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  1. No point whining about it, they're monstrously overpowered even without rivens. At least this set of changes actually makes some goddamn sense.
  2. It's impossible for a box in a single mission to encompass the entire game though.
  3. Two words, sunshine: Power. Creep. Real endgame is going into Conclave with melee only.
  4. GamesRadar are morons and the "games" "journalism" industry is 100% paid shills, respectively. Also, this whole thing is a joke of a popularity contest.
  5. Kuva reward should be 7k instead of 6k. The 6k is blatant trolling since it's just shy of two rerolls.
  6. If you're consistently having connection problems with different groups, you need to examine the common factor.
  7. The only thing you're forgetting is that a big chunk of the userbase would cry nonstop if WF had any content harder than a wet sponge.
  8. So wrong it's not even funny. Nobody was asking for quick melee with stances, and that's not what we got either. We lost the fluid quick melee animations and exalted melee got indirectly nerfed in exchange for being forced to use S#&$ty stance animations. There's a reason just about everyone using melee at all any more is spin spamming, and it's not just because it's good.
  9. The last thing we need is more power creep. Stop catering to the "muh power fantasy" crowd.
  10. Rambling wall of text rant + "Whaaa I r quit gaem" = IDGAF.
  11. It's like you're not reading: He charges fine from movement alone if you build and play him right. Also, IPS is the vast majority of incoming damage. Slap on an Arcane Resistance and you're golden if you really worry that much.
  12. Go away. No, seriously. They got rid of T4 endless, they got rid of raids. When arbitrations came in we had a mode that was a tiny bit challenging. Then people like you cried up a storm because you didn't want to have to pay attention or think, you just wanted to sit there and get all the rewards. Look where we are now: difficulty reduced to a joke, reward pool diluted to nothing. Rather than improving yourself or accepting that something's not for you (and a tiny something that's barely a fraction of the whole game), you whine until it's a boring lukewarm mess. You're the sort of person who complains about Dark Souls not having an easy mode.
  13. Who cares? Polygon are one more batch of failed journalism students who moved on to being paid shills for big publishers rather than "writing" "articles" composed solely of responses to twitter posts.
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