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  1. Its true most saw the fact the streams are pointless except for drops mon.,wen. As they are just lets plays no real info if any given like any other twitch streams going on only thr.,fri had important info even to this day minus the lazy approach to cut devs to 1 a month were in they play around for over 30min have rebb try to pull the stream back to its intended perpose yet fail cuz they cant take a hint due to them drinking wile streaming very professionally done so lots of watchers sead f that and moved to good streams for lets plays especially when de spits on us with trash drops for our t
  2. Yes some did most did not those on console or pc who did get a drop got x1 not 3 as promised xbox had a alert for the 3 not sure how meany got drop as not meany are playing rn due to irritation or just have not stated so
  3. Yes was on de they used it as a pull for a audience the community complaints stem from de giveing medeocer drops for time investment they claimed (danielle) that its due to not wanting to superseed ingame gains yet in same breath toss out primes in tennocons full frames,guns sets on reg streams so that point is moot but basically thays why the criticism then the fact the 2.0 system is trash and rarely works if at all resulting in frustrated players cuz they wasted a half hr to a hr on a pointless mon. To wen. Stream were no new info is given just the de crew playing the game and sorry but ther
  4. Hope de just drops the 2.0 system witch is below useless and just dose ingame alerts from here forward
  5. 1 we all know the drop failed 2 who exactly are you to de why would your post matter over all of ours just out of curiosity will it make them stop the drops and go back to alerts ..hope so
  6. 1 we all know the drop failed 2 who exactly are you to de why would your post matter over all of ours just out of curiosity will it make them stop the drops and go back to alerts ..hope so
  7. Wait till thrs. Streams as it or fri. Dev stream are the only ones with any real info the rest are just the girls playing the game and thats it they may on few instences regergitate old info we already have but mostly its just them playing the game so useless for info
  8. Let me stop you there what "content" exactly are you watching mon. To wen. Are useless streams no info is given we dont already know and to watch them play is a weak excuse too tbh as there are plenty others on twitch doing the same better the drops should end not due to lack of intrest but the lack of de being able to accomplish sead drops post 2.0 consistently they need to do alerts or nothing bottomline to make it fair to all involved
  9. Bug report: after sevigoths 4th manually ends or force ends i and meany others get locked into a phase were unless we cast a power by holding r1 and casting we are forced to just cast powers no jump,aim,fire,melee available till above fix is applied Also want to point out ps has no "advanced reverb" slider only a on off one might be a bug but idk
  10. Yet again a waste only "good" drop is p.bloom and yet again with the stupid grab bag with fixed drops..imean rng
  11. De's next best april fools joke promise a big dlc drop in april for it to hit in june lol
  12. Every 5yo thinks they will be the next pewty pie fr de needs to stop pandering to ttv,yt for "info" on there terrible designs and content they need to be addressing the founders and the 5 or more year vets players who have been around long enough to see the massive fails de has had and help guide them back to being a non cringeworthy grind fest just shy of a EA title ever sence tencent took over
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