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October 2019 Riven Disposition Updates

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14 minutes ago, iSolement said:

But now all I feel is that DE is a fisherman and we players are fish waiting to be caught. DE designs a fishing net with appropriate holes that big, fat and stupid fish like me with much fresh meat supply will be caught.

It's called 'Whaling' and DE doesn't do it deliberately, as far as I can tell. Given the tendencies you've displayed in the actions described in your post, I would recommend staying far away from any sort of mobile gaming (or EA games), your wallet would not survive.

Essentially, you spent a bunch of money on something that didn't just have a chance of changing like most things in the game, it was explicitly said to us several times that rivens were not permanent. It is not DE's responsibility to make sure people don't destroy themselves in search of 1 more DPS.

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9 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

Oh wow, you think you bought the right to tell the devs what to do.

Not only is the game subject to change at literally any moment, Rivens were explicitly said to be subject to change.

This^^^ Also PLAYERS set the riven cost. Don't blame DE, blame the idiots selling rivens for 1k-10k plat dude.

On top of that, most of this is just 'knee jerk' reaction stuff atm...at least in terms of melee. Catchmoon nerf was to be expected, it was being used way too much vs every other weapon, had to be done. DE has already stated they won't be doing 'drastic' changes to riven dispositions which I assume is explicitly because of the riven market

The entire riven market has it's prices set by the players DE had 0 hand in that  beyond making the riven's. It's your fault you spent that much plat on those rivens not DE's. Also, the Melee rework was made to deal with "Spin-to-win" not so much rivens. Spin-to-win, as we know, was mostly due to a combination of range, combo, and crit. The combo mult added to damage, Maiming strike added a flat crit chance bonus and you used weapons with high range/crit chance like whips/polearms and just did spin attacks to hit enemies in entire rooms and melt them, it was almost a non choice on how you use Melee due to how insanely effective it was. Now basic melee and Spin-to-win are about equal, I find using the combo's more entertaining.

And seriously, did you have to post your steam statement? Like, okay, we get it, you dumped a lot of money into warframe. Incase you didn't read the ToS, you don't even own your account. It can be removed without reason or warning at any time. Enjoy~

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