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  1. dispenser augment should be able to revive all companion , not only for sentinel then it will be useful
  2. Is there any plans to remove / rework for+crit on slide attack that both useless in Riven and Maiming Strike ?
  3. Revenant is already good , why rework ? Why not ask Grendel first ?
  4. i already complained it, because my protea dispenser couldn't keep up with it at all , it drain like my broken bottle. Even with capped 10, it still drain more than original, this is called nerfed not fixed !
  5. it sometimes happen because "mistake" , have your ever bought your sandwich but your found out there is only some sauce and nothing else ?
  6. Even capped, isn't this worst than before with 1.5 x 10 ? or 0.65 x 10 still worst than previous patch (was 4.xx)
  7. This is worst than before, because limit 10 is not added so now your aura is drain your energy like flood. Even added with max 10, it still worst that before (was 4.xx per second , now 6.8 per second at max 10). PS. Is this great feedback ?
  8. my opinion on sevagoth after tried a few times and full forma (14 forma) : passive: difficult to use and aim because with his #2 i always missed target and sometimes if i fight with enemy that has knockback enemy , it keep struggle me back and forth until death Reap: this look most awesome to me, i like how fast cast speed can be, so you could cast while u attacking enemy but duration is too short so i always have to cast 1-2 times per enemy which is awfully drain quite energy and this ability doesn't have any cc so enemy be able to kill you in this defenseless stance because you sta
  9. Have you guy tried steel path that isn't survival / defense ? he is awful because easily one shot by enemy (his main form) and his shadow can only go against enemy in horizontal line, if there is enemy on up / down and circle him, he is helpless because a few shots by enemy, your frame is almost dying and his life drain can be used with enemy in straight line only.
  10. last month, they may not finish quest yet that why they didn't added with corpus proxima
  11. I hope it's not late April anniversary, if that true, it will become May anniversary instead.
  12. I really hope U30 come along with Anniversary, it would surprise us :D
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