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  1. Just a heads up your servers are buggy af as of the time of this post non stop connection to server issues yet games like gta,ect.Work with no such issues you might wanna invest 10min to check on that
  2. Lol spotted the scamming goudger its not 150 to 200 for 1 part sorry to tell ya not one person will pay that for any frame,weapon thats 10$ a part in your dumb mind and who cares how you get it dose it some how work,look diffrent if bought , farmed , given out .. no so who cares
  3. Tbh there is no "market" for lato v. Its under 100pl as is as was braton cept by goudgers who are delusional of corse
  4. Hes not aware clearly just another one of de's rosey glasses wearing white knights to the rescue lol
  5. Or you can always not act like a 5yo with santa and stop with the "no spoilers" bs its a event not like a quest with story that gos with the main quest grow up already
  6. Sweet maybe in that "constitution" you can take 5 seconds to change the pointless 15 credits after 30 as we have been telling you for 3 parts of nightwave now to 20 or 25 so it feels worth the time
  7. So insted of the intelligent thing to do like add a heal,energy recov over time outside of combat lets nerf it so now they cant heal except a crappy mod that requires a dumb gimmick to trip insted of a part heal off trin ya no that makes sence
  8. No thats a dojo weapon and came with this update it was corps lich weapons prior to hotfix in codex
  9. Watched from 4 to 5 on tus no drop i got mon drop so its not on my end
  10. Other than the "hot topics" who cares at this point about the sound streams we had 2 already and they were very in depth about the way they do their work so mhe rather hear more about actual fixes that are needing addressing still tbh hope the "hot topics" are not a hot flop
  11. Thanks de for this dumb update and wrecking the inv system cuz you wanted to be cute and bring back the ol ps3 join game inv system that works just sooooo amazingly
  12. Im aware in another post after this 1 i stated i was wrong but guess you failed to scroll past this egar to hop on a negitive post to see that
  13. Ya i was dumb and mis read it lol i do apologize for that but still feel the coin systems lame and needs to go the best thing for other 2 open worlds was you could fish,hunt,mine,do bounty now your hevily restricted as to how to gain standing
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