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Phage controller vibration (Fix coming!)

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So, I recently went back to playing with the shotgun Phage; I noticed that either aiming or not while firing it’ll continue to rumble my controller for at least an extra five seconds after letting go of the trigger. I feel like no one else has this problem since it seems more controller/game pad based.

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Phage controller vibration is bugged, even a tap of the trigger causes extremely strong vibration for ~10 sec. Switching weapons does not cancel the vibration. Turning off vibration on the menu is effective but far from ideal. 

(not really a sound issue but I'm not sure where this goes.) 

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Don't worry that Bug is in the game at least since 2018. 

I don't think they'll fix it ever.




Even the Wiki says:

  • On console versions of Warframe, the controller will continue to vibrate for 7 seconds when you let go of the trigger or switch weapons after firing.


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