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Welcome to Sortie: Energy Reduction mission


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This modifier is pretty painless. If you want a similar-but-worse effect, Infested Eximus Stronghold is a thing sometimes. I'll take this any day over the stupid "enhanced damage" garbage. Luckily for that, Revenant exists.

I would really love some more modifiers and game modes for Sorties. I swear we had a week's worth of "radiation" modifiers.

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12 hours ago, tprx said:

Where every other enemy is a Parasitic Eximus.

Inaros FTW.

I take 3 Frames into Sorties. Limbo when something needs protecting, solo w/Loki in spies and Inaros for everything else. Energy reduction means nothing with all of these since my efficiency is high enough on loki and limbo to counter that with Zen void dash and pods and Inaros... energy, sheild, health reduction? BWAHAHAHAHA! I AM INUBUS! 8500+ health, 600+ Armor and no shield to worry about.  With the health and armor, I dont NEED to use energy.

Adapt, overcome and conquer!

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