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  1. The Chinese version of WF released Wukong first is what they're referring to.
  2. I'm throwing my vote in for the Exergis. If I had a picture ready I'd show off my build but it gets me through sortie 3 stuff easily, and I have 2 shots per magazine without a riven. Surprisingly fun to use.
  3. I purchased the previous version a few days ago and that has a different sigil. Has that been updated or would I have to purchase this pack again to get the new sigil?
  4. The Trinity frame gives energy, or you can craft energy pads and deploy them from your gear wheel. Later on in the game you can unlock an ability to give yourself unlimited energy as well.
  5. Yeah that looks good. It'll get the job done for now until you can save up and build more amps.
  6. Harrow's kit is built around headshots to maximize his abilities. His 1 chains enemies in place exposing their heads. So Harrow is my vote.
  7. Wiki comment section says multiplicative, but who knows if that's accurate or not.
  8. What if it's a fancy Jupiter gas-based flamethrower. Something, something, two gases mix and make fire.
  9. Their fault for not remembering rivens are subject to change at any given notice by DE. They've said that since day one. Now, updating regularly, well we all know how that's gone so far
  10. Idk for sure how it works, but yes your crit chance can go past 200%. At least it does if I'm reading the wiki page correctly.
  11. Riven stats have been subject to change at DE's discretion since day one. Your plea for mercy is moot.
  12. Hello! Originally this post was going to be about adding the exilus icon to Vigilante Pursuit and Synth Reflex since they've counted as exilus mods since hotfix 24.0.9. But as I was browsing the wiki on the other exilus mods I noticed half of them don't have the icon either. Now I realize that the mods missing the exilus icon existed before the parkour rework and are relics of an older time, but I think it would be a nice addition to the exilus mods. Besides, Primed Sure Footed has the icon, the regular Sure Footed looks silly beside it. The mods in question are: Rush, Shock Absorbers, Sure Footed, Warm Coat, Enemy Sense, Heavy Impact, Intruder, Master Thief, Thief's Wit, Synth Reflex, Vigilante Pursuit, and Valkyr's Hysterical Assault augment. In the grand scheme of things this isn't a huge deal, since the arsenal knows they're exilus mods when we tab over to that category. But I think it would be a nice QoL thing. Thank you! Update: The wiki images are wrong. In-game the exilus mods have the icon on them. Mods, please lock. Thanks!
  13. I wonder if Nova's power strength situation could be applied here More strength, more gravity. Less strength, less gravity. That sort of thing.
  14. Hey throwing a rock doesn't require you to be Chroma every time. So mulligan?
  15. Hi Stoi. The new frame mods Aero Vantage, Motus Signal, and Proton Pulse are also Exilus mods. Currently on the site they can't be added to the exilus slot on any frame.
  16. I've heard relogging fixes it. Can't say for sure if it works or not.
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