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  1. Hm, speaking of ghostly Kavats; I haven't met a Kavat like that ^ before, but maybe it'll happen someday. In the meantime, I've taken to using the Vengeful Toxin Ephemera for my Smeeta (Raymond): I'd love to see more options for Companion Ephemera someday. Now that I think of it, the Hound seen in the loading screen with Yareli seems to have a Sister Ephemera already! Things could start with that, perhaps.
  2. As a matter of fact, someone has given a lot of thought towards how to approach an idea like this not just for the wings, but for certain other types of things unified under one banner: I'm certainly not against any of the cosmetics myself (I like a fair number of them!), but I think it would be up to the player whether or not they'd like to see certain kinds of things that might be immersion-breaking, etc.; Publik does a much better job of explaining it though, if you'd like to give it a read. It's forward-thinking, in case future cosmetics might fall into a similar situation as the Wings too (Using the different variations of the setting can accommodate everyone), and creates an avenue for DE to create new Ephemera / Weapon Ephemera down the line. There's a lot DE can do with this. This doesn't outright remove anything permanently on others' screens unless those other Tenno set the setting to "Never", while "When Appropriate" makes the relevant things be visible for others during their respective times of the year :)
  3. Cerebrum Magna is an alright place to find them last I checked, but getting a specific one may not happen right away, to be fair. There may be a slight chance the Avichaea will be caught inside the terrain, unless that was definitively fixed. But should that occur then I would like to think there are other Avichaea trail points to try; If not, entering & exiting the Cambion Drift should solve the lack of them! If it also helps, the beeping's range is 50 meters in all directions from where you are. So if you're flying around in AW and a beep comes up, a bit of slow backtracking and looking for the glowing red silhouette through terrain is another way to go about it. I remember coming across Avichaea that way once or twice (Seeing them flying naturally), but I'm not sure how likely that is to happen for them compared to just using a Lure & call point.
  4. Hm... I think I can see how this connects to one of the areas shown in The New War stuff during TennoCon, it looks pretty intriguing. I'm curious if one or both of the upcoming concept art pieces will give an idea as to how the factions may come together in the storyline. Maybe even all of them simultaneously in the same mission (Perhaps aside from the Corrupted of the Void). Although I guess that leaves the question of how / if the Infested will be part of this, hypothetically speaking. Just some food for thought :)
  5. Hm, perhaps a Tempestarii-crew Parazon that has some small amounts of Void, etc. energy coming off of it? Not quite sure about what shape it would have though, but hopefully it'll also align more properly with the hand than that Sigma Parazon does (Which might be a bug). Something to match the VFX of the Tempestarii Railjack, but of course scaled down to your forearm. The streaks of energy could flow behind the Parazon as it gets swung around too, hypothetically :)
  6. There's something I'm a bit curious about, seeing as we're closer to $40,000. Will the New War concept art reveals be available as images for Displays at some point? Of course, since TNW is still being worked on I wouldn't imagine it'll be soon but it would be interesting to see in the future in-game :)
  7. Anytime! I don't think the wiki specifically mentioned about this anywhere (Last I checked), so this bit of info could probably be added to that if not already. I would like to think that the Melee weapons and other weekly rotation things will sync up somehow when Crossplay gets here, but we'll have to wait & see I suppose.
  8. I think that makes sense actually :) In due time, it could perhaps be thought of as "The Modular Lab", once Modular Archwing stuff is added to it. Especially if Modular Archmelee / Guns are thrown in. If K-drives themselves are expanded upon with more parts (Abilities too?), Bash lab might be a decent place to put them in. Not to get off-topic too much, but missions that rely on K-Drives would be an interesting avenue to explore after The New War with all that in mind. Especially if the Ghoulsaw were usable as a skin, heh! At least that's one way you could ride it longer, so to speak.
