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  1. I’m so looking forward to giving Yareli a try 👍. Got her components building right now and I’m pretty good at the k-drive, so gonna see what all the hubbub’s about
  2. Not everyone wants to obliterate everything; I get my enjoyment from having power, but also having to pay attention and use it. Part of the balancing process is to help me find that fight, otherwise I wouldn't be able to take different builds into a mission and rely on my aiming and movement capabilities to make it through, because the enemy would just fall over when I sneezed. I'll support nerfs and buffs to make the fights interesting, which I think kind of runs half-against what you're looking for, sorry.
  3. 🤔 Honestly I’d say you did pretty damn well, @LillyRaccune, the more I think about it. I love that edge-of-losing-everything because I’m kind of stupid and overestimate myself all the time, so anyone who fights like that, win or lose, gets my respect, because that must have been a hard fight. Shame about the rewards, though
  4. All things considered, it sounded like you did alright in the fight (follower AI aside). That last face-grabber though, oof. C’est la vie, but that must have been like “Oh for… mmmmmmmmmph!!!” with a side of throwing of hands into the air and staring at the screen briefly before picking oneself back up.
  5. You're preaching to the choir 😋. I'm one of the players who goes looking for a fight, which means that if I don't fight well, I'll fail (again, bye-bye Mantis part I lost doing the standard Ambulas boss fight). That said, it's not like it's not understandable when players want to take it chill; I'm just glad Warframe lets me get the fight I'm looking for
  6. That is unfortunate, for sure. You have my sympathy as a fellow player who's lost important stuff to a mission failure (Mantis part.... I'll see you in the future, maybe). 🤔 Someone not too long ago made a suggestion post about granting partial rewards for mission failure. I thought it was a pretty nice idea since everyone's too afraid to fail and lose it all, and maybe this would make it a little easier to not bring meta-builds, but they got shot down by players who thought the idea wasn't worth implementing since no-one fails missions
  7. Hm. Well, can’t argue with someone who knows how to play the game without an overpowered build edit: I main Nyx on my PC account, but I guess I’ve been playing her wrong
  8. Hm. That's a tough situation, true. Love to play the game, but can't stop and are now hyper-focused on grinding and watching those numbers climb higher. There's a surprising number of players on here who know what burnout feels like; I'm sure you may get a few suggestions from other players. Hmm 🤔. My main thinking would be "Don't go for full efficiency", because that can be pretty addictive; chasing the reward and higher numbers can feel pretty good to a detrimental degree. If there was a certain mod combination or something that they wanted to try, even if it doesn't make the fight easy, try it and see how well it does. Don't be afraid to fail or die; failure may actually make them step back and slow down (personally I find playing just above the point of failure pretty fun, since there's a rollercoaster of emotions where I'm like "Oh nonono, I'm gonna diiiiieeeeYES I survived!!") edit: Maybe turn off numbers. If the powerful draw comes from big numbers, turning off damage numbers will make a fight not about the big numbers anymore
  9. For Nyx, I meant like, you gotta keep on the move to really benefit from that increased evasion. Movement can provide an evasion benefit (just don't ask me to do the maths; I'm pretty sure it would require constant updating as the battle flows anyways, which isn't ideal for a forum post 😋), and then the passive Evasion bonus is combined with whatever movement grants. For Chroma, the extra jump and bulletjump sounds like it'd be pretty neat to have in the middle of combat. Most of the time when it's possible, I'm bouncing from wall to wall above the fight to stay alive, and then there's projectile shots that, if I can change my trajectory in mid-air, may go wide. edit: Plus sometimes I need a little more height by time I reach the next wall to bounce off of, and I've used up my double jump already to keep myself at about the same height. 🤔 Now I'm wondering how it fares with Motus Signal; I bet I could get some crazy mid-flight height
