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  1. I just tap and go with a resource booster when i need to go mining heavily.
  2. Gathering activities never bothered me in this genre. Its part of the mmo experience. Conservation isnt terrible on Deimos simply because you dont *need* to do the lure mechanic. It just makes finding things easier. I only had to use the lures on the dang birds.
  3. I don't really see any problems with the token system. But im also someone whos already got the needed shards, 2 glyphs and have 40 gm tokens yet. But i had also had a 7 day resource booster and went absolutely ham.
  4. So nice not having to worry about gm tokens now. (ATM XD) All shards done, 2 glyphs i wanted out of oddities, now just have 40 ready for part 2 :D
  5. Just make it a 3 pack unvaulting, if they still do those :) Ember, Loki & Banshee.
  6. Im still loving the game, hit MR28 from 2 in a year, (total play) Deimos has been fun and will get me halfway to 29 :D
  7. Is affinity still not working? Still cant see mechs on profile anywhere?
  8. A lot of the vault related items should just be purchaseable through the Necroloid. I could get a 5th one of those shards right now if i wanted, have better luck with these tokens than Scintillant xD
  9. Theres the hidden lore podiums after reaching max in both Entrati/Necroloid :) Chances are gonna need to max both for whatever grand boss is planned for Deimos too.
  10. why was rushing subsume even a request? Not a big deal to me because i want a flower wall :U
  11. Whats real funny with these guys as annoying as they are, if you zone into Necralisk wearing one, your radar is bugged while on that session , even going back into the Drift doesnt fix it unless you get another to hug you again to kill it XD
  12. I honestly had no issues with getting the 4 Seriglass shards. Scillitant however is the worst part of Deimos, at least Conservation you dont *have* to do the lures this time, everything spawns in the wild.
  13. Main thing should really just be railjack resources just lose a 0
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