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  1. Corinth. Doubly so because my favorite riven for it has a big reload speed buff so you get the full reload animation and sound sped up to fit in around a second.
  2. Stealth-Speed Loki. Rush, Mobilize, Endurance Drift, Primed Flow, 255% Duration, 130% efficiency. It's what I use for almost everything I play solo.
  3. I do solo interceptions fairly often for riven unlocks. Spawns on it were drastically lower than solo spawns. Maybe ~80 enemies across three rotations.
  4. MR means jack S#&$. It's solely a metric of how many pieces of equipment you've ground up to 30. With power creep being the way it is, someone could be MR1-2 using a starter frame, Braton, Lato, and Skana and clear sortie 3 without too many problems. Doubly so because so many people with high MR are solely there because they pseudo-AFK affinity farmed everything on one mission, with did absolutely nothing for their skill or game knowledge.
  5. Like I said, basically nothing, doubly so because you're not just farming cryotic. I did spend 30+ hours grinding flax->bstrings to buy my first abby whip in RS2, so maybe my perspective is a bit skewed.
  6. 30k cryotic is nothing, even to people who don't have a massive stockpile. And you gain other useful things while farming it.
  7. I don't care that most of them are radically different from the base frame, I care that most of them are fugly. And not in the good industrial-biological grungy way.
  8. The real Nidus farm is farming the plat to buy him from the market.
  9. Give me quick melee back or give me stance melee that isn't garbage and I'll stop beyblading.
  10. If someone is doing something that makes the mission more tedious than it has to be they should absolutely be asked to stop doing it. You're the sort of person who takes range/duration Limbo into a starchart defense mission and then gets angry when people tell you stop casting Cataclysm.
  11. People say "loot", but the real purpose of Nekros is using Soul Punch to yeet enemies into the skybox.
  12. Nyx is useless because the CC meta is dead; nearly everything that doesn't die instantly now has some sort of ability nullification/immunity/dispelling so almost any frame that relies on applying CC effects is garbage.
  13. Best: Mag or new Nyx Worst: Ivara or Trinity
  14. Been here since 2013, they weren't relevant. The things that would potentially have made me quit happened years ago.
  15. Don't speak for me, I enjoy the current system. No auction house, ever, GTFO of here with that rubbish.
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