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  1. Should be spooky decoration grab bags if any grab bags this month. D:
  2. This could be how we get a proper K-Drive of the Ghoulsaw too, im sure the rigging and what not would take time but at least can just re use a built ghoulsaw and maybe any built k drive to obtain it. Or as someone else said, let the vent kids make a new vehicle with it all together, the Ghoulbike! Very ghost rider themed. Or a Ghoulwing! XD
  3. Holo key drop chance was the real problem, not the bloody amount.
  4. Will Baro be re-running to then for those who had the relay? :D Missed the Fass floof :( And also yeah, can we also get confirmation that Duviri is still gonna happen, guessing after new war/cross platform functions?
  5. Is it a full rerun for those who paid for the relay too? I missed the Fass floof D:
  6. I still wish we could of had loki in this prime vault alongside the current offerings. Yeah he was given free, but that didnt change prices at all on any of his vault. (Or send me Bo Prime. :D)
  7. As someone pointed out earlier in the thread NW went back to simple so they can focus on New War and probably all the cross platform stuff a lot more effectively. Both, especially cross platform related are gonna need all the love.
  8. ah always just jabbed it so everyone got the murmur tick
  9. Shouldn't you always stab so others liches can spawn though...?
  10. I feel like changes need to definitely be made to the whole vaulting system come cross platform features.
  11. Just make it Nyx, Rhino, Mag & Loki. Problem solved, and more money. Why wouldnt they want that. Point being here to make vaults 4 frames from now on. 2 that havnt been out forever and 2 favorites
  12. How about we get a third unvault in this scenario so everyones happy.
  13. Im just missing Bo Prime and not willing to drop nearly 300p on a weapon i wont use. 😢
  14. This is why they need to move to larger unvaultings. 3-4 would be so much nicer.
  15. Why is an unvaulted frame in the unvaulting.
  16. up the drop rate make the ergos store just have the 60% weapons compensate early adopters fix ambassadors farm, maybe add its parts to ergo as well?
  17. did this update stylize more colors? inventory seems a lot more saturated/colorful now
  18. Just have them in a pile in your orbiter next to your mod table. XD
  19. I look forward to seeing how many friends Ill be able to play with because of such an update. I know some are on console for sure.
  20. In the same situation, last prime till nidus :)
  21. I think its time they bring back a triple pack. Mag, Loki and someone else. Yeah he was given free at tennocon but prices are still god awful for those that missed out. (as of reply, 400 for loki, 250ish for bo and 200 for wyrm)
  22. How about something that allows for the Legendary Core mod turn into a decoration or for every Legendary Core obtained you just get that decoration? That way you can keep track of the cores obtained throughout your time in game. :D (And if its tracked on the back end it would give for cores used in the past as well)
  23. It looks worse than this in game, its basically flashing wildly. Ive seen it in the relays really bad as well as Railjack related content so far. It looks like its struggling to decide on a model texture as it seems like its moving in the flash I really hope its just a DX12/Enhanced engine bug and not a sign of my graphics card dying. I remember having an issue like this on my previous card on Guild Wars 2 and it ended up being a dying card issue :( (however that was far far worse than this.) Basic Specs : CPU - Ryzen 1600 GPU - MSI Gaming X Radeon RX 480 8G RAM - 16GB This is using the WHQL driver through the amd site from last month. I tried something else, like disabling the surface format optimization and get missing textures. What is going on with some areas of the game?
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