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  1. Can you please compensate those of us who didnt get Axi A6 from Interception but got tons of P2? Ran 12 waves of interception yesterday, took 50 minutes, got like 3 p2. Huge waste of time, really frustrating, I dont know what to think if the drop tables can just be false. How do I even know that rare things drop at the chance they're supposed to, if at all?
  2. Basically, there's not enough mod capacity for weapon exilus mods. If I'm running Primed Crit mods x2, Primed heated charge, along with 2 other elements/other staple mods, it'll be near impossible to make full use of the exilus slot. Because 90% cold mods are D polarity, I cant forma in multiple dashes just for my elements if I ever plan on going against unarmored grinder (for viral), or if something possesses me to use blast or magnetic damage. We shouldn't have to sacrifice multiple forma, a huge amount of time, whatever it takes to farm this new item AND our build diversity just to run ammo mutation or a hush mod. Primed ammo mutation might actually be impossible to run without forma'ing in a dash, preventing me from using cold mods, which is silly. If exilus mods are made for the most optimized of builds, then we should be able to use them alongside all our huge cost prime mods without worrying about completely blocking build paths we might need for certain factions. This has started to become more and more of an issue with how many primed mods we have. Don't punish me for ranking up these primed mods by saying I can't then use an optimized build because if I do I'll totally block off another build.
  3. This wasn't even among the most pressing issues of the game mode though? Half the frames in the game do almost nothing because frequently spawning drones just make their abilities do nothing, leading to the CLASSIC "buffing/tanky frames are the only ones that matter" meta. I want to use that 300% strength Mag, but literally none of her abilities work in the game mode, and killing drones either kills the enemies they were connected to, or lets you use your ability on like 4 dudes before another drone swoops in to take its place. There HAS to be a better solution to making difficult content than locking our abilities away from us. I started playing for the cool abilities. I continued playing for the cool abilities and builds. I've stopped playing because my abilities stopped working in the content that matters to me. At least in raids, most frames COULD contribute something, arbitration/Eidolons/Orbs just says if your frame is supposed to interact with enemies it doesn't work. We need multi-staged content like raids, but you have segments where CC frames shine, damage frames shine, buffing frames shine, tanky frames shine, and all members of the cast can at least do something unique and useful. Also this stuff takes like 40 minutes for a full rotation 😞
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