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A Web Based Dps Tool!



The site is now updated for Damage 2.0!


The damage/level table has been replaced with the damage to specific enemy types (Ancient Disruptor, Grineer Napalm, Corpus Tech, and Corpus Moa), mouseovering the specific enemy type shows the vulnerabilities.


You can now also sort weapons based on damage to the enemy types (Ancient, Napalm, etc.).


Mouseovering the weapon stats table shows the original stats (for comparisons).


Not a big update feature-wise, but a ton of testing in-game and in the code. Next update will probably be about adding sentinel weapons, the one after that will likely be fixing page load times, and then perhaps adding more details in tooltips (any ideas are welcome).


Original post:



I've been using a spreadsheet to get a feel for how weapons perform, and how mods affect DPS. But it started becoming a bit of a pain to update/change mods around, and it felt kind of limited. So I tried to fix some stuff through scripting instead, using javascript and a regular web page (no downloading needed), and I thought you guys might get some use out of it too! Check it out (not sure if/how linking works on the forums):




Crash course in current features:

You select the pistol/rifle/etc. category you want at the top, to compare different types of weapons click "add favorite" and it'll get added on top of the other weapons (it remembers "favorites" through cookies, so it should get saved. As long as you stay on the same computer).


Increase/decrease aura/mod levels by using the + / - signs before the mod name. You can max or disable a mod completely by clicking the counter in the middle (for example the "10/10" for hornet strike on Acrid). A mod with a "-/5" as a counter is disabled, a mod with "0/5" is just the base card with no ranks added.


Mouse over the name of the mod to get a tooltip with what stats it increases.


The auras count up to 5, then start over from zero, so you can see how it stacks with more people. The number in parenthesis beside the counter (for example 5/5 (1) corrosive projection) represents how many players are need to get that high a percentage.


The DPS number to the right of the weapon name (for example "Acrid 6005") is the raw DPS value before armor is taken into account. The DPS with armor values is in the table just below and to the right of the name, it lists damage to Ancient Disruptors, Grineer Napalms, and Corpus Techs, levels 5 through 200. This damage does not account for hitting weak spots, but it does factor elemental weaknesses (fire/lightning/etc.) and armor ignore damage (armor piercing, serrated blade, poison, etc.).


You can sort the lists by clicking the names/arrows beside the category name, clicking name will sort by name, clicking it again will reverse the order. DPS means unmmitigated damage (doesn't factor armor), and APDPS means the damage after armor has been accounted for (using a lvl 200 Ancient Disruptor as base).


The "filter name" search box below favorites filters names, typing in "a" will show all weapon names that contains that letter (it's not case sensitive).



There's a ton of things left to work on:

There are no melee weapons currently (the swing mechanics seemed a bit complex).


The continuous (e.g flux rifle) and charge weapons (e.g Paris) just ignore weapon speed mods at the moment, which might not be accurate.


All stats have been entered by hand, so I can almost guarantee that there are typos or swapped stats.


I have checked the formulas and calculated some stats by hand, but there's still a few possible places where small errors might have snuck in.


Some special behaviors might not be modeled correctly, Acrid's DOT, Ogris explosion, Torid poison Cloud.


I haven't figured out a good way to represent the impact of recoil/spread. This might make some weapons seem very good on paper while in reality they might be horrible.



And some design limitations:

It's single target only.


It doesn't account for you being in a group. If you have a nova (2x damage from molecular prime), a Rhino (+50% damage shout), a Banshee with sonar (500% or more to sonar weak spot), and you're shooting a Moa in it's weak spot (fanny pack, 3x damage) with your synapse (electricity 2x damage) through your Volt shield (red crits), will do significantly more DPS than what's listed.


It's based on average DPS for emptying a clip and reloading. Burst DPS on some weapons will be higher, and this doesn't account for damage against shields. This misses things like that freezing damage might be better in some cases, or that you might attack a boss and then reload when he's invulnerable (e,g Vor, the burst DPS might be more important in some cases).


I tested in the latest versions of Chrome/Firefox/IE, I have no idea how good it'll work in anything other than those.


The javascript source is uglified, regular source code can be found on github:




Some caveats on the code; It's almost completely uncommented and it's the very first iteration of a prototype.

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one thing I noticed while playing around is that the corrupted mod critical delay reduces DPS in most scenarios... it is really only slightly useful on the soma where it gives 100-200 dps per rank (until rank 2 in which is begins to reduce dps because of the fire-rate reduction). Even on the latron prime it hurts more than it helps.

