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  1. Sadly you miss out this is why meany are pushing for de to run 24hr GoTL alerts active the day of stream to help those like yourself have a fair and equil shot at drops that dont mix with est limits to other time zones
  2. Hope this isnt true but dought there will be a fri stream tbh due to the work week you Canadians have this mon to sun with the holiday again hope its not true and we get a GOOD dev stream with some much needed info and less playing around on cam.
  3. These nor POPs its odd as both would sell hard if not stupid over charged like the merch they have tbh a shirt for near 30$ lol
  4. Tbh there is no "end game" its a topic de adressed before in dev streams alot but as stated here its what you make of it expl. I enjoy helping noobies or newer players to try to help them enjoy the game iv enjoyed for the last 9yrs (pc account included) as much as i have as best i can to re move some of the stigmas de has started within the community devideing us as a whole i may not agree with de or thier tencent money grabs as of late but i do still enjoy warframe as a whole its rich in lore grate over all gameplay and due to whales,4yr + vets, founders whats left of these its free to play for those who cant or dont wanna pay witch is a huge perk for most though not perfect the games grate and i guess to find a "end game" id say paying back is the best kind of end game even if not true end game
  5. Sadly cant blame de for twitch 2.0 as its twitch that did this to all of the droppers i can blame de for not reverting to in game drops post xbox failures and sevrial other times this system screwed players out of drops id have thought they would take a hint and done their own thing like they have with not useing pay to play ( xbl,ps+,nintenno market) but mhe tencent killed that vrs of de tbh not about players its about how to get cash fastest and the most of it fastest now with skins,plat,bundels,forma,slots lol slots though for everything now case in point
  6. Its a ploy on ds end tbh imo not fact as they are significantly loseing views for mon.to wen. Streams witch has been shown on few yter , twitch streams by others so this "watch for 30min. To get a drop with a carry over for total of 5 drops " is bs tbh just stop the lame drops on twitch give us in game alerts to run so its fair to all and ill go on to point out that claims end 24hrs after stream so.. ya not any real diffrent than ingame alerts for GoTL tbh its purly de trying to be relivent on a platform were they are not as for every 1 warframe stream theres 1000 better ones (mon to wen) just saying
  7. De daniell " we dont wanna give drops that would surpass those obtained in game" in same breath " on this drop week were giveing out full frame,gun,formas" lol
  8. Also wanted to point out the fact i have mr 22 and can hit 30 if i wanted i choose not to and i do realize that hinders over all total of syndicate points , trades ,ect but still dosnt matter as im pointing this out to help new players who cant do sp for a lil extra points if they got friends on with 4 to 5 scans too i dont just hop on assumeing players mrs baised on criticism on a flawed aspect of a game and do concider the noobies into my thoughts on things like oh idk a rng baised grab bag for un needed things vrs giveing a slot or hell add slots to nora to spike nightwave use those are NEEDED its not a opinion its not a complaint its a fact de is doing this intentionally after the massive wave of players voiceing out stateing no more rng baised drops and at least try to give meaningful drops for our time investment hell stop drops use alerts in game was another suggestion by meany but de only cared to listen to the 4chan tab players not the real fans the whales,vets of 4+years, founders as useual for last few years hope this changes fast cuz the whales are dropping fast as are vets and others that pay their way for servers to stay up,des bills payed,ect
  9. The sp trick dosnt really work tbh as its sill random how meany scans 1 and 2 no that point value is vastly over estimated m8 iv been doing sp runs and 40k is not even close unless as you stated all 4 in group have a 5 scan set witch is wrough as only a quarter of the players are actually active players so my point still stands the farm is bs tbh id see like 50k for those 2 weapons cuz they are really old and vastly underwelming but 100k is kinda lame especialy for new,newer players tbh
  10. Impossible with s@*%ps only watching mon. To wen. Streams sadly but if not for region tab trash that would work
  11. Id like this idea but include other useful things new,newer players hell even some vets need SLOTS or things locked behind broken grinds like ether daggers,machete both 100k pts from simarus and at best you can *hope* for 10k a day but agreed that the rng on rng on rng needs to end no players watch the mon. Through wen. Streams for any real reason cept drops bottomline unless a specific sus class of people you know region tab class thrs.,fri. Are important as they do give info so why de thinks to aggravate the community is a intelligent idea is beyond me tbh when we only care to tune in for 2 days
  12. Cute but look at the fact that by adding more trash into a rng baised drop makes it near impossible to get 1 of each thus makeing des poor excuse moot the fact is we dont want rng hell most dont want the twitch drops and are more intrested in in game alerts to make it fair to all players and give us a task wile we listen to streams vrs forced to watch others crappily play the game for a hr in hopes drops work at all
  13. Bug report: after changeing colours in ui then hitting accept changes the game locks up forceing you to need to close and re open the game please adress this
  14. Players: we dont like rng in drops on twitch DE: so this week we got some drops for you in "grab bags" in same breath "we listen to our players" lol
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