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  1. Lol, Gauss, Wukong, and Volt are my secondaries. I love speed-E bois. Still waiting on my Gauss buffs.
  2. There's a thread on it -- ooh, somebody already showed you.
  3. I'll stick with Nezha. He does what Ember does but much better.
  4. It doesn't change the fact that it force you to play this content.
  5. You only get some of your rewards back, and it's up to RNG each time for which ones and how many.
  6. Someone lost their Requiem Relic. You can lose Sortie rewards as well. Bye bye Riven and Legendary Core!
  7. This is one #*!%ed up update. They gutted melee and scaling damage, added another, worse grindfest, and forced you to participate in said grindfest because your mission rewards will be stolen. This game is about gaining loot -- if the loot you've ground your ass off getting gets stolen, then what's the point of the game? I honestly think DE wanted to self-sabotage with this #*!%ed up update.
  8. China as a threat has nothing to do with the corrupt capitalist system. These are two completely different and very detrimental issues.
  9. Your catchmoon will still be one of the best weapons in the game. It now works as a super-charged Arca P with the range of a far-reaching shotgun instead of a super-charged Arca P with the range of a rifle. Previously, it was so good, people wouldn't even use primaries or melee, which is an HUGE issue. Now you are insentivised to either A) get closer to enemies before blasting them, or B) use another weapon alongside the catchmoon if you need to hit further away opponents. The bolded+italicized was the entire point of the nerf. It wasn't nerfed into the ground, it was nerfed to give it a more specific purpose (shotgun pistol). And I agree that many secondaries need buffs, but I'll also add that we still need weaker weapons for the purpose of progression. Though secondaries are left in the dust with such a low amount of viable options that we can name them off the top of our heads. But this nerf was necessary.
  10. You're missing the point. The Catchmoon was used just as much as every other secondary weapon in the game combined. In my opinions, these nerfs sound a bit harsh, but we'll see gameplay-wise once it releases. And if they are too harsh, then we as a community give DE our feedback as we've been doing since the birth of this game. Yes, the nerfs suck; yes they should've tackled this issue earlier and before people got so attatched to this weapon. But this is the correct decision they made. I'm sorry the resources you've put into this are wasted, I really am. But I look at this decision as how it effects the overall health of the game and the enjoyment for all players over the future of the game. And that's how DE looked at it too when they decided these nerfs.
  11. It's much simpler than you think. It's a matter of keeping on eye on China while the CIA finds a way to bring down the CCP. Imagine it as a mother who is monitering her child, making sure they don't get into the cookies she has in her dashboard before they arrive at the supermarket. The mother has full control of the child, and has many ways to monter them (direct eye contact, audio, rear-view mirror, etc.) And as long as she doesn't look away for too long, there is no way her child is gaining access to those cookies before they arrive at the supermarket. Depsite that, the US governemnt and CIA do not take China lightly, and you bet full preventative costs are in place in case China thinks they got the slip on us. Trump and Cohen's attempt at de-neutralizing and politicizing the CIA has almost put our world at jeapordy. Long story short, Trump and Cohen never had it out for each other. It was an attempt to politicize the CIA so that the corrupt factions of the governent (the factions owned by corporations via lobbying, bribes. bully-tactics, etc.) could gain control of the CIA. This would effectively render the CIA useless, as they rely on not being politicized so they can do their job and remain uncontrolled by corporate interests. This, however, has led the CIA into some insanely inhumane activities, as they are effectively untouchable to an extent. Think MKUltra as an infamous example. But despite all of this, the US government and the CIA remain in steady control of China's expansion, and our embassy's are doing a great job of keeping China out of certain territories.
  12. Epic Games is high off that Fortnite money, which they use horribly unethical psychological manipulation to strongarm players into spending in. They want to build up their infrastrucutre as quick as possible with as little effort as possible. I really wish people would drop the belief that corporations are incompetent - that's the most naive thought you could have. Corporations are anything but incompetent, what they are is incredibly greedy - insatiably so. And owned by psychopaths who enjoy this behavior.
  13. This is why the US government and the CIA consider China such a threat that needs to be "maintained." China is on incredibly close watch by the US government, and the CIA has China (and preventing terrorist attacks, which are constantly being prevented, you have no clue) on top priority. This is why you see the US banning so many Chinese companies from distribution and sales capabilities. However, I do not condone our orange idiot oompa loompa of a tard's astounding decision to put awful tarrifs on Chinese imported goods and production. That's just stupid. But you have no clue how hard the US is eyeing China, as China is looking to, for lack of a better term, "buy up the planet." They basically want a form of "shares" or ownership of the entire planet, whether it be infrastructure, business, trade, or anything else. They want the "majority share" of the entire planet, and of course, the US doesn't like that. Not that our awfully corrupt government's a saint, but it's the one thing between China and literal world domination. That, and a secret organization that is solely formed around slowly and unnoticedly ending world corruption - and you can't stop them.
  14. Aaaannnddd... that's how nerfs work. It was your choice to build it. It's not DE's fault you decided to build the weapon, therefore it's not their responsibility to refund the resources you chose to invest. They did this for the overall health of the game. Does it suck hard? Yes. But is it fair? Maybe. But consider this: Now, imagine DE did what you're asking and refunded players' resources. This would set up abuse of a refund system, and people can use a weapon and then complain, "We aren't satisfied by it," and ask for a refund. I could go and build a Soma Prime, get bored of it, and ask DE to refund it. This would put DE into a potential PR disaster. They're stuck between, "Do we allow this abuse or do we look like A******s and mess up our image and piss off our playerbase?" That would be VERY detrimental to Warframe and DE as a whole.
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