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A Web Based Dps Tool!



The site is now updated for Damage 2.0!


The damage/level table has been replaced with the damage to specific enemy types (Ancient Disruptor, Grineer Napalm, Corpus Tech, and Corpus Moa), mouseovering the specific enemy type shows the vulnerabilities.


You can now also sort weapons based on damage to the enemy types (Ancient, Napalm, etc.).


Mouseovering the weapon stats table shows the original stats (for comparisons).


Not a big update feature-wise, but a ton of testing in-game and in the code. Next update will probably be about adding sentinel weapons, the one after that will likely be fixing page load times, and then perhaps adding more details in tooltips (any ideas are welcome).


Original post:



I've been using a spreadsheet to get a feel for how weapons perform, and how mods affect DPS. But it started becoming a bit of a pain to update/change mods around, and it felt kind of limited. So I tried to fix some stuff through scripting instead, using javascript and a regular web page (no downloading needed), and I thought you guys might get some use out of it too! Check it out (not sure if/how linking works on the forums):




Crash course in current features:

You select the pistol/rifle/etc. category you want at the top, to compare different types of weapons click "add favorite" and it'll get added on top of the other weapons (it remembers "favorites" through cookies, so it should get saved. As long as you stay on the same computer).


Increase/decrease aura/mod levels by using the + / - signs before the mod name. You can max or disable a mod completely by clicking the counter in the middle (for example the "10/10" for hornet strike on Acrid). A mod with a "-/5" as a counter is disabled, a mod with "0/5" is just the base card with no ranks added.


Mouse over the name of the mod to get a tooltip with what stats it increases.


The auras count up to 5, then start over from zero, so you can see how it stacks with more people. The number in parenthesis beside the counter (for example 5/5 (1) corrosive projection) represents how many players are need to get that high a percentage.


The DPS number to the right of the weapon name (for example "Acrid 6005") is the raw DPS value before armor is taken into account. The DPS with armor values is in the table just below and to the right of the name, it lists damage to Ancient Disruptors, Grineer Napalms, and Corpus Techs, levels 5 through 200. This damage does not account for hitting weak spots, but it does factor elemental weaknesses (fire/lightning/etc.) and armor ignore damage (armor piercing, serrated blade, poison, etc.).


You can sort the lists by clicking the names/arrows beside the category name, clicking name will sort by name, clicking it again will reverse the order. DPS means unmmitigated damage (doesn't factor armor), and APDPS means the damage after armor has been accounted for (using a lvl 200 Ancient Disruptor as base).


The "filter name" search box below favorites filters names, typing in "a" will show all weapon names that contains that letter (it's not case sensitive).



There's a ton of things left to work on:

There are no melee weapons currently (the swing mechanics seemed a bit complex).


The continuous (e.g flux rifle) and charge weapons (e.g Paris) just ignore weapon speed mods at the moment, which might not be accurate.


All stats have been entered by hand, so I can almost guarantee that there are typos or swapped stats.


I have checked the formulas and calculated some stats by hand, but there's still a few possible places where small errors might have snuck in.


Some special behaviors might not be modeled correctly, Acrid's DOT, Ogris explosion, Torid poison Cloud.


I haven't figured out a good way to represent the impact of recoil/spread. This might make some weapons seem very good on paper while in reality they might be horrible.



And some design limitations:

It's single target only.


It doesn't account for you being in a group. If you have a nova (2x damage from molecular prime), a Rhino (+50% damage shout), a Banshee with sonar (500% or more to sonar weak spot), and you're shooting a Moa in it's weak spot (fanny pack, 3x damage) with your synapse (electricity 2x damage) through your Volt shield (red crits), will do significantly more DPS than what's listed.


It's based on average DPS for emptying a clip and reloading. Burst DPS on some weapons will be higher, and this doesn't account for damage against shields. This misses things like that freezing damage might be better in some cases, or that you might attack a boss and then reload when he's invulnerable (e,g Vor, the burst DPS might be more important in some cases).


I tested in the latest versions of Chrome/Firefox/IE, I have no idea how good it'll work in anything other than those.


The javascript source is uglified, regular source code can be found on github:




Some caveats on the code; It's almost completely uncommented and it's the very first iteration of a prototype.

