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Juggernaut junk


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Can we PLEASE have something to use the juggernaut junk items with? After you've crafted the items for the Atlas chain, they're useless. They can't even be sold, either. In pugs, you constantly get people who summon the juggernaut when it screams, so I constantly get more and more parts that are literally placeholders at this point.

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It would be really nice if there was something else to do with them or if the Juggernauts at least dropped something else like a specific mod or what have you. 

It's one of the only enemies that comes to mind that has essentially no drops associated with it. Outside of the aforementioned two quest drops that you never use again. Couple that with it's probably the most irritating "mini boss?" or "Micro boss?".... not really how to describe it. At least Bursas** can be kinda fun to kill but the Juggernaut..... it's just a walking invulnerability phase until it exposes it's tumtum and 3/4 of the time instead of doing that it launches skewers that oneshot any semi squishy frame standing infront of it. Not exactly the funnest of mechanics~ 

Without any redeemable loot and meh mechanics 99% of the time I let it spawn (cause I'm not gonna stop killing Infested) and then I just ignore it. That said I have no qualms continuing to ignore it. 


**I bring up Bursas because they where one of the last enemy types to really give me "trouble" but I ultimately ended up enjoying.

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