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Nekros 1 still sucks


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I've seen the recent changes to nekros and let me say this rework is nowhere near a good change to it or to make people actually care about it

Let put it this way 


this is how the rework of his 1 should have been

Soul punch should be renamed to soul grab or soul link
High duration ability
That makes Target takes a portion of the dmg that nekros take and if caster dies before ability runs out the Target gets its life force drained by force to revive nekros 
A 1 time use every 90 sec
With option to reduce the cooldown by 1or2sec using dececrate and picking up soul pieces from dead enemy's

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No CDs on frame abilities. And no to pseudo 1 aug on self. Soul Punch just needed to do damage again, be it % damage, true damage, level scaling damage or a combination of any of them; no trashy execute no shadow no redundancy that forces effects without mechanical basis.

Rest could be solved by tweaking the rest of his kit (passive turned to 5hp+0.05% lifesteal on hit, as in any hit be it ability or weapon)
Terrify cap removed with augment slow and reduction swapped so that slow (that scales like novas to allow max range nekros to speed up enemies) is baseline not annoying teammates by making enemies not headshottable while augments new armor reduction turned into resistance reduction that applies to all enemy defense types (including armor, which yes makes it slightly double dip), with fear only applying when nekros is in LOS (again not to annoy allies).

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soul punch should kill non-boss enemies at 30-45%%. and turn into a shadow. Boom, super useful 1, but not OP. reduce strength of ragdoll if enemy isnt turned. 

For synergy, it kills terrorized enemies at 50-65% health. 

It should be an aoe style heal for shadows from his 4

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since im not a game designer i leave what soul punch should or should not do to the professionals who have a broader view... 


im just a gamer and all i can do is tell of my experiences. i use soul punch on enemies to heal my minions without caring if they provide me an extra specter cause cause i got to move and do the mission - so i move and my specters not only drag behind me but they stay there for the most part, which makes me loose their protection either by being high priority targets for my enemies instead of me or by granting me a dmg reduction buff for being around me. so what do i do when im not surrounded by my minions ? i HAVE TO recast my fourth ability which teleports them to me and ALSO HEALS THEM to full...


what got changed with soul punch again? please imagine me shaking my head in disappointment...

if a professional wishes to know what i believe an ability should or should not do they could consult my probably insignificant advice in person.

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