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  1. please give us ETA when Melee 3.0 with melee riven disposition adjusted coming? it's nearly 2 years yet we still not seeing good result at all, or DE already give it up ?
  2. [PC], WTB Galvacord Riven (3 Positive and 1 Negative) with this stats: +Range +Slide +Critical Damage (CD) -harmless negative like -infested , -finisher damage please post here or inbox for your offer and price , thanks 😄
  3. why they put amphis staff here . . . isn't the old weapon with non-buff at all ?
  4. when this wukong + melee 3.0 going to be shipped? , someone wrote "this week" so i'm curious . . . anyone know ?
  5. after reading this post, isn't semlar fault ? . pay $5 off for riven hunter app , all over the region secretly ?
  6. If i correctly remember, DE never mention about new bounties and kitgun pieces at all, especially primary kitgun is just ideal that may or may not coming in the future , but it is not including in Fortuna Part-2.
  7. About staticor: , from patch note: Increased Staticor's charged shot AoE size from 2m to 8m and is no longer affected by charge level. Currently,uncharged shot got 8m AoE too , is this intent? or just a bug ?
  8. 1. i don't think Trial will be return so soon, not even in first half of year 2019 , due to Project Railjack 2.this won't too , if they want it return , then i don't think they will do lottery prime chamber once in a while at devsteam 3.well , Elite Alert can be called as minor content and some QoL before you get Fortuna.
  9. i think Elite Alert come this week but Melee 3.0 will delay until end of year .
  10. i really want more info on melee 3.0 . . . MOAR!!!
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