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  1. I took your comment as sassy rhetoric as I stated in the post that I did not see the info. Your comment came off especially condescending as this is a simple yes or no question, and if you didn't want to answer, you could've decided not to post like the other 25+ who's viewed this thread. I can see how you may think I didn't look thoroughly, as I can see how that may have not been easily understood, so I apologize for my hostility. Although, in the future, if you don't want to answer the question, please don't respond. It makes it easier for the both of us.
  2. "I don't support lazy" Clearly didn't read the post then. The only "lazy" here is you. I asked a simple question and you responded like this. It's honestly so sad how many rude unhappy people there are on here. Reported.
  3. I'll try looking again. Although, there is absolutely no reason to give me that sass. I didn't miss the forums at all.
  4. I haven't stayed up to date and can't find any info on the forums, and I'd rather not delete space to reinstall the game if I have no reason to. Ty.
  5. I'm surprised Arca Plasmor wasn't mentioned in the very first post. If any one weapon deserves a remaster, it's the Plasmor.
  6. Same for Chroma. Instead, he'll be exactly the same, just more colorful. Whoo hoo 🙃
  7. Exactly the same here. I've already made a PS4 account, but I can't bring myself to betray all the hundreds of hours of work, farming, money spent on prime access, and the general bond I have with my Switch account. Honestly once next gen hits, I'll probably be done unless we get account migration from Nintendo to Sony, or at best, cross save between all platforms.
  8. I actually think I prefer his prime over his deluxe. The lower-leg armor is very intricate and extremely cool-looking - especially with the heelies. And the ring on the back is absolutely stunning, with the way the fire slowly moves around with a Tron-like energy ring between the hoop and fire as well. The only gripe I have is how his tertiary colors with his arms, and how prominent his primaries are. Bright colors are very out of place in the upper portion, yet are extremely proportionate in the lower half. And colors are very difficult to get right with how his primary takes up such a large
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