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  1. You know what they say. Floofs don't grow on trees. Can't forget my noggle farm!
  2. Can we get some of the bugs fixed That I have mentioned in previous hotfix posts and the WITW bug forums? starting the mission unarmed from the elevator Netracell glyphs given to wrong players with pick up and unable to unequip
  3. Can we see that these Netracell and Unarmed bugs are fixed please? Sorry for edit. I guess the quote link fixed itself
  4. Glad to see some of the bugs being fixed. There are a few other major bugs that I should bring to your attention. To be specific, this applies to Whispers in the Walls related missions: Occasionally upon spawning into a WITW Bounty or regular mission, the second player in the squad order spawns unarmed In Netracell missions, if one player is standing close to a glyph and another player clicks to pick it up, the player standing close picks up the glyph instead. Also there is no option to unequip the glyph if you pick up the wrong one Yareli and her board still breaks the game Mirage's Eclipse in any of the WITW missions doesn't work. It only gives you a flat 75% buff on lunar eclipse instead of switching between the two buffs with light levels. At least this is a problem I experienced as a helminth ability on Wisp specifically. I haven't tested to see if this is still the case on other warframes. Please let me know if you need any additional info for this. These bugs honestly cause a lot of gameplay issues so I would love to see them fixed
  5. This post is open to discussion. I just listed a few options as I haven't tried all the infested weapons yet. Scoliac can be added to the list. The infested overall operates like a hive mind. Something or someone is clearly controlling them and whoever/whatever that entity is would be fully capable of creating nemesis. DE is always adding to the lore so it wouldn't be completely out of the question.
  6. You'd be surprised. DE is always going back and reworking old stuff while working on the new. For example adding the incarnon system to make older weapons useful and reworking Hydroid finally. They've already reworked the focus trees and abilities once. There's still a chance they could bring more life to the operators at a later day.
  7. I'm sure the community would have mixed feelings about another Nemesis system, but I for one would love the ability to upgrade more of my favorite weapons to level 40 for that delicious extra mod capacity. There's been a few infested weapons on my list that I loved the game play for, but could just use a little more love like a nemesis weapon rework. So far, here's the weapons I would suggest: Proboscis Cernos #1 (love the high range mechanic to pull enemies in with tendrils before blowing them up) Bubonico Catabolyst (throwing the explosive sac is very satisfying) Zymos Cerata Pox Caustacyst Keratinos Mios Dual Toxocyst These are just a few examples and I'm curious what other options the community thinks about in getting stronger infested weapons. The infested have several planets too where the infested can inhabit. The game is already almost set up to be able to host one. Even though it's half Grineer, Mercury would be the perfect starting zone as this is the planet we meet the infestation from the very beginning with Eris being the *you really upgraded your nemesis like that huh* moment. The order being: Mercury Deimos Europa (still corpus, but infested lack the planet numbers and Europa is not in use. Plus this is around the same level 3 planets as the others) (I think DE could add another moon to be a home location for infested such as Titan around Saturn) Eris I'm also curious to see what variety of infested nemesis appearances and ephmeras we could get. I would not mind farming another nemesis mission as it gives me more to do and brings more life into the outdated infested weapons. As a bonus, I'd love to see some other nemesis weapons from other factions, but not really sure what faction they'd fit into such as Nataruuk. I really want to make Nataruuk my primary eidelon weapon, but I'm limited by my mod capacity so badly. I can't fit all my primed mods on it sadly.
  8. This is my first Tennotober and I'm excited to see everyone's wonderful art! I'm already a day late, but I'll still try to participate this month. I'll upload my first sketches soon. Day 1: Portal Day 2: Fangs Day 3: Decade Day 4: Crystal Day 5: Beetle Day 6 Throwback: Day 7 Knives: Day 8 Whisper: Day 9 Man in the Wall: Day 10 Orowyrm: Day 11: Day 12: Day 13: Day 14: Day 15: Day 16: Day 17: Day 18 Kaithe: Day 19: Day 20: Day 21: Day 22: Day 23: Day 24: Day 25: Day 26: Day 27: Day 28: Day 29: Day 30: Day 31:
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