  9. Alrighty, I took some pictures since I didn't have a lot of time until now; Based on what's mentioned above it seems like at the very least it's the same for everyone on a given platform. With that in mind, on the Switch these are the current Tenet Melee percentages; Tenet Grigori: +30% Radiation Tenet Livia: +34% Cold Tenet Exec: +27% Radiation Tenet Agendus: +27% Radiation It does help to know that the bonus %'s are shown by hovering over the weapon name :) Can also confirm 3 more days & 5-6 hours until these weapons change again. I'm not sure why they aren't the same, but it may need to be when crossplay arrives.
  10. I'll find out as soon as I can & get back to you on it; Something came up for the time being. I should be back in about an hour though! If the weapon element %'s are the same across platforms, I think it might be a good idea to add Ergo Glast's offerings to the mobile app as well at some point.
  11. Wait, really? Even on other platforms? I've been wondering about that for awhile actually, now that I think about it.
  12. Perhaps John Prodman could be thrown in too eventually? I don't think he even has a noggle. Just food for thought though (I'd also love to see a Codex entry for John).
  13. Ah, that clears it up a bit. Playing in public matches would leave open the chance that their song link is going into the squad chat, so it'll be gone if the chat tab with the link is closed. If you have the link in a PM chat tab with that person, it should be there till you close it & they've gone offline. Once you have the link, you should be able to click on the link while having the Mandachord screen open and go from there. After the notes from the shared song are placed as you see fit from that link, they should be savable I believe. Is the Save option actually not saving it though, out of curiosity? I only ask because it sounded like you've already had some songs saved; Not to sound like a broken record (Pun not intended), but is there anything going wrong with the Save option shown in one of the screenshots above?
  14. I don't think anyone's laughing about it actually (There's no reason to), since this is a legitimate question. Although I am wondering something, are they sharing the songs to you during the mission, or before the mission starts? Might go without saying actually, on second thought; Considering that songs can't be shared outside of the Arsenal, as far as I recall. Hypothetically speaking, if the other players who shared you the songs leave until you're the only person after finishing said mission, then wouldn't the links to those songs remain in the chat window for you to access in the Arsenal? Unless the chat tab that has the song links (Such as the squad chat tab) is closed, the links should be there. It might be worth noting that if you had a conversation with someone in a PM chat tab, then if both you and the other person go offline the text in that tab will be gone, links included. But if one person stays online, I believe the text will all be there on their end, whereas it'll look totally untouched by the previously-offline person. As for the saving part provided those links, etc. weren't erased by the chat tab closing, as Lilly noted above you should be able to load up a song on your Mandachord, clear all the notes off and then the link should be able to add it's notes to your new layout. If you have enough room for a new song then once you have the notes just right, you can save and name the song in the Mandachord screen. Otherwise you might have to overwrite an existing one. Aside from that, as long as you have the link in the chat tab other players don't need to be online for it to work :) Does that help a bit?
  15. Sister will be having the Naberus wares, as well as her usual fishy things :) Wait, I just realized you weren't specifically asking who's running the event; Sorry about that! Although speaking of Naberus, As far as getting Mother tokens fast(ish) I usually just try multiple regular bounties from Mother (Not the Isolation Vaults / Arcana bounties that is). Steel Path bounties can have the highest amount of Mother tokens, but the regular-highest level bounties (Non-Steel Path) have almost as many tokens with enemies that would be easier to take down, so that may be faster. Although repeating the bounties too much back-to-back might feel repetitive, so there's no harm in taking a break every now & then. On that note, I wonder when the Oull glyph will be added to Grandmother's wares; Not to mention I'm curious if Oull could have a Lore entry in the Necralisk, after reading the other 8! That would be interesting someday.
  16. I see what you mean, even for frames that hover around they still appear to just walk / strafe when aiming ahead. Although my first thought when I saw Ember Deluxe was that her feet reminded me of Arceus: That sounds like another opportunity for Ephemera types! Considering that Step ephemera don't show while you slide as things currently are & all. Hm, although some smaller sparks can still show up when sliding now that I think of it. But it would be neat to see some variations for that, such as creating small trails of frost on the surface of where you're sliding or small flowers like with Peculiar Bloom. A bit of food for thought. I don't see why it can't be expanded on in ways like that, considering how much effort DE puts into VFX on abilities like Redline, and others.
