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PvP with Tenno not Warframes


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So had this weird thought about what makes most PvP games good even though not a big PvP player and its that feeling of balance even though characters they all feel somewhat the same.

Then I thought wait wouldn't PvP be more fun in terms of being slightly slower more strategic and all if were using our operators instead of Warframes. 

The game play would be slower energy economy management would be the same for everyone and focus schools could play a bigger part as to how individual players would approach almost being the tank, support, healer, dps sub-classes that are found in normal PvP games.

It would be significantly easier to balance as amps can more easily finely tuned for PvP because even though its modular there ain't so many combinations as there are weapons for Warframes and there could be PvP arcanes for the Tenno the further you rank up in Conclave.

This was a though has I have almost all way-bounds and my Operator feels so good to play in terms of movement though not as fast for general game-play I was thinking it would fantastic for Conclave. 

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Far too easy to abuse. Jumping into Z-kid mode gives the Z-kid one second of invulnerability, during which time you can just Void Cloak and become completely intangible to most attacks except for certain designated boss attacks. And you can jump back to your Warframe at any time to reposition since rolling gives you 75% damage resistance. Put this in PvP and you have stall-tastic gameplay

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1 hour ago, (XB1)Thy Divinity said:

They can't even sprint or jump.  Those would be either the shortest or longest matches in recorded history.

Artilic Valley back in old WoW. 

There are stories of it taking 10 hours, 4 days,  or it never actually ending only for them to be shut down due to weekly maintenance cycles. 

I do remember joining a few several day matches. 

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