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Entry 2 – Oct 15, 2013

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ok just had a really crazy idea today for a new mission type.


Anomaly: a mission that will jumble all available tile sets and enemy types together for one big chaotic mission  and even toss  dopple gangers at the party  and a shape shifting boss that can take the form and abilitys of anything/one in game . it could be a rare alert leading to an event to let the players shape a bit more of the warframe universe  . also got chatting with my lil bro. We came up with a new frame called Triton....a water base support type like trinity can heal and support other team members how ever as far as looks go think merman and greneer navy seal . idea for the event to get him was vor found him an bred a whole naval army from cloneing him to try to use him against us we as tenno need to find him and "wake him up" to the lotus's voice an break vor's brain washing that was done before lotus could wake him . but as a result of this new greneer units for the ship yard  an such would show up called greneer triton lancers  witch are clones of triton contaminated with vor's genes . purple tritons are medics, red tritons are normal troops ,navy blue tritons are elite troops with a water blast attack, white tritons are  defencive troops.


by the way might wanna give this forum a read and point the dojo dev to it


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So we're to make a makeshift, improvised, homemade, on-the-spot device (collectable from Grineer ship materials) to blow up the reactor? Aw hell naw.

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Where the hell is Ash and Volt?


Seriously, you guys keep coming back to the same frames over and over and over, make some time for other frames that you just gave a quick nerf or fix and ignored them afterwards.


Just look at all the patches we've gone through, almost every single one has been about some bug fix for Ash, but not nothing else. It's just bug fix for ash here, bug fix for ash there, bug fix for ash everywhere. instead of fixing some bug he has, how about you just work on what he needs instead?

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• Fixing Ember and making sure she isn't just four of the same style abilities.


This pleases me.

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I must admit, I'm not too embracing about your unspoken changes for mag's pull ability. Whatever it is you plan on doing, I hope you also look into her crush power as well, for it's not nearly as useful on higher levels as any of the other abilities have been so far.

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● Perfectly fine as is. 

● Also, it's not necessary, but boosting VOLT's base sprint speed to 1.1 or 1.15 would be a welcome change.



● Allow Shield to be Stretched via +Power Range. 

● Let it be compatible with +Power Strength, (Focus & Storm Helmet), Roar & Sonar are and they aren't restricted to Electric damage.

● Stun enemies that come into contact with it, for those times when your enemies get a bit too close.



● The animation is just waaay too long to be effective. 

I personally think OVERLOAD would become more useful & unique if VOLT was only immobile for the first few moments of the ability, then free to move while nearby electronics get overloaded with electricity, allowing him to make use of the stun capabilities of Overload.


Speed should totally be affected by Power Strength. That would definitely put the 'copter in zorencopter.

It sounds like I'm joking, but I actually think it would be a good idea, at least as an alternate power version (if you guys do decide to implement those.).


Electric Shield is fine how it is, IMO, but maybe having its width be affected by Power Range would make it more interesting.

As far as it shocking enemies: meh. If it was powerful enough to be worth anything, the move would have a lot more tactical applications, which may not be what DE wants. Especially if Overextended could make the Shield close off an entire bay door :P.


That change to Overload would basically make it an electrical Ring of Fire or World on Fire. I don't think we really want that.

A possible solution: Volt is invulnerable for the duration. This is not really abusable because you can't move or do anything.

An interesting thought regarding its low damage output: maybe pick a random enemy in range every .5 seconds or so, and hit them with a usefully powerful lightning bolt.

The real thing that most needs addressing, though, is the fact that it's dependent on the environment. Literally NO other ult is. Basically, it just means you can't cast it twice in the same area.


Take this all with a grain of salt because I only got Volt to level 30 once :P.

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I hope that loki will be in the new trailer because I have a loki and I want him to be in the trailer  its like your shutting loki out! Hes barly in any of the trailers at all

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My friend I am sure they would fix the real problems if they were not dealing with the people out in the community calling for every other ability to be nerfed because it is OP. SO instead of fixing thing or making them run better they have to make abilities weaker, and then get complaints that they destroys someone's favorite Warframe. Instead of asking these other players to readjust for team play or just not play random they feel  they have to force DE to change the ability and punish all players who play that character. If it is truly a bug like tornado bring it up let it be fixed. I really feel instead of changing abilities that are not op they could just put in a easy mode were you can chose not to group with types of Warframes this will leave people who truly enjoy the game the ability to not have things ruined by they op crying crowd, and the op crying crowd can then never see the potential of the frames the think are op. They do have solo mode, and you can just arrange not to play random games. This would eliminate running into people who have actually put in a lot of hours, and found rare mods and whatnot, and built for power.

