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Arcane Pulse isn't Useful Enough.


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My view on the arcane is that it's meant to help you heal allies near you, but it fails on two levels:

Firstly, this is a game where we usually have more than 500 health, and also lose it often and quickly. 

Secondly, its based on a mechanic or resource that doesn't drop often -- or practically at all -- outside of Nekros. Oberon produces them sometimes, Trinity can't without an augment, and besides Dirga Synth mods don't produce many health orbs even with a high status, blast and electric built sentinel weapon. Those procs are only about 2-3 meters anyway, too. Doesn't really help the case. 

This arcane FEELS pointless. As someone who recently started using this arcane with the idea to help the teammates constantly dying around me without playing a specific healer like Oberon or Trinity, or constantly following them around with Vazarin which is sometimes not viable at all due to lag let alone movement abilities, I don't see reason to keep using it. It's range is so limited that unless my heal target is stationary, it's a coin flip on whether or not they get these benefits ON TOP OF whether or not health orbs drop in the first place. Furthermore, even as a Nekros WITH Synth Deconstruct and Synth fiber to assure there's always at least one health orb AND that I can pick it up all the time, I have very few procs. I'll watch my pickup indicator count by 25s all the way up to 300 or more without a single proc. I feel as if I put on an arcane revive and NOTHING ELSE. I could put on ANYTHING else in the arcane list and require less dedicated resources to get its effect to work. 


Suggestion 1: Simply raise the chance to proc to 40%. This would bring it in line with Arcane Energize. 

Suggestion 2: Raise the health bonus to 250. 

Suggestion 3: Change the health bonus to restore a percentage of health, that way it can be as useful to me as it is the Inaros on my team, or the pet that keeps dying, or the objective point. 

Suggestion 4: Make it a passive that always gives the AoE pulse on health orb pick up, and raises the amount given by each health orb to 50 or 75. 


These suggestions are all to be taken as seperate, single ideas to be used. Not all together. 

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Just now, -AoN-CanoLathra- said:

Second, it's meant to be a tool. You bring it with the right frame, not with everything.

Even with the right frame it hardly has an effect. Nekros produces many orbs, paired with synth fiber to create even more orbs and it still hardly procs. Compared with Arcane Energize which has a 40% chance of being procced, where modded energy isn't constantly above 450 and energy orbs spawn all the time, it's lacking so badly that I can't say it aids those who produce health orbs in the healing department at all. 

I can understand that not everything would -- or should -- benefit from an arcane like this like automatic weapons can't benefit as much from Arachne. But even the things that should, do not is my problem. 

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