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Weapon skins on Zaw/Kitguns pls ?


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I never really thought about it until today when i saw a nice weapon skin i wanted to use on my infested Zaw... but it's kind of a bummer not being able to use those or any weapon skin whatsoever on Zaw swords or Kitguns.

I mean, yes, are "custom built" weapons, but because use animations and stances from preset weapon models, i find it strange they also cannot use skins from the same weapon categories.

Like, a Zaw rapier is still a rapier, why can't i use a rapier skin on it ? A Zaw longsword is still a longsword, and so on and so forth.

Same for kitguns: are single secondary weapons, why not use weapon skins ?

One may argue "have different coding", but that argument should apply to everything else, and yet does not.

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Can't find the link to the Dev's response, but in a nutshell, the stats of the weapons are built into the parts using the model. Using a skin swap would break the weapon completely.

For the moment changing the system is on their radar as a "Thing we'd like to get to, but is nothing like critical enough to do right now given the work involved to change it."

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DE logic strikes again : Zaw/Kitgun are basically the best weapons in their respective categories so you have to sacrifice fashion for their power I guess lol

But hell yeah, why TF would I buy so many TennoGen weapon skins while I can't even use them on my best and favourite weapons ?! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE 🦖 !!!!

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8 minutes ago, Doomsknight said:

DE logic strikes again : Zaw/Kitgun are basically the best weapons in their respective categories so you have to sacrifice fashion for their power I guess lol

But hell yeah, why TF would I buy so many TennoGen weapon skins while I can't even use them on my best and favourite weapons ?! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE 🦖 !!!!


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7 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:


they said applying skins to zaws is difficult because the stats are tied directly to the zaws appearence. You’ll get the option in the distant future. Now stop asking about it, all of you.

Geez, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something ? You sound like is personal oO

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13 hours ago, Otakuwolf said:

One may argue "have different coding", but that argument should apply to everything else, and yet does not.

In the end, It's not an issue of "one may argue" it's "DE will definitely argue", and we don't have the code to prove them wrong (anyways, "different coding" inherently implies that it doesn't work the same as everything else)


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I almost reminds me of an old game designer joke I've seen years ago about how you DON'T code stuff unless you want a royal mess. 

I guess people at DE never saw this (no wonder, I guess, since the original text was in Russian)...


JIRA ISSUE #182355 Type: BUG Priority: MEDIUM Created: 21.02.12 18:21 Description: Wrong markings on aircraft carrier's planes".

21.02.12 18:30 [community manager] commented:
Someone in the community noted that we put historically incorrect markings on one the planes. Wrong color, that is - they need to be white.

22.02.12 11:51 [community management] reassigned to [qa lead]
Mark it down as a bug and fix it, things like that make us look bad. 

05.03.12 15:41 [qa lead] reassigned to  [qa engineer]

11.03.12 10:42 [qa engineer] reassigned to  [art director]
Put two white stripes on those planes.

06.04.12 11:13  [art director] reassigned to  [3d artist]

17.04.12 15:50  [3d artist] reassigned to  [textures artist]
Need textures for two white stripes. ASAP!

20.04.12 11:10  [textures artist] reassigned to  [2d artist]
Need a sketch of that. I don't know what they're supposed to look like.

24.04.12 12:00  [2d artist] reassigned to  [textures artist]
Sorry, I'm all booked up. Check back again in two months?

01.05.12 18:34  [textures artist] reassigned to [2d artist]
Any chance you could clock some overtime and get it done soon-ish? We kind need em here...

02.05.12 12:30  [2d artist] reassigned to [textures artist]
Overtime? Sorry, hon, can't squeeze more than 24 hours in a day, and those are all used up already. 

02.05.12 15:54  [textures artist] reassigned to  [3d artist]
You're not getting any new textures, at least not anytime soon. Just copy-paste an existing one, maybe we'll replace it sometime. 

11.05.12 12:13  [3d artist] reassigned to  [programming lead]
There, two white stripes. Now we want them to actually appear in game.

08.06.12 10:33 [programming lead] reassigned to  [junior programmer]
Those stripes need to go on that plane's wings. 

08.06.12 12:11  [junior programmer] reassigned to  [programming lead]
Along or across wings?

10.06.12 17:14  [programming lead] reassigned to  [historical consultant]
Along or across?

10.06.12 17:15  [historical consultant] reassigned to [programming lead]

11.06.12 18:35  [programming lead] reassigned to [junior programmer]

14.06.12 18:35  [junior programmer] closed issue.

17.06.12 14:30  [qa engineer] reopened issue.
Not seeing them. 

21.06.12 11:51  [junior programmer] commented:
What do you mean, not seeing? Went live yesterday, testers are commenting about weird stripes all over the place.

25.06.12 12:50  [qa engineer] commented:
Wait, live? Which build? We're in pre-alpha...

29.06.12 20:56  [junior programmer] commented:
Uhm... Which project was that again?

01.07.12 12:21  [qa engineer] commented:
World of Warships

01.07.12 19:30  [junior programmer] reassigned to:  [programming lead]
Well, I'm working on World of Warplanes. Please pay attention where you assign stuff ><

07.07.12 14:57  [programming lead] reassigned to  [junior programmer]
Well, I'll be. Your last names differ by one letter. Go figure...

07.07.12 14:58  [junior programmer] reassigned to:  [programming lead]
Oh I do figure all right. They let all hell loose on me because of those stripes - and worse, they're in all branches now, it's a pain to hunt them down. 

