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  1. Hot take here, but I'd put Excalibur as more of a Spellblade/Eldritch Knight Fighter type with the magic options being focused on lite CC spells like Color Spray, since the "magic" is mostly secondary for him. However most of my experience with DnD has been 5e, so I don't have as much knowledge about older editions so much.
  2. You forgot to mention that he has a Rhino-tier passive too. Passives are something I wish DE would do a revisit on, if not entire frames I just wish they'd go back and change awful passives like those on Frost and Rhino.
  3. Remove redundant Credit/Endo drops on most tables (even if they don't replace them with anything else, it just looks stupid to see the same Credit drop 3 times with the same drop rate) and remove any and all common mods from all tier 2 or higher missions. That's about my biggest gripes, not even new players need a 300th copy of Trick Mag from a drop table.
  4. I'm still unsure if this is going to get her out of her uncomfortably small niche personally. But any port in a storm.
  5. I'm sure somebody with enough time could do such a thing, but I don't have time nor access to a core rulebook for any edition of DnD to go over such a thing.
  6. Tinfoil hats for sale! Only 15 plat-a-hat, buy 2 get 1 free offer for the next 3.14159 minutes!
  7. That's not a slight drawback, individually speaking Decoy and Switch Teleport are two of the least useful abilities in the current state of Warframe. It says far too much about Decoy that the best way to get use out of it is to use it to break the A.I. by placing it in very specific locations, and Switch Teleport is just plain worse than Ash's Teleport (which at least opens a finisher up) and is slower to boot. Before you mention Spy missions, yeah Switch Decoy is reasonably good for some vaults, but then there's Ivara who can just walk through most vaults with no issue whatsoever. Like I said earlier, Loki isn't terrible, but trying to prop him up as greater than he really is and downplay his clear weaknesses isn't doing him any favors.
  8. Considering you can play most content in Warframe without using abilities at all I don't think that's helping his case much.
  9. IIRC they're still fixing out of warranty Joy-cons for free, but I could be wrong, they did fix my Joy-cons well past a year of me buying my Switch, you can go to their support site and check, can't hurt at least. Otherwise the DIY option can be found on Youtube (sort by most recent for what seems to be the new "permanent fix").
  10. Pretty much just how broken invisibility is and not-the-worst-CC-in-the-game. I'm convinced Loki's number one problem is Loki players these days, but I do think he isn't quite as much of a mess as Hydroid simply because I can see the concept of what Loki is supposed to do even if he's painfully outdated. I also believe that Decoy could be better just with a few adjustments to make it not made of toilet paper (and as I've said, putting Switch Teleport as a hold-cast and giving him a new 3rd ability). Hydroid is just a mess though, his 1 is in the running for worst damage ability in the game by virtue of random accuracy (the augment sucks too) his 2 is a worse Slash Dash that costs more, his 3 is agonizingly slow and doesn't fit Warframe's gameplay at all, and his 4 is a mediocre CC used only because of the loot augment and because it is the best of his clownfest of a kit.
  11. ...I hear a stampede of angry Loki fans coming because of that, I don't think Loki is worse than Hydroid, but they really should make Switch Teleport a hold cast on Decoy and give him a real 3rd ability. Otherwise he's fine, mildly boring because most of his schtick is the A.I. going idiot-mode because of invisibility, but fine for what he his and Radial Disarm is still solid, augment or no. ...But Switch Teleport has no right being a full ability slot in the current state of Warframe.
  12. Hydroid because he's a hodgepodge of nonsensical abilities that accomplish nothing that other frames can't do better, faster, stronger and longer and usually for less investment.
  13. Man could you imagine if switching to Operator ended Assimilate? That would leave Nyx with only one thing she's particularly good for (Psychic Bolts).
  14. It also needs about a 50% increase in base damage of the Full-auto mode and 6-8% more base crit chance by my reckoning. Having the same base damage as a Braton with only 2% more base Crit chance isn't helping it out at all. even the Stahlta has a 24% crit chance despite the below Average 1.80x multiplier it has, so many of the Ambassador's stats are outright contradictory. As it stands it actually is only barely better at critting than the Quellor depsite having double the crit multiplier, it's like a Soma Prime with a low crit chance for some reason.
  15. Nobody needed to tell me the Ambassador is MR fodder, I found out after putting 5 Forma and an Exilus adapter into it, which was followed with a belt of rum to a mix track of breakup songs courtesy of Youtube to signify my broken heart over it. I'll fully admit not every weapon is MR fodder and people overuse the term, but there are a lot of weapons that need help in the base stat department and aren't worth farming or using by any sane individual.
  16. That would be the closest to my ballpark...not that anyone asked.
  17. YA DUN PROVOKED ME NOW! -cue battle music- ...But in all honesty a lot of guns deserve more of the limelight, the Ambassador and Quellor just happen to be close to my heart and as a result, often in my mind.
  18. Meanwhile the Quellor and the Ambassador are crying in the corner. ...Ok ok that's the last time I'll mention the Ambassador for a few hours at least (unless provoked).
  19. I'd prefer #GearsOfAl if you'd be so kind. ...But hey, at least my problems are purely statistical in nature and not something more in the vein of esoteric right?
  20. While I agree, Nullifiers exist because of another massive, unending refusal to even remotely consider that "Hey maybe these Warframe abilities are a bit too strong and/or energy is too plentiful". Warframe as a whole is just a back and forth arms race between nigh afk gameplay and inherently irritating mechanics to counter said afk gameplay.
  21. It's my Revanent what can I say? Also they deleted the other topic so the flame must burn on somewhere.
  22. Congrats on picking a full auto rifle with an AoE alt-fire that DOESN'T have the base damage of a Braton, with only 2% more crit chance than a Braton despite having a 2.8x multiplier. #JustAmbassadorThings
  23. I use an unmodded Face Prime against everything. Even brick walls can't stand up to it.
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