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  1. Our clan Arrows of Marmora just reached Storm tier. We have slots. Read here for some more info about our clan. 🙂 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1127133-switch-aom-arrows-of-marmora-is-now-recruiting-once-again/ PM me if you're interested 🙂
  2. We are now recruiting MR 5 players and above. We are a chill, casual and goofy clan who likes to mess around and have fun not just in game but in chat as well. We also have our own discord server. The only other requirement in joining is to actually love the game and be willing to stick with the clan (no clan hopping). Most of our members are from Australia and Asia but we have other members from other continents as well including America. We've recently completed all research except for the Ignis Wraith, some dyes and the specter regiments (which aren't available for research yet anyways) and became a Storm Clan which gave us even more member slots so join away! PS. The MR requirement is to filter out players who are not yet sure if they really wanna keep playing the game or not. But this is not set in stone. If you're a player below MR 5 who wants to join, I can make exceptions so long as you can guarantee that you actually enjoy the game and plan to play more.
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