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  1. no lukinu_u has it right I'm wrong. so 9.5 for yellow, 17 for orange, and 26.5 for red.
  2. 104.3% chance to be a critical hit which will be 9.5 times higher damage than the number listed in your arsenal. Which means every hit will be 9.5 times higher with an additional 4.3% chance to double (not double but more of a (Damage x9.5)x9.5)) that number. So 100 damage everytime you hit you actually do 950 damage to enemy. with a 4.3% chance (four shots in 100) it will actually be 9025 damage to enemy. This doesn't account for headshot multiplier (which is like another critical hit). Enemy damage resistances and elemental effects (armor, elemental matching with faction).
  3. The grind for the quills and vox solaris is cancer. I haven't gotten the toroids for the first rank and have reached rank 5 in the solaris united syndicate. Also I hate that animals don't seem to spawn in the wild like in Deimos and Cestus. Running around tranqing and fishing is more fun when you don't have to go through a whole process just to start it.
  4. Personally I've found deimos to be the best open world as far as progression and grind go. All of the things that made the other worlds suck hard has been made less so in this one. It's still a terrible grind but it's less bad for me as the difficulty comes from the strength of enemies (weird considering infested) and their interactions. (designed to destroy defense objectives when most of the objectives in bounties need to be defended. the only reason at this point I am not max rank/standing is because I generally go really causal. So with limited time and investment. I prioritized other grinds such as sisters/liches and now plague star. Would be nice if plague star spawned some Deimos enemies in the future.
  5. Neptune mobile defense for me. With the fluctus I can shoot at far away places in the map. Which discourages folks from going too far to soak up kills.
  6. If they can code it. I would like something based on time in contact with the saw. Such as 5 or 6 times a second. So for a slow swing there is potential for more hits as the saw passes through. This would also give incentive to not trying to make attack speed as fast a possible. Also when using ghoul rush. Coming in contact with an enemy that doesn't die right away. As you bump into them they suddenly take multiple hits. More the longer you are stuck facing them. Then with a CO build the damage is going to naturally ramp up.
  7. I am finding the forward combo (if you can call it a combo) is really weird. Sometimes it appears the energy rings generated horizontally as well as a frontal cone are instances of damage. Meaning sometimes spamming it through a group shreds everyone. Sometimes I miss, and sometimes I hit yet fail to kill a butcher/lancer level enemy. I've just resigned myself to never using the standing combo as it's both slow and doesn't feel good at all. So I just forward rev and stop and reciprocator most of the time. I've almost figured out how to cancel the slam consistently on rip and ride. but it's a pretty niche playstyle. All that to say I largely agree OP.
  8. I also like spamming the projectile with contagion. To my understanding it was nerfed but is still pretty fun. I have a sepfahn Nikana specifically for life steal with daikyu and a polearm using the seekla grip with cyath strike. Can't remember the link think it was just the jai to get one built. but it still slaps and is fun especially with contagion.
  9. This is what I am hoping to hear. As I intend to focus on things that will only be in plague star store. Although I did already get the zaw parts and contagion. But the other exodia arcane...
  10. The point is because Critical has two values that govern the damage. Chance and damage. Higher critical weapons will always have an edge over weapons with low crit values. If all weapons had the same Critical damage and above 100% chance there was no benefit. Crit would work the same. But it doesn't so stacking 300% crit with a 5-6x multiplier crit weapon means more than 300% on a non crit weapon with 1.5X base.
  11. I'm not sure if its an exploit if the mission spawns are broken in the first place. I tried to do a long excavation on the earth dark sector. Had to leave after 10 or 11 extractors because the battery drones just stopped spawning. I couldn't make progress for like 5 minutes.
  12. LOL got the charger spectre 3 times in a row. does anyone use these and for what pupose?
  13. I'll also parrot swapping forward and neutral. With the ability to hold for the new neutral and rip and ride. Neutral does 3 instances of damage per second when touching enemies. This results in a quick ramp up on a co build or combo counter. Otherwise a good start.
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