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  1. I meant in the context of skins specific to console which are not available cross platform like the jade and obsidian skins.
  2. Now this is something I did not expect. I thought that was an exclusive with EPIC thus forever unavailable on console.
  3. I doubt it's that big of a deal in the minds of Tencent. However, some honesty of what is possible with the aging core of the game would go a long way. That though may have bigger implications with Tencent if they didn't already know they bought a game with an engine two or more generations behind. I feel this is still right around the corner so it won't be that big of a deal in the end when this update drops. This will only become a big issue if they stonewall it all the way to devstream 151. Just to make a little statement about it in the works. Then proceed to tease a bunch of n
  4. The issue is the game modes often require ultra short TTK. So it discourages slower gameplay. There are current mechanics in place like this now. But you get swarmed with mobs and rarely notice. That's why stalker and acolytes got the boss bar treatment. otherwise you wouldn't know they spawned half the time. As with most full squad matches they are instantly deleted. I think focusing on tweeking the gameplay loop to be a bit slower and methodical would go a long way if they could make it fun. Especially if even overpowered weapons weren't as useful such as some enemies requiring a
  5. I think a fall guys type set up but operator and or necramech would be the way. Simply disabling focus schools or not making the content strictly platform skill/combat based would be sufficient balance. Then modes involving operator pvp would go a long way to make the operator experience more fluid and balance pvp in a more realistic way. I'm not a PC guy though so I'm doing this purely out of interest.
  6. I mean.... most updates have a 2-3 week delay from PC to console. Max 4 weeks. This is at the 2 week mark. This is by no means insanely outrageous. Not most. Some. As of now, ps4/xbox is just as behind as it was last year. This update MAY take a little longer due to them pulling hotfixes from PC as they drop and adding them to the update. That's s good thing imo. These responses are a little cherry picked. but the full context of my statements are that the perception is key. The actual announcement of many of the key 2020 updates other than the initial
  7. It's expected at this point. A little overblown yes. But this same thing was an issue last year. So I am sure many feel no lessons were learned. I hope I don't come off so negative though. Because it seemed as I watched today's stream the outcry has been getting to Danielle. Based on my previous prediction I have no problem waiting as I have lots of things I can do in the mean time. It's more the wait for what is starting to feel like second hand catch up updates as development on PC stuff is charging forward quickly. The next stream showing off corpus railjack and a new warfram
  8. I honestly like this idea. I think raising the creds as opposed to changing the store economy would be a better idea though. Say 2, 5, 10 or (5, 10, 15 if they want to get daring).
  9. Didn't see an answer however, it is likely yes. As I assume you are asking if when the cosmetics are released will the part 2 of the LII bundle be added to your inventory. If you do get them though please let us know as that would be good information to have.
  10. Important note when it does drop. Lavos and his gun will be available for standing on Deimos. Don't waste your cells on them if you need arcanes.
  11. The real issue it seems is the update was barely ready for PC and they rushed it out before vacation. Without even considering console. So an update that should have been 2-3 weeks behind would be 1 month at minimum. Also based on the change. It's going to be almost a month before we see it on consoles from the start date of this thread. I predict the soonest we will see this is after Nightwave finishes on the 24th. With the 3rd being the actual drop date. I would like to be wrong but that is my prediction. Hindsight I think releasing OV on PC before the break was a bad move. Most
  12. That is one of the few things I don't quite get either. As long as it took for round 19. They should have just done the whole thing on console as part 2 was in the hands of PC when we got part 1 I think this may be more of an issue with how the game is designed at it's core. Age wise Warframe is more similar to destiny 1 than 2. So the level of overhaul and server/hosting changes would basically be like a new game. Cross save may be possible but I think the devs don't want to admit they can't accomplish cross play.
  13. More suits casual, corpa, graxx. I honestly hate infested and orokin styles for the most part. Also more hair and adult looks would also be great. I picked a lady as my operator and I would like her to have presence as one. And less the emo/hot topic choices. At very least offer styles that are worn by real humans. things that change up the look and operation of amps would also be great. One that creates a two handed spell caster type feel. One that makes the amp look like an actual firearm. The operator is who I would like to change up the most and I quickly noticed many o
  14. Ya that definitely is less informative. I will admit when I read the initial post of this thread I was a little sad. Because the way it was presented. It's obvious that while they have the update in mind. They are just now working on it. Meaning for the past few weeks they weren't working on it at all. (Yes vacation but they dropped it on PC before then and didn't even think of console).
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