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Thanks, the wiki does indeed say:


"Faction damage mods stack multiplicatively with other mods, thus increasing all damage."


The mere +30% on the mod card is deceptive. The multiplicative nature of the mod means that in some cases, you can get a lot of damage from it. Now I see why Bane mods add a good amount of DPS in the calculator.

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It's a lot of work to add them (I need to fix a way to just import the stats from the wiki), the damage calculations are slightly different (so I need to figure those out), and there's the melee/combo rework that DE is working on (which means I'd probably have to rework it if I added it now).


So it's planned, but unlikely to happen anytime soon. ;)

I see . However i am glad it will be added eventually .Also great work so far the application is amazing :D

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I've added the basic data stuff needed for status bonus calculations (proc chance, pellets, enemy HP, etc.), I'm waiting a bit for the status proc revamp to make the mods useful so it's not a priority (but on the todo list).


Oh, that's too bad. I don't think there's gonna be some big revamp because most of the procs are good already. Maybe increase of base status chance on some weapons but nothing radical.


I just wanted to verify some findings, if you have some data available. Mainly whether status chance is divided between all elements on weapon, that chances for individual elements are based on percentage of damage done and that non-physical elements have one-third weight of physical elements when distributing proc chances (aka. 300% heat on IPS weapon has 50:50 chance to proc either IPS or fire).


Also I would like to know how status chance works on continuous weapons, if you have some informations. I read that Serration/Heavy Caliber increases number of ticks per second instead of damage, so how does it affect status chance?

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Updated for 11.3.3

  • Resistance tables now use a similar format to the wiki
  • Continuous fire weapons are now affected by fire rate mods.
  • Fixed so elemental mods affect Ogris/Penta explosions

The damage formula seems to be the same but with the armor modifier now also affecting actual armor:.

mitigation = 300 / (armor * (1-armor_modifier) + 300)mitigated_damage = damage * health_modifier * mitigation * (1+armor_modifier)

The armor modifier is the percentages on the wiki, e.g 75% for corrosive and -15% for slashing.


Using a Soma with 150% serration (IPS 2.5/10/12.5) gives these base stats with the above formula against a level 1 Grineer:

Impact: 1.40625 (2.5 * 0.75 * 0.75)Puncture: 12.85714 (10 * (300/350) * 1,5)Slashing: 9.6 (12.5 * 1.25 * (300/415) *0.85)Total: 23.864

When testing this in game a headshot crit with Vital Sense and Hammer Shot gives a damage of 801, which gives a damage range of 23.839 to 23.869 which the above calculation fits nicely into.

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As usual clear your browser cache and refresh the page if you don't see the changes.


Updated for 11.5.8!

  • Added Wraith Twin Viper
  • Added new Toxin/Status mods
  • Fixed missing -50% Electric elemental damage on Grineer Napalm alloy armor and missing -50% Fire elemental damage on Corpus Tech shields (thanks fungeh!).
  • Fixed continuous weapons to have base 10 fire rate (thanks GottFaust)

Next up on the todo list is probably implementing status procs, with the new status mods the effect can probably be noticeable for a lot of weapons even on easy to kill enemies.

wraith twin vipers not showing up for me.


can see it now.

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i always do all this math myself, its nice to have something to check my numbers against though.


i had been avoiding doing the math on the brakk because i know i can never have one (the ONE event i miss......)


seeing the DPS on it has ruined everything >.>

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corpus techs got proto shield instead of shield, i guess you'd need to change that^^


Yeah, I didn't have them scanned when I did the update and there wasn't much info on what shields they were actually using, I'll fix it with the next update.


love this website, good work... very useful

especially useful that you prefilled some of, if not the most damaging combinations.

any chance of getting sentinel weapons in the future?





Sentinel weapons were added recently, should be in the menu-thing at the top (pistols, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, bows/other and then sentinel).

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metinks project has been abandoned.


its a shame, this has been a valuable tool for me to plan my builds and my forma for weapons.


I hope someone else can develop a similar utility, as a good part of the dedicated players enjoy using tools like this to tweak their favorite gun.

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Shred mod on that site is missing the puncture stat on the mouse over and it also does not account for puncture's ability to hit multiple targets behind each other.


Thanks! Yeah there are some stats that aren't a percentage that I didn't add at first, I'm not sure if it's going to be easy to add it, but I added puncture for Shred anyway. As another example I haven't added Metal Auger as it won't affect the displayed DPS.


kuddos for the effort.

too bad that the new damage system is gonna be implemented soon


I actually finally got pushed into starting this with the discussion on procs and new armor system as it felt easier to have it in code rather than in a spreadsheet. The biggest part is to get the UI down, the data, and how to shuffle the data around. The actual damage calculations can fit in a page or two (while the rest takes tons of pages of copy/paste code).


