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Need help with Deimos conservation: Crescent Vulpaphyla and Sporule Avichaea



Just as short background, I completed the Eidolon conservation, looked up video guides for conservation etc. so I know the gameplay.

Anyway I am over on deimos doing conservation, coming up on 122 tags, I have exactly zero of Crescent Vulpaphyla and Sporule Avichaea.

I checked with google, different forums, different youtube videos. I played at night, I played during the day, I tried using pheromones, tried not using them. Flew on the edges of he map, flew in the center, inside casves, high up.

Tried flying around randomly, tried playing through every single lure objective on the entire map. Zero.

Now that my data sample is over the number 100, the result being 0%, I figured it was time to ask if there is a bug here, and if not, if someone has a working method to aquire these, if they would be interested in helping me for plat, rather than giving it to DE.

I kind of feel like going into a long warrented rant over all the terrible design, bugs and time wasting I've gone through but I just want to move past it really.


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A lot of the Conservation on Deimos seems bugged. Many instances of no scat (despite being on the map), Avichea has lots of issues (flying too high, stuck in terrain), and the Infested routinely kill my targets while I'm searching for them.

I like the Conservation part of the game, just wish the bugs in Deimos would get fixed.

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Crescent Vulpaphyla, Sporule Avichaea, and Medjay Predasite are all Vome-cycle exclusive spawns (in the wild - all can spawn from call points).

Beyond that it's just a matter of RNG (and where you look, in the case of Avichaea, but you know that if you've been finding the others).


Of the three, Crescents aren't usually difficult at all to run into from my own experience.

I prefer doing circuits around the Deimos Terminus region in the northwest, as you should be able to rely on Tranq Rifle aiming to test for conservation spawns since Velocipods don't exist in that area to quietly suppress anything else while also not pinging the rifle scan.

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Those are T2 (rare) animals, they're the hardest to get. Because without pheromone, you're likely getting T1, then T2, then T3. With pheromone, you're likely getting T3, then T2, then T1. As you can see, in either case, T2 is the "second priority" to appear. Yes, it's a bad mechanic, especially if you want to get the floofs. The way I got them was just keep using pheromone because according the wiki (not sure if the stat is up-to-date), you get a slightly higher chance of getting T2 (33%) that without using pheromone (29%).



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4 hours ago, Surbusken said:

Thanks for the replies, does anyone know if Sporule Avichaea spawn at night or duing the day?

https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Conservation#Sporule Avichaea

Wiki doesn't mention it

Sporule avichea is during Vome. Your best bet is to target each individually. The reason I say that is because each animal has specific zones they spawn in so if you check each zone while quickly killing the other animal types you come across you increase the odds of coming upon an uncommon spawn of the type you want.

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