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  1. I've been waiting for that boltara syndana for like forever! 😊😊
  2. I really don't know where else to say this. I already made a topic and sent a message to the community inbox 3 days ago but got no response. I just wanna be able to use my nintendo Switch glyph on the forums... This is basically my message (I dont wanna rewrite it again and think of a new way to explain it...)
  3. Hahahahahaha what are the chances After spending a crazy amount of Plat for Frost Prime parts and a good and kind veteran friend of mine (who migrated from PC) chose the frost prime blueprint over another rare part he wanted during a lucky fissure mission just to give Frost BP to me, Frost Prime will now be easily farmable 😂😂
  4. Btw, I woke up at 4am in my time just to watch the devstream from beginning to end. Didn't get my resource booster 😞
  5. https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-122-overview The names are somewhere in this article.
  6. All i wanted to know was when mesa prime access is coming on switch 😞 All these delays, while understandable, are actually very disappointing. I appreciate wanting to prioritize quality updates but when the hype and expectations of time has been triggered, it's hard to swallow a news of delay, twice. Since the relics for the mesa prime access pack are already on switch for some reason, is it possible that we could just get a server update and have the Mesa Prime access available on the market?
  7. This. I have similar thoughts. As much as I love this game and it's developers, this is a very frustrating issue and would really want to hear an explanation as to why this is the case for the Switch version of the game.
  8. Hmm.. Yeah it should be at least doable with just the account even without a switch. I hope they do something about that. Maybe they can make reservations instead so when your account finally gets a switch, you can migrate it then.
  9. We shouldn't even expect the games that gets released on a new platform to have account migration period. It is not a standard and not all games do that. DE is kind enough to give us a some time to "copy and paste" our progress (well in this case, with some exception like items that will break the economy such as riven mods)
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