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What Does Ranking Up Power Throw Do?



I just got the Power Throw Glaive mod, and I noticed that its only description was "puncture", and that it had no stats attached to it. Yet, you could rank it up 5 times:




So I decided to test it. I took it to a low-level Mercury mission with some Grineer, and tried this out. I was able to make it through a total of 4 grineer (couldn't do more because they wouldn't stand in a straight enough line). So, does anyone know what it does? Increase number of penetrated targets? Does the damage of the Glaive decrease as it goes through targets, and ranking it up decreases the damage fallout? I just want to know if it's worth it to max it out, or if it does the same thing at base rank.

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As far as I can tell, ranking it up does nothing.


When I first got it, I assumed ranking it up would allow it to pierce more enemies, but there doesn't seem to be a limit.


I haven't tested it super-thoroughly, but I my highest with an unranked version is 6 enemies hit (not counting the ones hit on return). So if there is a limit, it's really high. Hard to tell since there's no combat log.

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I've never gotten this one.  Looks awesome.  I want it. 

Lucky duck. I've been hunting one of those.


Just go to Mimas on Saturn (a level 20-40 Infested Survival mission), stay to 15 minutes, then leave and there's a ~33% chance you'll get it. I got it my first run after I read about it on the wiki.

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Lucky duck. I've been hunting one of those. It does exactly what you think it does, the Glaive can now go through enemies instead of deflecting after hitting. Ranking it up increases the number it goes through.


It's not confirmed yet that it increases the limit it can go through, especially since, from what I tested, an unranked can seemingly go through more than 4-6 enemies already.

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I have 2 of these mods, 1 of them completely stock while the other has been upgraded. Found no difference between them, so I go with the stock one so I can add more mods. On that quickly, what mods are people using with it???



I've gone with these:


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Glaive mods only work on Glaive and no, it doesnt go through walls or surfaces.


I've ranked up Power Throw a couple times but i didnt see any differences so i guess i'm gonna leave it where it is...

good throws can slay 10+ enemies at once, it's fantastic considering you can score headshots too!


I still miss Whirlwind and so i'm using a North Wind for some CC


@Spiggan07: no Sundering Strike??


edit: Power Throw can be found as rare drop in the void or as a reward for 15min survival (any survival) (i got 4 as rewards in total). The REAL rare one is Whirlwind

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