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  1. Too late, I've had my crit damage nukor riven waiting for this for years.
  2. The main problems that electric has are the inconsistency of the stun duration, that it combines into two of the most widely used damage types, and that it can't be used together with the other good primary element.
  3. That's part of what I'm saying. Add a votekick function and you'll see people getting kicked all the time "for being noobs", "because they have [frame]", and any other reason you can think of. Votekick systems, overwhelmingly, are used to kick people for gameplay choices and experience level (both too much and too little), rather than to get rid of AFKs and cheaters. Blatantly false. That's like saying that votekick systems in PVP shooters are only disruptive to cheaters because they never get used against anyone but cheaters. It's completely out of line with the reality of how systems like that are employed by players.
  4. Votekicking is vastly more disruptive than someone AFKing. If you're going into pug sessions not fully prepared to carry the entire cell, you only have yourself to blame. Assume that all three of your teammates will be useless or AFK before you deploy and you'll be fine.
  5. So basically even more information stripped away and hidden behind additional clicks and mouse-overs. Jesus wept. I get that you guys want it to be shiny, show every player's warframe, and match the new color themes. It is worth the price? The loss of functionality is killin' me, Smalls! Don't get me wrong, I like having more items visible at once, but if we're doing that why not do what people on reddit have already suggested and have a stacked list with much smaller icons, the names, and drop counts?
  6. Personally I really like how the doubled sugatra looks. That said, zaw nikana blades also clip through the old gemini nikana sheath skins.
  7. I'm in the states and can't even get the launcher to load.
  8. If you think 100% taxes set by a mega-alliance that used meta-exploits and DDoS attacks to prevent people from challenging them was fun, you don't have a valid opinion.
  9. Speedva with a few hundred of both consumable because, just like last time, pugs make it take far longer than it ought to and forget (or "forget", despite the things costing basically nothing) to bring their own. Can also do Rhino so you can just stand on a rock and play tower defense for the entire fight. Oh, and something with innate or mod-derived punchthrough to shoot the heads from behind when they target people who can't DPS and just run away from the hemos instead.
  10. No. Solar Rail conflicts were cheesy, broken dumpster fires when they were active, and their principle purpose was to be endlessly exploited by scumbags like ICE at the expense of everyone else.
  11. Because D2 went F2P. That said, I've tried D2. I've put around a hundred hours into it, and I can already smell the wall of frustration around endgame content. I'm also well-familiar with Bungie's garbage-tier community relations from the Halo 2/3 days, so I have zero interest in getting over-invested in it. It's not a bad game, but Destiny was always a lackluster ripoff of Warframe married to the crappy Halo: Reach movement and gunplay, D2 is no different, and I don't really have much interest in it when I can play WF now and Halo CE, 2, and 3 once they unlock in the MCC. Those were Bungie's glory years anyways. It's nice to have populated PvP though, I will give it that.
  12. You have to be brand new to the game or deliberately using garbage builds to have trouble with lv100 content.
  13. I.e. popularity contests that have nothing to do with content. They also allow you to vote for games that had PC-edition releases, re-releases, and new season pass bullS#&$ content pack releases in 2019 despite the core games being older.
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