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  1. The safe bet for me is launch New War mid November, then bugfix and monitor thru December and into the new year (I suspect a lot of DE will take December off again). Then once back from the holiday, launch cross play mid January or early February.
  2. Technically the framework for this already exists in the railjack Tactical menu so I don't see why not.
  3. Or at the very least let Tidal Surge propel him across water. That'd be dope.
  4. Funny, I've seen oodles of people saying she's in a decent spot, especially for SP. This sounds like a you problem.
  5. I converted one with a 26% toxin Zarr. Because space pirates. Really, it's personal preference.
  6. Hey, anything can be a hammer if you hit it hard enough 🤣
  7. Ehh Sentinels are an odd duck. Besides, Prime stuff is old school projectile based to resist Sentient takeover. So flux rifle wouldn't work.
  8. The alerts are not an indication of when it'll release. They said that several times in the stream.
  9. Hmm thinking about it, that's probably why we're only getting the single Magnus. So more people try the mod for it.
  10. Forma has been in the game for 8 years. If it was gonna cripple it then it would've done it by now 🤣🤣🤣
  11. It's the dual nikanas. That's why he won't share them.
  12. When she first released I think it took me about a week to get her parts, but I was doing spy runs on and off that whole time. Got really good at spy in the process. Second time when I farmed a new one for Helminth I think it took about 4 days. Think I did 5 spy missions and then went about the rest of my day playing other stuff.
  13. Considering Gara was end of May, Nidus should be end of August or first full week of September. That's assuming they keep the 90 ish day track of PA.
  14. Technically they do, the kuva thralls and the hounds drop requiem relics. You just can't crack them in those missions.
  15. I meant the health regen, my bad. Why not increase the health regen for normal and Prime.
  16. Yes please, I've been advocating for this system as well. You could easily do rifles, shotguns, single pistols, dual pistols, explosives/launchers, and Archguns as your categories. It keeps some of the RNG aspect, but it also narrows down the pool slightly. I would also like to incorporate, if you down a larvling or candidate with a lich weapon, they 100% spawn that weapon.
  17. Both. It's a literal crapshoot until they decide they need another unvault.
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