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I haven't looked at status proc mechanics at all, do you know of any good current discussion thread on it? Worst case you can take something with a high base proc (like the Magnus) and just shoot ~1000 bullets (random number, I tested ~350 and it looks to be too low to account for the randomness and human error) and see where the proc rate ends up. Then add elemental an mod, repeat the test, and see how the percentages change with more mods (or mod power).


I can probably do some testing tomorrow if it's not figured out by then.


That's the problem, I didn't find any thread. I tried to start one but it was without reasonable reaction so I went to do some reasearch on my own and now I'm trying to hijack your thread. :P

My first test was pure "how many procs I'll get" with Magnus and by using powerful technique of notches-on-paper I got around those 20% with 100+ shots which makes it look like the chance is divided. If every element had its own full chance, this should come close to 60% so I think it's plausible.

Next I focused on proc distribution and with 80+ procs it was really close to damage layout with non-physical elements divided by three. 80 is probably too low so there might be errors but I've done this test many times with Magnus and Brakk with different elemental ratios and it was always really close to predicted numbers.

Also one thing I noticed, there is chance for double proc, aka. impact+slash or radiation+puncture. Chance was around every 30. proc at average for Magnus and I got only one double on Brakk in all the tests together. This makes it look like the inner working of proc chance is every element has its own calculated as percentage of full chance but it's just a quess.

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Err, Grinlok and Castanas aren't in the listing, but thank you for updating!!

We missed you :3


Sometimes the browser caches the javascript (calculations/weapons) and shows the updated html (menus/etc.), making it seem like it's the updated version but missing some things (like weapons). Clearing the browser cache makes it download the new javascript and makes the new weapons appear (usually the browser cache expires eventually and you get the new version anyway).


I'll see if I can put the version number in the javascript instead and it should be more noticeable if this happens.

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Any word on when the site will be updated for 11.5.4?


It's up to date with the 11.5.3 changes, the changes in 11.5.4 was just bug fixes. I updated the number version anyway to avoid confusion. ;)

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Small 1.5.5 update:

  • Added the Detron.

Note that the elemental damage types show some impossible combinations with elemental base damage weapons. For example on the Detron you can get is to show Corrosive/Electrical, this combination isn't possible as the electrical damage just merges with the base radiation damage.


But this is just a visual "feature" as I can't list all the elements due to screen space limitations, the actual damage calculations merge the electrical damage with the radiation damage. I'll try and think of a clever way of showing the actual elemental combinations in a smart way when I get some time.




Revision 3:

  • Updated MK1-Braton, Braton, Braton Prime, and Braton Vandal with stats from the wiki.
  • Updated Corpus Tech to use Proto Shield.



Revision 2:

  • Updated Sentinel weapons to use reload/magazine size.
  • Updated resistance tables based on the codex (except for Tech) and wiki.


New resistances:

Ancient Disrupter: Fossilized

Grineer Napalm: Alloy Armor, Cloned Flesh

Corpus Tech: Shield, Flesh (I haven't scanned these, so not sure)

Corpus Shockwave Moa: Shield, Robotic


I'm not sure the Shockwave Moa and Tech are needed, I selected them at the start of Damage 2.0 as the damage tables were easier back then (armor/flesh/shield/robotic). But now with the inclusion of a ton of different armor types it might be better to use other more difficult enemy types, like heavy gunners. I can also add a second row if it'd be useful with more than four enemy types, perhaps a row for light units.


Suggestions on what enemies to show are welcome.




Updated for 11.5.0!


  • Added new armor scaling
  • Added Karak, Burston Prime (preliminary, need details on stats), and Stug (very preliminary, need more info on how it handles)
  • Changed Acrid's dot to scale with 50% of base damage done (including faction/damage mods, but not elemental mods), for raw DPS two ticks are used (mobs rarely take more than 10 shots to kill), for Ancient/Grineer/etc. damage the dots scales with DPS and mob health (preliminary calculations).
  • Added so you can sort based on Burst damage.
  • Fixed Paris Prime magazine size error (reduced from 10 to 1).


