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  1. I mean, I'm 6'2 irl, and that only makes the image below (see exhibit a) more likely. Also, recent primes disagree with your first point (Wukong, Inaros, etc.), so there's hope. (Exhibit A: Nezha from Ne Zha, 2019, Movie)
  2. Your suggestions are of the gods. How does this look to you? It's from the recent-ish movie.
  3. Usually I'm swamped with at least 5 other offers (bare minimum) and I'm trying my best to reply to each them politely with an "I appreciate your offer, but so and so offered first/someone offered a better price. Have a great day/night though, and I apologize for the inconvenience." Mind you I'm on console, and the Switch (who's keyboard is half the speed as Xbox and PS4), so this takes at least 50 seconds to type that out, not including any short responses. And that's at least 50 seconds for at least 5 people, while the person I'm trading with is almost always very impatient and doesn't seem t
  4. Yeah like wtf? When I find better offers, I tell them I did and apologize for the change of plans. And I usually have 5+ people offering, and I'm typing on console so it's a pain in the ass, but it's the right thing to do. I can sort of understand not answering them if you're super busy and when you have time to respond it's like an hour later or something, but putting them on your ignore list? And after it only took them 1 minute at most to respond? Like wtf is wrong with you?
  5. I'd rather weapons and armor than another syandana and an ephemera. At this point, ephemera are handed out like candy on Halloween, and we have way too many syandana, including the one in the current PA.
  6. He doesn't need a link. This is a well known fact about this game that is clear as day and has also been stated countless times by the community managers. If you're so keen on your stubbornness, it takes a single Google search. Do the work yourself. He told you the facts, and if you continue not to believe him, take literally 30 seconds out of your day to do your own research.
  7. Tbh I'm hoping for something in-between his normal and deluxe.
  8. Is anybody aware of at least the time frame it's bound to release? My plat's burning a whole in my pocket as it tried to escape to find Gauss' new skin and the badass syandanas. Edit: Oh nvm, found another topic asking the same thing. Didn't notice all the threads were pinned ones.
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