counter towards Grineer but SP Grineer has crazy amount of armor kinda making it pointless, still fun for normal missions.
  14. Subsumed Thermal Sunder onto Nekros, my goal of 100k kills is only the beginning.
  15. 16 no ephemera streak here, I feel your pain.
  16. Can we get this thread to 100 pages?
  17. First 5 minutes... ok K-drives in mission are kinda cool. Yareli abilities? No. Its just a mess. How I envisioned our water girl is like a mixture of 2b(Nier: Automata) and Helios' Deconstructor. Like her 2 can summon between Merulina and her aquablades, the aquablades will then float behind her, blocking bullets and flinging themselves at enemies. They'll drain energy but if you're on Merulina, energy drain stops and drains the k-drive's hp instead. Enemies afflicted by 1 should have damage vulnerability and aquablades should do bonus damage to them. 3 is a free ability slot.. maybe some different stances for aquablades or an active ability for Merulina. I've read people recommending 4 being a channel ability, drawing in enemies. I would like to add aquablades attacking enemies in it turning it into a smoothie of enemies. Its very meh and unmotivating to play her but her fashion is nice and her gun is kinda good. and please... Don't just number bump her, she needs more than that.
  18. I hope there's like a sentient invasion event or something, like choosing to help current fractions or leaving them for dead would tip the scale of power. It better not be just another freaking quest and done.
  19. My highest record of not getting a ephemera is 12 lichs.... on my 3 sister and I already lost hope. RNG~ Dance with me~~~ Oh RNG~~~~
  20. And /thread. but yeah, if the Ambassador was in a normal survival mission, there will probably be less complaining, its the fact that its connected to a railjack mission that annoys me. Do a 2-3 minute loading game and then into a 20 minute game hoping 1 specific item drops, in 4 different nodes. Yeah no.
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