New formulas seem to be:

armor = (level-base_level)^1.75 * 0.005 * base_armor + base_armorhealth = (level-base_level)^2 * 0.015 * base_health + base_healthshield = (level-base_level)^2 * 0.0075 * base_shield + base_shield

Using the new armor formula a level 16 Grineer Tropper should have 235 armor (rounded down):

235.747 = (16-1)^1.75 * 0.005 * 150 + 150

This gives a damage mitigation of around 0.56 (300/(235+300)).Using a Lanka with 150% Serration, 40% Charged Chamber, 180% elemental damage (Stormbringer, Deep Freeze), gives a Magnetic damage of 2450, which should give 1373.8317757 damage with armor mitigation. A normal shot with the Lanka hits a level 16 Grineer Trooper for 1373 damage, which fits the new armor formula. For more precision a crit headshot hits for 8242 damage, this gives us a damage range of 1373.666.. to 1373.833... damage, which also fits with the calculated number from the new armor formula.


With the health formula a level 15 Grineer Lancer should have 394 health. An unmodded Acrid hits a level 15 Lancer for 18 damage, and the dot ticks 9 times for 9 damage (99 damage per shot total, 18+81). Four shots gives a total damage of 396 damage, which should just barely kill the Lancer (2 hp overkill). Testing this in-game kills the Lancer on the last tick of the fourth shot.


With the shield formula a level 15 corpus crewman should have 370 shields, using a Lanka with 1187.5 electric damage does 370 damage to shields. A level 16 corpus crewman should have 403 shields, the Lanka hits for 403 damage on shields.

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Hmm... I do believe I'll start using this site once the new Toxin/Status mods and Twin Wraith Vipers are out.


Nothing on melee weapons though?

Or crit/status/phys damage builds? It just kinda defaults to elemental/fire rate/anti-Faction builds.

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So why some shotgun mods mouse over tooltip (non-cold elemental) did negative dps to napalm and MOA, what does it mean?


Btw Boar prime crit chance has been nerfed to 15%, likewise Sobek crit chance is buffed. Might want to relook through all shotgun base stats.

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Updated for 1.5.6


Clear your browser cache if the faction damage changes doesn't occur (some javascript files might be cached, even when the HTML is updated and showing the correct version number).

  • Updated Detron status chance to 10%
  • Fix for displaying elemental combinations against factions

The way elements are handled is that single elements (Heat/Toxin/etc.) merge with mods, adding Hellfire (Heat) to a Lanka gives the weapon only Radiation (Electric+Heat) damage (the base damage merges with the mods).


Weapons with base damage that is from dual elements (Radiation, Corrosive, etc.) like the Detron or Ogris doesn't merge base elements (Heat/etc.) and only merges the same dual element combinations (Blast with Blast, etc.). Adding Hellfire (Heat) to an Ogris gives Blast/Heat, adding a Deep Freeze (Cold) on top of the Hellfire mod combines to Blast damage which merges with the base Blast damage for the Ogris giving only Blast damage.


This is how the calculator's system has worked all along, so no damage calculations should have changed with this fix.


[Edit: better examples]


As an example an unmodded Ogris has a DPS of 340 against an Ancient Disruptor (226.8965.. * 1.5), adding Hellfire/Stormbringer/Cryo Rounds/Infected Clip and using the combination Blast/Corrosive gives:

Blast: 952 (226.8965.. * 1.5 + 408 * 1.5)Corrosive: 714 (408 * 1.75)---Total: 1666

Which is what the calculator lists. Removing Cryo Rounds gives Fire/Blast/Corrosive:

Blast: 340 (226.8965.. * 1.5)Fire: 204Corrosive: 714 (408 * 1.75)---Total: 1258

Which matches with the calculator.






According to Codex, Detron's status is 10%, not 5%.

I'm not sure how you meant the merging elements with base type (what describes calculator and what is ingame) but ingame, weapon with base dual element does not eat elemental mods. For example I've managed to get frost proc from my Ogris...

Also, are you considering adding status bonus calculations?

Thanks, I'll update the Detron with the next patch.

The weapon combo elemental damage not merging with mods is interesting [Edit: The calculations worked this way all along, no fix needed] (it also means that the current combo stats calculations are slightly off when it comes to faction damage from elemental weaknesses/strength), as I based it on how the single elemental weapons behavedI'll have to rework the combo base elemental weapon calculations (currently they merge mods into the base damage). On a positive note it might make the display logic much simpler.

I've added the basic data stuff needed for status bonus calculations (proc chance, pellets, enemy HP, etc.), I'm waiting a bit for the status proc revamp to make the mods useful so it's not a priority (but on the todo list).

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As usual clear your browser cache if you don't see the new update.