  17. That'd be great! I'd really like to see how that works with the Eidolon ephemera as well, unleashing small streams of light behind you as you fly across the ground. Ah, if only there were buyable versions of Titania Prime & Wisp's movement animations (Maybe they can be retroactive when you craft / buy the frames too?); I'd probably use it for Mirage when I need to run somewhere.
  18. Regarding Spawning the Lich, as far as I know it's just a matter of how high her anger is when you go into a mission, gradually increasing based on the amount of thralls killed since she last showed up. I'm not sure if their spawning is specifically like the Acolytes or not, since I've had a Lich or two just show up out of nowhere after some time through a mission (Rather than shortly after a given enemy is killed). Lich (& likely Sister spawning) is a bit of RNG as to when they appear, but if their anger is pretty much topped off it's very likely to happen in your next mission or the current one. It has been awhile since I've fought a Lich, and I have a Sister waiting for me in Neptune Proxima, so I that's just some of my experience off the top of my head. Once you get the Requiem sequence performed successfully (All three stabs), that's when they head for Saturn or Neptune Proxima. It's worth noting that the three stabs is when your mods' charges are used up, not in Railjack. So I don't think you need to worry about Requiem sequence stuff a second time in Empyrean runs. Hope it helps!
  19. Not quite related, but as far as QoL things go in the Arsenal, would it be a fair idea to suggest equalizing all Aura mod capacities to the amount of Steel Charge, so that one may not feel like they need Steel Charge just to have enough capacity for a given build (Or in some cases, actually needing that Aura mod)? If that would be a bit much, then the next best thing I can think of is either allowing legendary ranks to add another point of mod capacity, or equalizing Auras to 8 instead of Steel Charge's 9 (As a compromise, but I don't see the harm in all Auras at +9 capacity). I just wanted to bring this up since there are a lot of QoL suggestions around, and it's been on my mind for a long time off & on. Hopefully this won't be the last of the upcoming QoL changes, considering how many were suggested for the Devstream thread, Yareli and the Ghoulsaw. Not to mention Necramechs still don't have passives. I'm looking forward to the Devstream though :)
  20. Same here! But there is one thing I thought about yesterday @[DE]Megan if you still wanted to do something for Nidus Prime and the Helminth room (Instead of making the giant lips whistle); Why not a Helminth Charger Prime? I'm not sure how it'd work, but perhaps Nidus Prime could access a primed version of the cyst (So that you can easily tell which Charger it would be), which may lead to a lot of Prime companions for all Tenno once that starts circulating around :) If a Prime Charger can't be a thing, then perhaps a Primed skin for the regular Helminth Charger is a next-best thing. But I think the real deal would be great.
  21. That's an interesting idea! If not the small section across from NW, there are those four circles on the floor in the Transference room. Perhaps a small interact prompt could show up if you stand next to one of them, and then something rises up out of the floor like a weapon / item rack (Visually representing all of your stuff). I am curious what that little section may be used for though (Duviri Paradox?), if not for something in the Menu. A place to access changing the interior colors would be good too with either of those options, although the automatic direction it puts the camera in could use some updating I think. As soon as I'd access that from the menu, usually the camera just moves to one direction facing the left of the Arsenal (As a point of reference) no matter where I attempt it. if the camera could be turned around while you're changing to the colors, I think that would be quite useful.
  22. It happens :) Considering how significant each thing is, I imagine it'll be one and then the other at some point; Possibly New War first (At least that's my guess), since they've mentioned that's what their focus is most often lately. That being said, there's probably no way to know if other new things will come between TNW and Cross-platform stuff, but we'll find out in due time. At least knowing it's in development is pretty nice.
