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Mesa's "Chaps" need some Tweaks!


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Mesa, the Cowgirl/Gunslinger frame, her prime version looks gorgeous, except for one detail, at least when shes in motion: her chaps

they look great when standing still/posing and really add to the wild west gunslinger vibe, but they REALLY dont work as intended when moving:







they are very stiff and look like weird limbs flapping about aligned with her legs rather than the chaps they are trying to look like, which i guess is to be expected since they look more like weird side coattails than chaps since they only cover the outside of her legs rather than enveloping them, compare this with limbo's (shorter) coattails that neatly hang back

I understand editing the mesh itself is basically out of the question, but i'd love if DE at least tried to tweak how its affected by physics and mesa's movement to make it look more natural


I think it'd be ideal if they were removable, that is, made into an Auxiliary Attachment(maybe keep it in a way where its *not affected by attachment color channels*, but rather frame color channels as normal), allowing players to have a look closer to it's non-prime counterpart, i know it has the potential to look good due to people taking screenshots of when the game glitched on them and made their chaps invisible:




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24 minutes ago, baldy117 said:

cloth physics blow lol all i got

im not against cloth physics, the issue here is that despite being chaps, they only cover the outside of her legs and start being affected by physics around her knee

so it ends up looking good when standing still or otherwise not having her knees bent, but the moment she starts walking or jumps out u have these flapping coattails pointing forward

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3 minutes ago, (PS4)CallmeBraindead_ said:

Mesa's design looks so much better without the pieces of cloth, honestly could make for some better fashion for her overall/

hence why i think it'd be a good idea to make them optinally removable as an auxiliary attachment(like valkyr prime's gauntlet dongles)

i know for SURE i'd remove them in a heartbeat if given the chance

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