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  1. Still disappointed we didn't at least get a third in this vault. Like Loki. ITS BEEN SO LONG :(
  2. Time for unvaultings to be 4 frames if its gonna start being every 4+ months. At least something to justify that time period. And hey maybe they can make more money.
  3. Whatever happened to doing more than two frames at a time? At least make it a threesome release with Loki
  4. Loki Prime hasn't been back since i returned to the game in 2019... and is the last primed frame i need right now. Getting tired of waiting but im not gonna pay out 500 plat for it. I dont even know when Mag Prime was last out.
  5. Honestly need a 3x vault again. Loki, Mag & someone else
  6. I think the biggest questions for me all have to do with the status of cross-anything
  7. Going on past drop campaigns with these games, once the campaigns over, its over. The campaign usually lasts a day after the last drop for that 24h window. However each drop still has 24h claim windows, so its now your responsibility to claim not DE. Which should fix a lot of past issues. It literally takes seconds to relink as well. So I do hope for the first few streams they start explaining this same post.
  8. Yeah, so now if you miss out on the claim its on the user. Problems are usually resolved by relinking again as well instead of raising an issue to support. People dont realize how much easier this system is if they never used it. :)
  9. Finally moving to Drops 2.0 At least now there shouldnt be broken drops. This system has worked perfectly for Sea of Thieves & Elder Scrolls Online :D Although i dont recall having to relink on those games? Is this due to a rewrite on your backend?
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