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  1. i absolutely don't want this because i have bad eyesight, it's difficult for me to check what weapons they hold. Isn't RNG always in any loot games? i think it fine that we have RNG.
  2. he is already a lot because he is not tank type , look at Rhino although he is half-ass tank frame , he got 275 only while umbra is 300.
  3. upgrade your computer, they said before long that they stop it due to given reason.
  4. @Rebecca i'm hunting this vidar engine mk3 for more than 2 weeks, i just got it today but when i return to dojo, it automatically converted to Dirac due to exceeded 30 wreckage amount (i always carefully delete the wreckage, but this match i got too many gun wreckage which i absolutely do not want but it always auto-drag), i swear i really want to die at that hour, am i playing for many weeks just to get Dirac ? . DE shouldn't have auto-delete items at all , it should implement system like riven which doesn't allow player to play next railjack if items exceed 30 units but not delete them.
  5. you want content for solo only but do not forget this is an online game not offline game, you can't ask every content to be solo thing,
  6. what the point to put +slide critical that specialized in slide only into riven if the value is lower than +cc that affected every attack type?
  7. so you can't endure the grind ? so u want trade ?
  8. if u ever play destiny 2 , they complete million target objective in first day.
  9. if no duplicate then it one time play ? after u got all , u stop grind ?
  10. this is not a bug , it's intention.
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