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  1. Can you trade a lich you converted, but previously received through another trade?
  2. That #*!%ing sucks. Damn. I really hoped to play this game on a competent system. And I can't restart with all I have, it just isn't worth it. So many skins, mods, warframes - vaulted and unvaulted - etc., restarting just may as well mean quitting. I hope cross saves come into fruition around the launch of next gen.
  3. I migrated from PC to Switch, but are there migrations from console to console? I want to play this game on non-potato graphics/performance, and plan on transferring data to Xbox Series X once it releases.
  4. Can we not learn from others? Especially when they do some things we do, but better?
  5. There were so many amazing, creative themes suggested, but the design counsel chose the worst ones.
  6. Apparently you have to sit afk in that specific relay until the time ends. If you leave or switch relays, you don't get your reward. Like wtf? Can't even play another game during that time, and it's up to a 3 hour wait. Who tf thought that was a good idea? They need brain surgery.
  7. Nezha. Use his 3 and his passive to keep yourself alive while effectively negating the speed debuff. You can run it with all 4 keys equipped. EZPZ.
  8. Everytime I've seen the mods, they've been very pleasant, even funny at times. It's nice knowing that you're in a forums where you know the mods have your best interest in mind.
  9. Hopefully! That would mean it would likely release on all platforms at once. Oh, that would be awesome!
  10. Apparently, from what I've heard here and seen from Original Wicked Fun, the rewards are glitched and you sometimes don't even get them. Yes, you waste back-breaking grind for nothing.
  11. Did it come with SS or is it yet to arrive? There's this syandana I can't wait to get my grasp on, alongside possibly a couple skins.
  12. You can achieve 100% damage reduction with Baruuk and Adaptation.
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