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I like the way it is - at least it can bring some life into the otherwise rather empty dojos.
I would say it would be cool to provide a trade chat/list panel (like a holopanel) showing the trade chat within the dojo, maybe at the higher parts of the kiosk (maybe a separate decoration panel that can be set to any chat room by the one with sufficient rights), also a panel to show your own inventory. It's much better than asking help from others just to check your stuff or having to disconnect from the dojo every time.
A lot of things could be done to liven up the dojo - like a simulation room as mentioned in numerous posts throughout the forums, where you could relive the already done or failed rank-up trials and preferably create a small mission for yourself (maybe a room where you can try out your weapons on specific enemies you have scanned at least X times - and they cannot be scanned). Maybe this could be the way to introduce player-designed missions as mentioned in previous developer streams.
Oh, talking about livening up - the voids could use some changes too. We will soon have (actually already have) problems with dilutation of the drop-tables. It would be cool if the mission end rewards (where possible) would be lesser quality and the prime parts/bps would be moved into challenge rooms. After all there are those parkour rooms in the void, why not use them? Right now they are just there, without any worthy reward.
If you are interested in this, I have a collection of ideas here that I tend to update from time to time:
New Warframe and a creative way of designing her powers
Any form of creativity in this area would be greatly welcome. Without trying to be rude, I have to admit I'm seriously bored of the current direction of most frames. Nearly everyone around wishes to turn frames' abilities into nukes, which is sad. The Loki, without any such power is one of the most fun frame to play - and damn powerful in the right hands.
For example the recent problems with Frost were seemingly solved but actually I believe it was just postponed or... well... you might have taken the easy way out. Seriously, Frost screams for freezing (fragility, shatter) effects while the snowglobe is actually kinda out of place. Yes, the defense missions (against ranged attackers) are only possible to continue to such ranks/times because Frost is there (and might prove hard even on low ranks without him) but that's because they were set up considering the presence of Frost's globe. If the globe wasn't a ranged-invulnerability spell, the missions would have to be changed. I see that - but simply making the globe a bit stronger is something I consider the easy way out.
Same for Nekros, and even Nyx seems to have quite a lacking repertoir.
Just so you see I'm not simply whining but actually try to provide solutions, my already mentioned collection of ideas has a chapter about this:
Mission types
Sounds incredibly good. Increasing spawn rates and difficulty for higher score is incredibly welcome. This is a way to provide challenge to those that want it and still allow weaker/less experienced/less well equipped players to progress and enjoy the game.
This is a quotation from a previous post of mine (since it's in a locked topic, the quotation button is no longer present and I have no idea how - or commitment - to create that feature with bbcode):
| Or multiple sections within the mission, similar to survivals. Examples:
You have to destroy cores / obtain data packs from computers / have the technician following you perform tasks at certain places / assassinate certain personnel / simply mobile def places (maybe multiple ones at the same time as it gets harder*) / steal artifacts with debuffs akin to dragon keys from "hackable" containers or rooms that are preferably far away - when you complete one section, you get the next reward in line but the enemies' rank goes up, maybe their numbers too thus the mission is harder. In this case you have to do the full mission to get everything.
In fact it would be nice if the mission itself can change thus providing a chance to be something like an infinite defense, thus having more and more targets appearing. Rewarded badge could change according to how high you have reached in the event - a number on it, the coloring, minor changes, something like the rank-icons on steam whatever.
People might like that.
*Actually it would be interesting to see mobile defense missions being harder by forcing you to guard mutliple consoles at the same time. |


Full post: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/195738-march-14th-community-hot-topics/page-4#entry2282799


Reviewing past frames

Yes, as I've mentioned it before in this post, I'm kinda into this topic. But it would be rude to simply whine about what I particulalry find the biggest problem so here is my idea on the mentioned three:


Fire is kind of a one-sided element so it's pretty hard to dish out unique fire abilities one after another - we see that and I believe most of us are actually grateful for the effort you pour into her (no kinky pun intended, even if my friend believes otherwise).

Anyways, some ideas on her abilities - maybe it comes in handy:

1- Witchfire: Ember creates a fiery explosion at the target location, igniting enemies within it's range of 8. If another enemy comes within the range (equal to the original explosion's) of these victims, the fire jumps to them too. The fires ignited by these jumps have the remaining duration of the original spell, and can only be "restarted" by recasting the spell. Base duration is 20s, damage is 10/15/20/25 per second.

2- Sleeping flames: Ember creates a hidden mine in the target area, if an enemy comes within range range of 8, it activates and explodes after 1 second, causing fire and explosive damage (50%/50%) of 300/400/500/600 in range of 12. The status effect chance is 100% for both elements thus the enemy is stunned and ignited.

3- Soul fire: Energy regeneration rate of the party increases by 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8 points per sec for the next 30 seconds.

4- Burning air (World on fire sounds good too but had to give it a new one, just 'cause:D ): Ember superheats the air around her, burning anyone getting into the range of 15, for the duration of 15s. Damage is about 90 per sec.


Mag and her pull:

The pull itself has an incredibly large range, thus even with the relatively low damage to most enemies, it is powerful. If it only affected enemies you see/are in front of you in an arc instead of practically everything in the world around you, it would be still useful but much less problematic.



I would give her a relatively different set of abilities. The first 2 seem to be fine, though the energy vampire skill is rather hard to use normally - most enemies just die too fast and it's hard to ask everyone to please, stop shooting since you need those energy pulses.

1- Well of Life: Nice. The stun makes it incredibly powerful - I don't use it much so I dunno if it actually stuns bosses. I hope it doesn't. Slowing them instead seems logical (as for all stun effects - instead of plain not working on Stalker/bosses, it should slow them). In fact it might be more balanced without the stun (a strong slow seems better). Also, a small aoe would be a good addition if the stun is removed (I guess the extra resilience they get might cause problems then... ah well).

2- Energy Vampire: Trinity absorbs and shares the energies of her opponents. Practically, an animation effect of whirling energy forming a line between trinity and the target (not a straight line, more like a lightning, though slower and more fluid), causing direct damage to the enemy, then when the effect ends, spawning an energy nova on Trinity. First part forms a line and causes 50/s dmg to 2/4/6/8 enemies for a duration of 1 second (so dmg first, effect goes, effect ends, dmg again) in front of Trinity (they must be visible). After the second damage, Trinity and her allies within 40 gain half the damage dealt as energy. Maybe 10% of their max. energy per enemy affected would be better.

3- Share the pain: Trinity links the party together, causing all incoming damage on any party member to be distributed the following way: 70/60/50/40% on the party member hit, 24/21/18/15% dmg to the other party members. Duration is 1 minute. No range is present.

4- Link: Like now, only the damage resistance and damage reflected is affected by Power Strength mods.



q86d.png -


I'm not linking my concept topic again, if you are interested, you have already found it. :D

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