So hopefully it won't be a massive undertaking to change the core system, once they decide on how it should work, as the more tedious parts are done.

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For ages I use mouse wheel for such weapons.

Note, no macro and controllable fire-rate, feels like old style Gatling gun. And definitely more than 7 sps.


Also, try with 150+ FPS before saying anything about hard limit of semi auto fire-rate.

maybe some mouse+driver combo can get you more, on a normal MS or Logitech Iv tried its not going over 7, just easier than clicking

sustaining 150 fps is impossible for typical system, do you really need that much to reach 20 firerate?


anyway I'd like to see realistic DPS not some hypothetical that you would achieve only in ideal conditions

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Sticky this thread plase.  


The website is top notch.  Minimal but perfect UI.  All the info you could ever want about dps calculations.  Much better than most of the stickied threads with spreadsheets and whatnot.

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As usual clear your browser cache if you don't see the new update.


12.0.1 Revision 2:


  • Added Akstiletto
  • Added Dual Cestra



Updated for 12.0.1!


  • Added Phage
  • Updated the status chance of a lot of shotguns and shotgun pistols
  • Updated Embolist base damage (15->18.5) and added poison proc
  • Updated Flux Rifle base damage (15 -> 17.5) and status chance (9% -> 25%)
  • Updated Latron (40 -> 55) and Latron Prime (45 -> 85) base damage and Latron Prime status chance (15% -> 25%)
  • Updated Hek base damage (140 -> 175)
  • Updated Tigris base damage (180 -> 200)
  • Updated Vulkar base damage (125 -> 145) and status chance (10% -> 25%)
  • Updated Cernos base damage (40 -> 80), charge damage (100 -> 180), charge crit chance (20% -> 35%), and crit damage (150% -> 200%)
  • Updated Dread reload (1.0 -> 0.75), base damage (60 -> 110), base crit chance (20% -> 25%), charge damage (150 -> 200), charge crit rate (20% -> 50%), and charge status chance (15% -> 20%)
  • Updated Miter charge damage (150 -> 250), charge status chance (10% -> 25%), and charge fire rate (0.4166 -> 0.5)
  • Updated Paris reload (1.0 -> 0.8), base damage (45.1 -> 75), base crit chance (10% -> 20%), charge damage (100 -> 150), charge crit chance (20% -> 30%), and charge crit damage (150% -> 200%)
  • Updated Paris Prime reload (1.0 -> 0.7), base damage (65.1 -> 95), base crit chance (20% -> 25%), charge damage (150 -> 200), charge crit chance (20% -> 45%), and charge crit damage (150% -> 200%)
  • Updated Deth Machine Rifle crit rate (0 -> 5%) and crit damage (150% -> 200%)



Huge buff(s) to Latron Prime, Bows, and Shotgun proc rates.


I'll have to do some testing on the Phage to verify it works as it looks like it does, and I'll have to grind a Miter to verify it's base fire rate (very low priority). The poison proc on the Embolist uses the same arbitrary two ticks for poison damage as the Acrid for raw DPS listing, the faction damage (against Grineer/etc.) modifies the amount of ticks based on how fast the gun kills things (the faster you kill things the less ticks it gets).

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The Bane boost is multipled separately. This gives a higher value than what I used to do, which in this case would be 10 * 2.95 * 1.9 = 56.05. Has it been confirmed that Bane mods do not act on the base damage like regular damage mods?


Check out the wiki on faction damage:




Testing it with a Lanka on a level 1 Grineer Lancer, 250 damage base, 150% Serration, 40% Charged Chamber, 180% elemental (Radiation), 30% faction damage, the lancer has 25% armor mitigation:


Base damage: 187.5 (250 * (1-0.75))


Expected if multiplicative: 2388.75 (187.5 * 2.5 * 1.3 * 1.4 * 2.8 )

Expected if additive: 2058 (187.5 * (2.5 + 0.3) * 1.4 * 2.8)


Actual: 2387


It's clear that it's still [edit] _multiplicative_ in 2.0. It seems like it's slightly off for some reason, using a headshot crit shows the value to be between 2387.667 to 2387.833. Removing Bane gives us an expected value of 1837.5 and a headshot crit shows the range to be 1837.5 to 1837.666.. which is a perfect match, so it's likely some quirk in the game mechanics that make the faction damage slightly off.


Edit: doh, said "additive" when I actually meant "multiplicative".

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