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  1. Everyone complaining about how the games called just Warframe and should only be using those. Recall the origin of the namesake. "The name "Warframes" comes from a 1950s Boeing (Company) WWII research project equipping WWII soldiers with exoskeletons, as mentioned by Steve Sinclair during Devstream #1" - Warframe Wiki
  2. Im having a lot of fun with this event. Great to have an alternative to leveling mechs that isnt just spamming bounties for hours on end.
  3. Tuned in late, needed like 5 minutes. Missed the drop. :( rerun pls
  4. So why aren't they set up through the new drop system twitch has now?
  5. All the tears of those who grinded for this. Delicious. Now to wait for Lato V ;) (if you bought it recently, do all these streams, hold the pieces for future sale)
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