16.07.12 13:01  [qa engineer] reopened issue.
Issue's still open, don't go closing it!

21.08.12 11:09 [junior programmer] closed issue.

23.08.12 14:37  [qa engineer] reopened issue.
That just went and disabled weapons on those planes. 

01.09.12 13:26  [junior programmer] assigned to  [programming lead]
I have no idea what just happened.

15.09.12 19:03  [programming lead] reassigned to  [senior programmer]
Get to the bottom of this.

04.11.12 09:23  [senior programmer] reassigned to  [programming lead]
Those stripes intersect with gun barrels. And we assigned collision detection to the material they're made of. Bullets just get stuck.

11.11.12 10:00  [programming lead] reassigned to  [senior programmer]
Wait. Those stripes are nowhere near the muzzles. How is that even possible?

14.11.12 11:11 [senior programmer] reassigned to  [programming lead]
The origin point for bullets is there. The model is just cosmetic, has always been. And no, we're not fixing THAT anytime soon. Unless you want to rewrite all of ballistics from scratch.

05.12.12 12:07  [programming lead] reassigned to  [3d artist]
Why is there even a collision box on stripes? Remove it, please.

12.12.12 12:03  [3d artist] reassigned to  [programming lead]
No can do, collision is hard-coded into material. And those stripes come from a 4 cm-thick armor plate. It's the only thing of the matching shade of white we have. 

27.12.12 11:34  [programming lead] reassigned to  [senior programmer]
We actually hard-coded collision detection to a *material*? Why not a separate variable?!!

14.01.13 17:00  [senior programmer] reassigned to  [programming lead]
Separate would compromise armor-piercing calculations. Which is derived from that texture's normal map. Did I mention metal fatigue value is stored in its alpha-channel?

03.02.13 12:12  [programming lead] reassigned to  [textures artist]
We need new textures for those stripes really badly now. Nothing fancy, just the visuals. 

12.02.13 15:45  [textures artist] reassigned to  [2d artist]
Any chance a sketch is ready?

13.02.13 11:15  [2d artist] reassigned to  [textures artist]
Still booked up. We're up to our necks re-drawing half the minimap here. By hand. Because shoreline. And no, I still don't have a time machine to squeeze MORE hours in. 

14.02.13 11:10  [textures artist] reassigned to  [programming lead]
Not gonna happen anytime soon, it seems. 

01.03.13 18:20 [community manager] changed priority to HIGH
Priority goes HIGH now. We're getting more and more comments on those stripes being wrong. 

07.03.13 17:27  [programming lead] reassigned to  [3d artist]
Just move the darn stripes someplace else.

07.03.13 17:28  [historical consultant] commented:
Over my dead body! They're where they're supposed to be, I didn't dig those archive photos up for nothing!

11.03.13 12:36  [programming lead] reassigned to [senior programmer]
This is going nowhere. We need a hack. 

17.05.13 14:37  [senior programmer] reassigned to  [game designer]
Up the damage value for that gun to 231 instead of 2. It would suffer 229 damage reduction punching through that armor plate, and we get the same 2-damage bullet afterwards.

27.05.13 11:22  [game designer] reassigned to  [senior programmer]
Done, it's 231 now.

29.05.13 15:01  [senior programmer] closed issue.
This should work.

30.06.13 16:30  [qa lead] reopened issue:
After that change went live, our light cruisers started tearing things up on sight. No, wait, let me rephrase. Our light cruisers started TEARING EVERYTHING TO BLOODY BITS, THEN PROCEEDING TO SHRED THAT TO SUBATOMIC PARTICLES WHILE LAUGHING MADLY. We picked a light cruiser at random and wiped the map clean. It was fun, but it still needs fixing. NOW. 

01.07.13 10:02 [senior programmer] reassigned to [game designer]
Why is this happening? We only tweaked airplanes...

01.07.13 17:00  [game designer] reassigned to  [senior programmer]
Problem is, light cruisers use an upscaled version of aircraft guns as secondary deck armaments. Some cost-cutting when modeling, I guess. Too bad that damage values scale as well, variable's tied to barrel volume, for a  roughly x1000 the original value. So yeah, that armament is dealing 231k per shot now. Whoops.

03.07.13 18:01  [community manager] changed priority to VERY HIGH
Get it fixed NOW. We're rapidly becoming the laughingstock of community!

03.07.13 19:39  [senior programmer] reassigned to  [programming lead]
That hack? We're rolling it back now. And if we try to fix it (properly this time!) we're looking at rewriting a whole chunk of our engine to allow dynamic collision box overrides for any given texture. Half a year of work, at least. Oh boy.

04.07.13 10:13  [programming lead] reassigned to  [project lead]
Are we REALLY delaying the next build by half a year for THAT? Need confirmation.That bug has been around for a year now. 

04.07.13 10:37  [project lead] commented:
Sorry for a late reply. We just ban those users from the forums, problem solved, forget the engine rework and those stripes. Let me get back to you when I write up a proper excuse for that ban... 

04.07.13 10:39  [project lead] closed issue.

04.07.13 18:21  [2d artist] reopened issue:
Why, though? I spent a whole day finishing that sketch! :/ 

04.07.13 18:27 [art director] commented:
They were supposed to be TWO. WHITE. STRIPES. I see THREE. ORANGE. STARS. Question: Why?...

04.07.13 20:48  [2d artist] commented:
I'm an artist, not a wall painter! It's how I see it, I want our game to look good, for once!

Open at your own risk, wall of text inside...

Edited by Reifnir
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