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  1. Damage reduction is not insane. Theres is no point of having end fight one shotting sisters in the head, POW, exit. Problem is their one shotting abilites(or hounds, have no idea) on us, crazy teleporting and gazzzillion of effects on your screen. And i thought eidolons were bad. This is next level.
  2. hold mouse and a, AND also click right mouse. All works man
  3. was easy, go left of fortuna exit, theres plenty of rails and pipes, you grind jump grind jump - can do easy 3k score or whatever you need
  4. Exacty, if you dont want to play high level content, you are not forced to do so. Those changes or new mods dont apply to lower stuff. They can be played with whatever wep and mods really. I see no problems here.
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