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  1. How is nobody talking about this?! Y E S finally!!!!!!!! On a side note, wth are these losers crying over the khora nerf? IT ONLY MAKES SENSE PEOPLE. An ability that is one of the most powerfull things in game that hits through WALLS and OBSTACLES, in most games if something can do that its considered hacking! Get over yourselves crybabies...
  2. STOP BUTCHERING DUAL KERES MY GOD riven useless now #*!%
  3. Oh my god, so thats what it is? How didnt I come up with that myself lol
  4. Why do so many people post such long walls of text that I EASILY decide to completely skip because its a waste of my time reading them? Do you really think a lot of us have the time to read your essay? #*!%s sake make it shorter and ppl will actually read it.
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