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General thoughts on procs and self-stagger


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Viral: Way too good now. It was already incredibly strong before, though I think you're on the right track. Should start at around 25% bonus damage and cap out at 100% increase in damage to health. Feels like the game slapping me with a dead fish and saying "Use this, dumbass."

Blast: Blast procs/explosions feel wrong not having the knockdown effect, please return it. Also sucks to lose the CC effect from bullet jumps. Feels like watching explosions on a muted TV with from a distance.

Impact: This feels like a bad a place for the knockdown, especially as most weapons that need careful aiming and headshots to be effective are the ones most like to cause these. They have a negative disproportional effect on machine gun-type weapons. Maybe this should be where the accuracy reduction from Blast procs should go? Maybe not as you don't generally apply this effect over a wide enough area to make accuracy degradation useful. Feels like my gun is conspiring against me with my target.

Puncture: We don't deal with single strong enemies often enough for this to be effective, nor do we generally have a way of rapidly propagating this to lots of enemies quickly to make it effective (and I'm not convinced reducing all or nearly all enemy damage output by 75% easily would be anything like decent for the game). Feels like playing a scratcher, getting two matches, and then not winning.

Gas: Not by passing shields is a change, but the proc remains effective against clusters of unarmored enemies when applied in a fashion that allows it to overlap. Maybe the accuracy degradation should be attached to it to give it additional value against armored enemies given its otherwise lack of CC. Should not be allowed to bypass shields. Feels right.

Toxin: Damage should not bypass shields, Toxin DoT's should. Feels like enemies could not have shields and there'd not be anything lost.

Magnetic: Might be more useful if enemies had at least 10x the shields they currently do, other wise shields fall off enemies so fast, or are so easily bypassed by Toxin damage, that it continues to neat but unnecessary. Feels superfluous.

Radiation: Cute bonus, but the CC is and remains the main use. Not convinced the bonus matters, though there are some funny shenanigans to get up to when paired with Nyx. Proc remains mostly business as usual. Feels like I'm wasting my time when they'll probably be dead before the next proc.

Cold: ...I haven't used it. Might be decent? Works at cross purposes when paired with Radiation, could be neat when paired with a Gas weapon that can stack it quickly and maintain it while the Gas does the killing, though Electric would do the CC job just as well and have a nice overlapping effect with Gas procs damage application.

Electric: Like it was but 50% more awesome. An area of effect CC with some extra damage tacked on that doesn't work against itself. Feels like the most electrifying proc in Warframe.

Self-stagger on explosions: It's fine, easy to recover from and even more forgiving than area of effect weapons already were. Would rather return to self-damage one-shots, though. Explosive weapons don't feel even slightly dangerous with these changes.

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6 hours ago, 8faiNt said:

Electric and Viral change is deff the best ones out of the changes.

Tesla Chain, which sends an electrical surge dealing damage equal to Base Damage × (Electricity Mod Multiplier ÷ 2) as Electricity b Electricity to all enemies within a 3-meter radius. Multiple instances of the effect can stack with each instance having its own timer

Does this mean essentially electric procs now have the same effect as Volts 4th ability? Also if you have 100% status does this allow electric proc to retigger itself from other enemies in the Tesla Chain?

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14 minutes ago, DrivaMain said:

Gas actually got a huge nerf by not letting it bypass shield and because the gas cloudndeals Gas instead of toxin it’s a very bad damage type against Grineer because cloned flesh resist 50% Gas.

I don't know, the proc effect is still awesome, the problem seems to be coming from the damage type itself.


Hate the changes on impact, blast and sad that magnetic and cold are still worthless.

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