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I don't normally do this but...how is this Riven?


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Aklato Visican

+231.2% Multishot

+443.2% Damage

+66.5% Recoil

I don't often ask or even bother with rivens, but this thing kinda...jumped out at me since I like the Aklato, so is this considered good?

Update: Apparently these stats are near the absolute maximum/minimum for each stat according to Semlar, I'll be keeping this, thanks for the feedback everyone.

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2 minutes ago, Aldain said:

so is this considered good?

For me, it would be good enough to use (if I liked the weapon). But I would probably reroll it too, to try and get something better.

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The Aklato doesn't really have supplemental stats, so +Damage +Multishot is probably the best you can get. That +Recoil, though...

I'd try to roll something better, since there's no real harm in it considering that you can either take the new stats or keep the old when you roll. I would, however, think very hard about what I replaced it with. It's already a great roll, recoil aside.

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6 minutes ago, Dreddeth said:

That +Recoil, though...

It actually has no effect on my accuracy while I aim with it, maybe a bit jarring with the head shaking but the actual cursor doesn't move.

If it were -Zoom I think it would be perfect, but this is manageable for me.

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