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Livestream Schedule: December 14 - 18

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Any chance the Cy glyph will be available again? I didn’t have Twitch back when that glyph was there. I admire Cy for his somewhat teacher like nature towards the tenno.


That aside. Thanks a bunch for a lovely year DE. All the way from amazing Scared Spear to a beautiful and exiting DigiTennocCon 2020. I love you guys. Throughout the year i have grown more and more fond of WarFrame and i view it as a 2nd home and a place to calm my nerves since there’s nothing else in news and around town about COVID-19. 
please do have a great Christmas and New Years.

best wishes: Ordis-Prime-01


Ps. I love Nezha Prime.

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7 minutes ago, (PSN)soldatoj57 said:

Todays stream ok ?  its 607

stream @7 EST:

On 2020-12-11 at 8:55 AM, [DE]Helen said:

Thursday: 7:00PM - 8:00 PM ET

Last week it was at 6 because they didn't want to overlap with the VGAs.

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