11.9.2 revision 6:

  • Updated Bow stats (thanks SonicSonedit).
  • Updated Lanka fire rate.
  • Added an "Ammo Lasts" stat that shows how long the ammo lasts if you just hold down the trigger or spam it (thanks Yorune).

After some testing it doesn't look like Bows care about the listed fire rate, testing it in game the fire animation is just a few frames long and most of the delay is the reload animation. Timing it it looks like it's just the listed reload time between shots (around 1 second on an unmodded Dread). I've changed the fire rate of Bows to 10 which is a ~0.1 second fire time and then a ~1 second reload (0.8 for the Cernos), which is similar to the 1 second observed in game. This gives bows a slightly high burst DPS, but I'll try and think up a good way to represent the actual burst of a bow (suggestions welcome, might just use the reload time instead).


The Lanka doesn't have a delay between charges, so fire rate was slightly increased.


The "Ammo Lasts" stat is just how fast the weapon can go through the ammo reserves.

((Ammo Capacity + Magazine Capacity) / Fire Rate) + ((Ammo Capacity + Magazine Capacity) / Magazine Capacity) * Reload Speed

the first part "(Ammo Capacity + Magazine Capacity) / Fire Rate" is how long time it takes to fire all the ammo (e.g (540 + 100)/10 = 64 seconds for the Synapse), then it adds how long it takes to reload "((Ammo Capacity + Magazine Capacity) / Magazine Capacity) * Reload Speed" (e.g 640/100 * 1.5 = 9.6 seconds for the Synapse). So in the case of the Synapse it takes about 64 seconds to fire all the ammo and then 9.6 seconds to reload, or 73.6 seconds in total. It's not accounting for partial reloads actually taking the time of a full reload (e.g 4.3 reloads is actually 5 reloads in game), but it's meant for weapon comparisons so averages work (you also pick up ammo in game).


11.9.2 revision 5:

  • Added a "Time Firing" stat that shows the percent of time you spend actually firing the weapon when factoring reload time and fire rate (thanks prowlinghazard).

Time firing is the time it takes to empty a magazine divided by the total time it takes to empty a magazine and reload:


As an example the unmodded twin vipers have a magazine capacity of 28 rounds and a fire rate of 25 rounds per second, meaning it takes 1.12 seconds to empty a magazine (28/25), it also takes 2 seconds to reload. The total time to empty a clip and reload is 3.12 seconds (1.12 + 2), and thus you spend ~36% (1.12/3.12), or 1.12 seconds out of every 3.12 seconds, actually firing the weapon.




11.9.2 revision 4:


Small visual bugfix for the base probability when mouse-overing the stats table.


11.9.2 revision 3:

  • Updated Drakgoon stats and added a charge version (thanks FullSupport).

I tested the Drakgoon in-game and the crit multiplier is 2.0 for both non-charged and charged (5% and 7.5% crit respectively from what people datamining claims), shooting a corpus crewman shields non-charged hits for 16 and crits for 32, charged hits for 25 and crits for 51. It seems the codex entry has similar problems as with the Bolto/Akbolto, that it uses the weapon base stats for crit rate while the actual in-game damage uses the crit/multiplier from the projectile that the gun shoots.


The non-charged flak does 15 damage has an I/P/S of 3/3/9 (people datamining) and the charged flak does 25 damage and has an I/P/S of 2.5/2.5/20 (both codex and people datamining agree). Testing in-game shows this to hold up, shooting corpus non-charged does 16 damage both to shields and flesh which matches the 3/3/9 IPS (manually doing the math says 16.05/16.5), if it was 1.5/1.5/12 it would hit for 15 on shields (15.525) and 17 on flesh (17.625) due to damage 2.0 surface modifiers.


The status proc still uses the codex listed 10% for both non-charged and charged. The non-charged fire rate is 3.33.. (people datamining), and the charged version uses the fire rate of 0.8 from the codex.



11.9.2 revision 2:

  • Added the probability of getting a status proc to the "stats" table (thanks Himekaidou and Smitta).
  • Changed the wording of "Procs Per Shot" to "Avg. Procs/Shot" to clarify that it's not the probability.

The actual effect of the procs (corrosive, viral, etc.) are still not included in the DPS, the stats presented here are strictly cosmetic based on the numbers from the armory/codex.


Updated for 11.9.2:

  • Updated Akmagnus from 15% to 25% crit and from 150% to 200% crit rate, status chance from 20% to 25%
  • Changed Akmagnus default mods to a more crit focused build.

