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  1. I'm so happy with the game. But aye can say i found out the happens of a bug on my account. When i play and sometimes when i go out of my warframe i become 1st person mode? I recorded it. It looks fabulous tho ❤️ . I don't know but is it possible to make it a real option? I could still use all my abilities and stuff. Luckily I'm a lucid dreamer so it was easy for me to adjust my gaming method to the moment it happend! ^-^ Hope you will think about it. I will post the link soon 😍 Am uploading the gameplay now...
  2. Readed someone saying you need to put it like this.. doesn't work here tho. Pls help..
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    Well the thing is that i try to capture enemies for simaris but when i take the shot. They will not be transferred to the sanctuary. They will just run furthwr like nothing happend. 19% was the oxygen that was left. So i was pretty *. Xd
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    Tried to capture a capture target. It happens for the past 3 weeks now. And it is not fixed yet. I already made 3 shot from my target that Simaris wanted me to scan. I had 19% left. And then those ninja apes spawned. So i was getting killed. I had to move to extraction wihout my targetpoints. I am kinda getting flicked over here. Because i am getting too many bugs that others don't have and it annoys me to the fullest. Who else had it that they got trown out of their warframe in the middle of a Index High risk? Who else gets despawned out of the bricking nowhere and gets replaced in the map literally 600 metres away from the squad while extracting? Please fix the nonsense
  5. The game is so nice. But now I am mostly just paying becauae i like this game so much and want to see growth in this game, but.. WHERE is the option to instantly support the game monthly? Would like to see some availability to become a loyal supporter. Doesn't matter if it can be from €1. But personally it would be a nice thing to do. "The more we pay, the farther we gain!" The best part about this that everybody has profit fromyour support. Updates could become more detailed. Better organised. ^-^ And you help the developers to stay focused on building something nice, right? It is still my dream to see it happen that some already existing companies will cooperate with these brightly minded warframe game developers.. Due the lack of inspiration sometimes by product developers.. It might be handy to have some strong minded ones as well? All for the future! Here we go!✨
  6. Warframe 2019 SHAWZIN PLAY - Submission from me: SynthDemon 〄 Hope you enjoy this, I improvised randomly like 4 times and this last one felt the most as if i was dreaming ^^. Let me know what you think!
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