  23. For my builds I tend to make use of Saryn's Regenerative Molt augment (Along with Healing Return / Magus Repair), which heals you a certain amount per tick for up to 10 seconds. With enough Armor & HP (Maybe around 850-1000+ Armor, via the Umbral mod set) to make use of it, I find it pretty reliable :) One of the things I like about Molt is that while it provides a small distraction for enemies, if they destroy it you'll still be healing yourself too. Valkyr should have no problem thanks to her level of Armor. At 201% strength, it's roughly 100HP recovered per second, and as a bonus you can run pretty fast for a brief time if you just need to get somewhere quick. The hard part would be getting a full Saryn set from Kela De Thaym, RNG-wise. But as mentioned above there are other ways to heal too, and there's no harm in using multiple methods at the same time just to be safe! Regarding Profit Taker, I've managed pretty well with RM and something that can recover energy upon taking Health damage (Which is where the increased Armor helps), such as Hunter Adrenaline. As far as the various healing subsumable abilities go, I'm not sure if one can say there's a "best" one to be fair. I just look at it as whatever might seem to work for one's playstyle, with or without an Augment. Best of luck Tenno!
  24. There are actually a few more things I remembered after seeing more replies in the thread! My previous post was a tad long, but I'll link this post onto there; A bit easier to find that way. That's actually a good question, even the tooltip for K-Drive look links mentions that Sigils can't be applied, etc. despite the fact that K-Drives don't use Sigils or Emblems (As much as I'd like to see more added to K-Drives). I'd be surprised if the reason for Sigils not being applicable had to do with Syndicate Standing gain for certain ones, but I honestly can't think of any other differences between a Sigil and an Emblem, apart from the sizes. Although briefly speaking, I think it would be nice to increase the threshold for the minimum size of a Sigil (Especially considering how small an Operator's Sigil can be!), so that you can have an Emblem-sized Sigil on your chest, rather than a big one that still covers a little more than half of the front or back at the current minimum size. If Operators can have a small Sigil, why can't Warframes and Crewmates, etc.? That sounds very cool actually! I haven't thought of faction-based clothing for operators (Such as enemy factions, though we have some Infested options). I'd love to see it happen someday. Another thought crossed my mind just now, hypothetically if Operator clothing was added to Tennogen, maybe Hairstyles could be added too? At least to expand on what there is already; Although I'm not sure if that's more for Duviri Paradox or not. I didn't mention it earlier since I wasn't sure if this qualified as a QoL, but this might be the most significant idea I can think of that I'd want to see in the future; This pertains to the Armor and Syandanas used by Warframes. As noted further on the thread, Crewmates already show how this can work quite well! They can use all of the options that Warframes have other than Ephemera and Emblems, and right now operators are just missing Emblems and the many Armor / Syandana options available to Warframes. I'm not sure if the latter would require a new library of sorts to hold all the combinations (There was an image like that for Modular Archwing), but perhaps it can be somewhat accelerated thanks to the Crewmates' physical sizes and shapes wearing them. Of course, by "accelerated" I mean that maybe them being able to wear those things can be used as a reference for how it can apply to operators, apart from some clipping and size adjustments hypothetically. So I would hope that can help with the development of an Expansion like that. That reminded me of one other QoL idea that slipped my mind yesterday too; That was a post I made on that Tenno's thread awhile back; I thought of a way to borrow from how the new Wreckage system works and apply it to veiled rivens of various categories! Some of what I suggested is shown above, but the reason why I thought of this is because if having more and more total riven slots will be a strain on the servers (Which will need them to be fixed or upgraded, etc.), then by having a slot be taken up only when you take a riven from a stack of (As an example) Archgun rivens to see what the challenge is, that could help reduce the space on the servers in theory. In this case, the game would only create & assign a challenge to a riven when you choose to take it out of a stack of veiled [Weapon Type here] rivens from your inventory. The Wreckage system may allow all of those rivens to build up without having to keep track of each challenge, as it would only need to know what the weapon type is. Therefore, while the cap can still be raised over time, people like that Tenno who started the thread won't be locked out of Sorties and other things that require you to be under the riven cap. But I probably explained it better in the thread, heh! Come to think of it, that's actually the same reason why that system got updated, in the case of Empyrean missions; Since people were locked out of those too for a time due to how Wreckage used to work. As far as Riven slots go, that sounds like a pretty good QoL feature to me in the meantime :) Just some more food for thought.
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