The crit build change for Akmagnus removed Heated Charge (+90% fire) and Expel (+30% faction damage), instead it's using Pistol Gambit (+120% critical chance) and Target Cracker (+60% critical strike damage). If you had the Akmagnus in favorites you'll probably have to update the favorite'd versions' mods manually (as that information is saved locally).




11.9.1 revision 2:

  • Renamed Dual Vastos to Akvasto, changed reload speed from 2.0 to 1.75 (thanks Vanhline)


If you had Dual Vastos in your favorites you'll neeed to re-add it after the update as it'll look for "Dual Vastos" which doesn't exist any more.


Updated for 11.9.1

  • Added Akmagnus
  • Updated Bolto/Akbolto to use 5% crit rate.



I've re-verified the Stug damage in game: The explosions do 75 damage and doesn't crit, or at least I didn't see one in two runs through Terminus and some testing in Pluto (tested both against Grineer, factoring Ferrite Corrosive weakness, and Corpus as Shields have no Corrosive weakness). When using a rapid fire macro, as well as manual clicking, it takes around 3 seconds to empty a 20 shot mag (6.666.. fire rate) at ~200 fps. Adding Gunslinger and Lethal Torrent makes the rapid fire macro empty a mag in around 1.5 seconds (showing that fire rate increase mods do work). Turning on v-sync (making it 60 fps) drops the macro to ~4 seconds and manual clicking to around 5 seconds (dropping to 60 fps was very noticeable on fire rate).


So if you're using the Stug (and need to spam shots) turn off v-sync or similar frame limiters and make sure you have 100+ fps.


I've also verified that the Bolto/Akbolto (pistols) actually have a 200% crit multiplier in game, no mods and shooting a Grineer Trooper does 50 non-crit damage and crits for 101 damage (200% crit multiplier). I'm guessing that what's happening is that the bolts that the weapons fire have a 5% crit rate and 200% crit multiplier (what people dataming claims) while the guns themselves have 2.5% and 150% crit multipliers. The armory/codex (or the person who updates the codex) probably uses the base weapon stats for crit/multi while the actual in-game damage calculations use the bolts' crit/multipliers.


The Boltor (rifle) bolts hit for 26 damage and crits for 40 damage, giving it a 150% multiplier (same as Codex).

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Thanks for pointing out the changes to the shotguns, I've re-checked and updated the stats for them.


The tooltip DPS is the change in DPS if you use those elements instead of the ones you're currently using.


If you have only corrosive (Contagious Spread + Charged Shell) as an element and mouse over Chilling Grasp it'll list the possible other combinations you can get if you add that mod. The reason it shows negative values for some options is that if you add Chilling Grasp and use the Magnetic/Toxic combination instead of Corrosive you'll lose DPS in some cases, for example the Grineer have higer armor values against Magnetic/Toxic compared to Corrosive (or rather it's that Corrosive reduces the effectiveness of armor, and switching away from it means the Grineer have normal armor values against Magnetic/Toxic).

If i have (Contagious Spread + Charged Shell) and i mouse over Charged Shell, what those numbers mean? shouldn't it be 0 if i replace Charged Shell with charge shell? Or i should ignore tooltips over those equipped?


Edit: ok think i get it. Didn't replace any mod. Thanks

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Quite a useful page you have here. I do think you need to factor in accuracy at ranges. For instance, calculate the spread of a weapon at a given distance and the hit probability at that range given a target of typical or varying size. I think this would allow us to compare shotguns a little more accurately. It would also allow us to see how the corrupted -accuracy +damage mods interact with the calculations.


Yeah, I've through of doing it, but I can't see a good way to implement it. I'd need some sort of hit profile for each enemy and a formula for how accuracy affects damage at different distances (e.g 5,10, 25, 50 meters). And the "accuracy" stat is probably a combination of several stats (based on Pwnatron's datamining) and it's probably modified by aiming:

Hip AccuracyHip Accuracy RateHip Acc. Recovery RateHip Acc. Recovery Delay Aimed AccuracyAimed Accuracy RateAimed Acc. Recovery RateAimed Acc. Recovery Delay

So even if two weapons have the same accuracy stat listed they likely behave differently in game.


So it seems a bit too complex to implement, and if I just go by the listed accuracy stat it's probably not representative of how the different weapons compare.

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