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  1. This is what I thought they should have done from the beginning (with rail jack). instead of an orbiter you have a rail jack that is in "safe space". Then you can roam free space to start a mission or travel to a planet. Traveling to planet puts you in an open world (more in line with destiny). from both places you can fast travel to a mission if necessary (like it normally works from navigation). It would definitely tie in all the content. But ya I don't expect DE to do that.
  2. Well I can finally say I play railjack now. So I want to officially thank DE for their hardwork putting this all together. I've only done the fist exterminate mission on Venus for the "new" stuff. But the point is that I can "do" it and solo with very low level equipment (on my railjack). I guess I will attempt to pub it shortly.
  3. This pending hotfix cert is starting to feel like a proper update. Might as well throw something like part 1 tennogen in.
  4. I didn't realize this was a bug. I thought this was a slick way to get them for the thermia fractures
  5. Some frames like Rhino and Nezha can't be staggered when their defensive abilities are active. Try that if it really bugs you. Based on stats Idk how that thing is viable high level even with a riven anyway.
  6. You do know last round took like 6 months right? (might have been 4 on OC)
  7. The code for twitch drops is what made the Xbox update crash. So Xbox bros won't get them until the fix passes cert.
  8. That makes sense. Well I don't think it makes perfect sense. But that would explain why.
  9. Drops seem broken on Xbox after update.... For the first time since the the change I haven't received the drop when I claimed it.
  10. Made sure I was set to solo and did the mission again no issue this time. But I noticed I'm not getting my twitch drops suddenly..... At least I've successfully completed a railjack mission.... 😂
  11. Is the quest supposed to be solo? I ended up having people join me..... Then it failed because it distracted me trying to figure out what was going on and it wouldn't return to drydock/orbiter.. just closed it tomorrow is another day.
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