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  1. yes i agree with that, it's lazy way to buff weapons by DE, but what can u expect? at least we got little riven disposition compensate than nothing, Also there was a time when melee is weaker than primary / secondary but it just not now.
  2. did u forget the purpose of riven ? it is to encourage player to play weak weapons (non-meta).
  3. kuva nukor is next, believe me because people always choose meta over anything else and it happen in every games.
  4. well, they will if people use this gun for more than 50% of overall second guns.
  5. Do you have plan to rework Grendel ? because as your saw in statistic now, He is lowest used by player because no one play him either subsume his ability.
  6. why u sold it ? it only worth of a few credits. I never sold anything in inventory for credit except Oberon Blueprint because i know someday it will become handy, althought it's useless it still good to keep than selling for credit because if u go farm index or profit taker u got a lot of million with more useful than selling in your inventory.
  7. I have this problem before deimos patch too, all i did just exit mission whenever i found offline console but i already completed Protea farm with 2 sets of her parts.
  8. Please rework Grendel as well, he is nobody guys, no one play him at all.
  9. they already fixed, i got many Scintillant from isolate.
  10. Some veteran told me this, it just 30% of his resource (lv 10 helminth + multiple subsume) so i guess there are casual veteran and hardcore veteran.
  11. bruh , silence is affected surround not yourself, and yes it drop out of invisibility, but your gunfire won't hear by enemy as long as they don't see you.
  12. i absolutely need this, my resource run dry , i have to grind thermal sludge everyday for bile part and plain of eidolon for calx part, it really terrible.
  13. i have very too few bile (very awful) and Clax (because fortuna and eidolon both doesn't have survival mode so i has only a few around 6-7k which use for spending level up helminth all), please reduce the resource that spend on helminth.
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