  10. Er. You’re saying your friends are addicted and are on their way to burnout?
  11. You’re up against the infinite, OP. There’s a chance you may never get a thing from RNG. Personally I found it forced me to take things as they come, because I can’t make them come any sooner than they want to
  12. Ech. Focusing on damage when we can already destroy everything no problem? I’ll take Chroma’s passive, thanks (honestly, it makes me want to actually build him; flying around like a dragon when I already live in the air from wall-bouncing and parkour seems pretty cool). Some damage-increase-based passives are okay, but I’d hate if weird or wild passives were off the table just because they didn’t help us grind faster edit: Also, you need to move to get the best use out of Nyx’s passive. double edit: I did like how you linked the passive to the themes at times, like Octavia’s bard theme. I hadn’t considered that before, but it does make sense
  13. Not going to lie; your suggestion makes it easier to get bored as far as I’m concerned. If I’m looking for a fight, I gladly replace that “Standard Flair” with more interesting mods like Punch-through or fire rate when possible (if not just leaving the slot blank because I don’t need the help on damage). 🤔 Although elements can be fun; juggling different weapons for different resistances adds interest This is kind of why I don’t bother with SP except to test some builds. There’s too much restriction on what I can combine. Your builds sound interesting, but if it was in my hands, that Xoris could fit a different mod than Pressure Point (or whatever you have equipped), and that Warframe could replace the boring survival mods with something else, and it may find use outside of Steel Path; testing will be required to see how far it can get (assuming you have survival mods; maybe it finds its best use in SP already without the change)
  14. Yeah I’ll get creative, working with a limited palette, but my palette of options is drastically reduced overall. I just now got my Lato up to killing level 100s after finding the much-elusive Barrel Diffusion, but I can’t easily replace one of the crucial damage mods with Punch-through (I’m fine with that; I just do so in lower-level areas where I don’t need that Hornet Strike). SP though? That’s not one I can even take my Lato to in the first place.
  15. How… does this work? Aren’t we already forced into certain mods just to keep up? Even on Star Chart we have to equip either a Serration or Element just to fight levels 40s, and depending on the mission we’ll need at least a Vigor to survive level 80s, maybe level 60s (Ganymede on Jupiter can need it at level 30-something, but that’s because there are just so many spawns that keep shooting while focus is on the Demolyst). As we climb higher our combination options get smaller, and Steel Path requires some guaranteed combinations. You even say that we need to helminth off certain abilities, which seems additionally restrictive
  16. In my opinion, the higher the riven disposition, the more fun I can have with a single mod. And that the term “MR fodder” can get #*!%ed. Coined by a bunch of Efficiency seekers to belittle options that don’t grind as fast as the next thing. Was pretty glad I didn’t follow guides or the community when I first started playing, otherwise I may have skipped the Argonak or scrapped my Lato or never stuck grenades to enemies with my Penta, since I would have been exposed to a bunch of ways to efficiency the fun out of the game (I did that well enough by myself, thank you very much, and regretted it)
  17. They’re not so bad. Sometimes I wish more things took a similar approach, to be honest; no exact same way to complete the objective twice in a row. Help mix it up a little I was mainly not sure what the OP was talking about 😅
  18. Not sure how long it’d take. I’d check my rank, but I’m not in at the moment (I’m pretty sure I’m like 10 or something). Sometimes I’ll accidentally complete tasks, sometimes I’ll have a look if I can’t think of anything in particular that I feel like playing towards, but still feel like playing some Warframe. Works pretty well because that then makes me consider what I feel like fighting and build for it. May even get something as a random drop (like a Warframe part or something) that will then give me another route to follow as I play.
  19. I’m guessing you’re referring to it being a problem that we have one attempt to try and beat the Mastery test, and if we fail are locked out of it for 24 hours. It won’t change the lockout, but are you aware that Simaris’ room can let a player practice the test repeatedly, @(PSN)GoMgo31? edit: I’m not sure what you mean by leveling up or grinding for resources. If the test is attempted and failed and a player is locked out for 24 hours, nothing is lost except some wait time
  20. Man, I’d hate to be forced into using the same 15 mods all the time for the entire game. I played through and progressed for all the options that I have, it’d be a shame not to use them
  21. Er. Are you talking about like the closed vents in Spy missions?
  22. 🤔 That is… mildly intriguing, actually. There’d be a lot of work to implement an interaction system where two characters are connected to each other, but I do like the idea of being able to guide someone by the hand when it crops up in other games (I don’t know why. Something about the tactileness). Like I said before though I tend to stick near my rescue target for their help; recently did a level 100 sortie rescue against the Corpus, and that captive had a hell of a score to settle because they were wielding that magnetic Lato better then I ever did. Corpus were instantly dying when they came into view! Usually I took a few trigger pulls to kill one of the smaller ones; maybe they were firing super fast, I dunno
  23. 🤔 I’ve wondered this as well. It’s a mode that restricts options for the sake of justifying equipping certain mods just to pay the entrance fee. That’s fine for a build test mode; you’re gonna need to combine your mods well to get through. But people are now living and breathing it and then wanting more customisation options because like, half their slots are taken up by entrance fee mods. The main difference, aside from the health and damage numbers we players are equalising ourselves to anyways, is the increased spawn rates (and a handful of adjustments). Which is unique to Steel Path and not the rest of the game. Even though players are still playing the rest of the game even after unlocking Steel Path
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